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Please read the entire description!

Storms can be both of the physical and mental kinds, both hazardist in their own ways. One ravages the land, destroying homes and property and leaving a physical scar. The other ravages the mind and soul, sometimes leaving scars that can't be seen and hurt just as much.

Rainbow Dash is one of the toughest ponies in Ponyville and she got that title by not letting anyone see her hurt or get hurt. She is unprepared to face the pain of the past when it comes to dealing with the future; it will take the help of a long time friend to be able to move forward.

Scootaloo has been running from her own pain and troubles for a while now, unwilling to let anyone see the hurt she had suffered. Hiding her own tragic past, she lives a life of fear and on the edge of being caught by that painful past. Can her idol and friends help her see that it's ok to feel and stop running?

This takes place in the same 'universe' as the rest of my stories; The Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders - Fillies on a Mission!, A 'Not So Simple' Simple Life , The Party Animal and the Bookworm, and A New Kind of Party. It's not required to read these other stories to understand this one but it would give you the full picture.

Co-made with Gwg, who helps with story, ideas, and editing/reviewing this story.

EDIT(12/2/14): It's come to my attention that some are displeased with the CMC chapters (both as a shipping and as a break in the FlutterDash story). I would like to take this moment to point out how this is a story about FOUR ponies and their growth, not just the older ones. I do understand how this can seem abrupt in change however and shall mark the chapters accordingly.
Next to the chapter numbers, I will place letters showing who the main focus will be on. FS = Fluttershy, RD = Rainbow Dash, SB = Sweetie Belle, and S = Scootaloo. 'All' will be used when all four are in the chapter and have equal importance to it.
Meanwhile, I will make and link blogs that correspond to whatever 'hiccup' readers have mentioned in the comments with reasons of why I wrote/did whatever in the story, so that it doesn't take up lots of room in the story or comments section. If you wish to talk/discuss anything on that particular topic, please see the corresponding blog about it. I do appreciate the comments and opinions though, and will try to respond properly to them.

If you don't like something adn give the story a thumbs down, please explain why with a message or comment.

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Good story. Dropped a like and favourite if you want them.

3635843 Much obliged :twilightsmile: Glad you like it so far, loads more to come.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

this is good i :heart: it

3635914 I'm glad you like it, I've never done something so sad before so hopefully it goes well (writing at least, can't promise anything this early in the story) :pinkiehappy:

You cannot simply tame 'da storm'.
good story

3743653 :twilightsmile: Thanks, glad to hear you like it. And I just couldn't help but chuckle a little at 'da storm'. :pinkiehappy:

I can't believe that this sweet ff got so little attention until now!:pinkiegasp:
Your writing is really nice and detailed, and your chapters are long. It really is a joy to read! Have a mustache!:moustache: *fav*

3750149 :pinkiehappy: Well gosh, thanks. Glad you like it and how I write, I don't get as many comments on how I write these stories. :twilightsmile:

A New Kind of Pony? I think you meant Party :P

3786194 Thanks, my editors only do the chapters and don't notice the author notes I'll add at the end. :twilightoops::twilightblush:

Liking the story so far?

Flutterdash is one of my favorite ships :3

Wow, this has quite the different mood then the happy, fluffy Twipie. I'm going to be very mad at you if this fic makes me cry.

3822431 Uhmm, technically this has already made my editor teary-eyed from reviewing these chapters (especially the first three)...

I'm doing this in a sadder tone to test out my writing abilities and because of the story I think these ponies have. Hopefully I won't need to hand out too many boxes of tissues. :twilightoops::twilightsmile:


3822431 it may just make you cry leak liquid pride, but it will make you feel good I promise.

I need to stop cutting onions while I read fics.

3853561 But-but fried onions are so yummy! :twilightsmile:

I'm so excited for the shipping to start! Also I'm calling it now, Rainbow is going to adopt Scootaloo.

Ps- I'm off to the RariJack fic.


3875274 can neither confirm nor deny...

3898913 ... I felt as though I couldn't/shouldn't say anything, I'm worse than Twilight Sparkle at keeping secrets sometimes. :pinkiecrazy::twilightoops::twilightblush:

But hey, if you're going for the no comment route, Gwg, then so shall I!

Can't say nothing 'bout anything! :pinkiehappy:

Well, I just realized that this chapter was out, and I have to say it was great! Keep it up!

Ps- MOAR!!!

