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Sassy, but always classy!~ Hello, darlings!~ <3


Huzzah and Hoorah, dears!~ · 12:32am Feb 17th, 2017

I JUST finished a new fan fiction today, and it was clop! CLOP!~ I finally managed to toss another one out there, and something I've never written for in my life! Now do keep in mind that as I write this blog, it is awaiting approval from the dear admins, so wish me luck~!

And I hope you enjoy, dears!~ :raritywink::heart:

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A pleasure to make you're acquaintance, dearies! The name is, well, at the top, but please feel free to call me 'Beastie' or 'Lonesy', but don't call me surely.

I'm a RariJack shipper, though some have their exceptions, such as CherryJack or RaraJack~

Also feel free to ask me anything that's on your mind~ Though I can't guarantee you'll agree with what I have to say.

.....Actually, I'm starting to look at other potential Applejack pairings that are also sweet to indulge in~ Though for some reason, I just can't see her with Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie...*shrugs* Oh well~

As for myself, I'm just a novice writer who doesn't mind giving their opinion or even giving some words of encouragement if the time calls for it. Or try to at the very least, no one's perfect after all.

Side note: Avatar art is not mine, dears. It's the rightful work of a one, whitediamondsltd~.

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2404049 Ah, but thank you for making it, dear!~ :heart: It was a lovely read!

Thanks so much for the favorite on Consider it Done! :twilightsmile:

2402234 Why Thank you, Mr. Allan dear! You've such a nice avatar yourself~. I came upon this little thing sometime ago in the Google image search engine, just type in "Rarijack" and you should come across it. Unfortunately I don't remember what page I found it on, but it is art belonging to WhitediamondsLTD, a very talented artist who makes these two absolutely ADORABLE!~:heart:

I like your profile pic, it's very cute, what's it tagged/ do you know where I can find more?

(Strangely the Human AND Pony anthro are now more appealing to me.)

2346443 Oh Feral, darling! You return!!

You charmer, you~:heart:

Beastie's just glad to see you return, darling. You had me and Shadow dear worried sick! It's not gentlemanly courtesy to worry a lady you know!

Please take extra care of yourself, darling. And welcome back!! :raritystarry::heart::heart::heart:

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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