3944332 Once A New Kind of Party's newest chapter is finished (with review), this one is next to update :pinkiehappy: so a few days or so:twilightsmile:

Oh, you have a new proofreader? In that case, I am sorry to say that I did not spot an improvement at all - it's quite the opposite, actually. Before, your chapters were mostly clean of mistakes, but this one had surprisingly many.:applejackunsure:
Oh well.:twilightsmile: I liked the development in the new chapter. Scoots finally has her peace now! I look forward to the next chapter already!:pinkiesmile:


4123500 would you care to point them out please. It would be to our benefit if you would be so kind.


I am sorry, I didn't take notes on them and I don't have the time to proof-read the whole chapter again, but I can point out at least one. I remeber it's location because it was in the very last sentence.:twilightsmile:

The two friends shared a very fulfilling meal, made especially to replenish lost strength since Dash hadn’t eaten very much, which was a quiet affair usual of shy mare but an interesting and different experience for the bolder one.

I don't think I can correct it without completely dissecting the whole sentence, but the last part of it (the one I marked in italics) feels very awkward. Maybe it would be better like this?

The two friends shared a quiet but fulfilling meal, made especially to replenish lost strength since Dash hadn’t eaten very much. Eating like that was a usual condition for the shy mare, but an interesting and new experience for the bolder one.

I think the sentence would flow better if it is split in half and gets some minor adjustments.:pinkiesmile:
Anyway, keep up the good work!


4123896 Thanks for pointing it out, I had felt the ending was odd but couldn't place it. :applejackunsure: I've grown used to working with Gwg, so I'm unsure about Nebulae, but maybe I'm just not used to their style of proofreading.

Sorry that this latest chapter was a bit heavier on the mistakes, please feel free to message me or Gwg about them or even just point them out in the comments; due to how I read and being the one writing it, I can't see the mistakes as much as a fresh set of eyes.:twilightoops::twilightblush:


:twilightblush: aww stop it.

but seriously there is a long ride ahead of us.

My favorite part…

appearantly annoyed Bronco a little/lot and Gwg agreed that it was odd.


4327078 Glad you're amused, though you haven't said what you thought of the chapter yet and Gwg and I are curious :trixieshiftright:

4326113 Well, I have to remind the readers every so often who helped and pushed me to do better (aside from some nice comments when I was first starting that helped me flesh out the stories more). :twilightsmile:

ohh i just cant wait for scoots to live with dash if that does happen

4327486 :pinkiehappy: Aye, but Dash doesn't want to push it and Scoot is tired of having lots of ponies trying to 'help'. And I cannot confirm when or if they do :ajsmug::pinkiehappy:

4328731 Aw :fluttercry: Oh well I don't mind I can wait im very patient :rainbowdetermined2:

I love this story, and I say keep going with it as is. Romance isn't something that just happens, it is a build up, and you understand that. Props to you, and this astounding story! I get very excited everytime I see it update. Keep it up!

4382727 I'm glad to hear that. As much as I like a lot of the stories that are on fimfiction, I have always thought it a little odd how they just start at or very near when one of the pair starts to like the other. I'll wait to see if/what anyone else says, but I'm happy to hear that someone likes how it's going and is willing to have the larger story.:twilightsmile:

(yeah, I'm bias about the topic, but I know how large and awesome it will be. :pinkiehappy: I'll still try to wait for others though to be sure)

I'm enjoying this story. It's one where I really look forward to the updates. I have no issues with the pacing as it is. I look forward to the next chapter!

4384954 Cool, glad to hear it! :twilightsmile: Thanks for the comment and glad to hear how you look forward to it. The next chapter is going to be a bit more moving and action, as compared to this particular chapter of slice of life :pinkiehappy:

It's not the spacing that is the problem with me, because I thoroughly love all long stories, but I do have an issue with the story content itself, though not a really big one.

The thing is that I came here mainly for FlutterDash, and an extremely large portion of what I have read has been focused on the Scootaloo and Sweetie romance portion of it. Not an actual problem, it just conflicts with my very narrow personal preference, sadly :fluttercry:

Also, poor Fluttershy; she seems so sad.

Other than that though, this is extremely well written, and the long pacing brings a huge amount of reality into this story, and that makes it infinitely better. I can't wait for the later chapters and impending FlutterDash. :derpytongue2:

4392125 Yes, luckily the next few chapters will focus on the Flutterdash, so we'll get more of them to help the build up. :twilightsmile: Glad to hear from you and that you like longer stories :pinkiehappy:

4392234 That's awesome :twilightsmile: And yeah, if this story is going to be obnoxiously long like you said I'm going to love it to death.

Hello. Giving a comment and small analysis thingy:

:ajbemused: I'll be honest. I do not ship, and I do not read romance stories. Usually, I just filter out most of them because the bulk that I have read always turn the same way, go nowhere, and end up a massive pile of words with no movement or feel in them. They usually feel rushed, happen with no explanation, and are haphazardly stitched together, spraying conflict wherever they can shoehorn it...

...But you have done a magnificent job so far! While reading the story, yes, you get that romance feeling all throughout it. I see the three typical types of romances. You have the one I ranted about above (:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:) EDIT not shoehorned, just part of a different ficEND EDIT, the 'good friends, but maybe more' (:raritystarry::ajsmug:), and the 'I hope that they have the same feeling as I' (:yay::rainbowwild:). You even got young and confused romance in there as well (:scootangel::unsuresweetie:).

The plot you have set up so far has been superb. The feelings of the ups and downs that happens as a homeless filly who is trying to escape capture was well expressed and the orphanage cruelty really helped to solidify her actions and reasoning.

Writing style
I do also have to point out your writing style. The way you weave in out between action of character and dialog is creative. It took me 4 or so chapters to finally get used to how you were doing it. I must say that I prefer your way of doing it than as "blah" said pony1. "yep"said pony2 (which is what I see and admittedly write like myself). I also have to say that I do enjoy your descriptions of the scenery as well as each pony

What I have to say is, I have my opinion and bias, but please do post any chapters you have written. From what I read in this story, it shows promise as one of the romance stories that actually flows from beginning to end. I would like to see how the rest of the scoot saga pans out, as well as some of the side situations....

This story has received a Watch, a Fav, and a Like from me. Now I will check out the rest of your stories aswell

Thank You

4412467 :pinkiehappy::twilightblush::pinkiehappy: I haven't seen long comments like that for a good long while (though I believe this story in particular got some of those a while back). I'm very glad you like it and are willing to spell out exactly what you like and how I'm doing as an author and admittedly shipper. When I first started to write again, I discovered that I was truly a romantic at heart and couldn't help but ship the ponies together based on how well they go together and reaction with one another in the tv show as a base.

When I wrote each of the stories, I knew it would be vastly different from one another and I'm glad that came out clearly (and yeah, I broke up the (:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:) but that was because of how I was still getting used to writing again and the kind of change the story was going to do). I've never liked when it seemed almost sudden or drastically 'I love so and so!' and 'oh! you love me? I love you now too!' so I strive to build up to it.

However, as to the build up. I literally just have a short 200 word blurb that helps remind me what and where I want each chapter to be or accomplish. It helps me see the overall picture without getting bogged down in the details (which is why and how I know it will be for sure over 100 chapters for this story alone). I'll try to keep up the pace of updates (which should get a little faster since summer time is coming soon) and again, thanks for your comments, likes and faves. :twilightsmile: I love to hear from the readers, helps give me an idea of how I'm doing.

And it cleared the minds of others...

4678012 I'm a little confused, what do you mean? What cleared the minds of others?

5331336 Ah. I may have, sometimes numbers/ages escape me. Allow me to double check and correct it. Thanks for noticing/commenting on it

EDIT: I've just checked the previous chapters, I did say fifteen before. I'll fix it up in a jiffy. Thanks again!

5336569 :rainbowderp::pinkiehappy: Wooo, what a large and mostly pleased comment! Allow me to address as much as I can from it. :twilightsmile:

The shipping of FlutterDash. I am romantic at heart and like to show the slow steady progression into the actual thing. Feels more 'real' that way. As for Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, well, even youths have times they fall in love, and I thought they went well together. I'll go back and see if it does indeed come across as sudden. For Scoots especially to be 'out of character', I had originally thought of it like growing up. And the fact that she's had a large shake in the form of being free of the orphanage. Plus I've thought of her as a pony who shuts off the emotions/physical touching because of past issues that come with being an orphan and homeless. And Sweetie Belle can see that and it effects her more than someone who is just a friend. Anyways, yeah, it was acting like more of their story instead of FlutterDash, and so the next few chapters are indeed going to focus on the older pegasi.

I am just so pleased with the large comment (and gushing). :twilightsheepish: There have been times when I feel like I'm writing too much, too much detail, but then there are comments like yours who fawn over how I write. I have a vivid imagination and can actually see another world over top the real one if I try just a little (giving a clear view of ponyville if I want). I don't like constantly repeating the characters' names, so I've been branching out with the descriptors. There were other times when I've wondered if I overused them and should just slack off it in favor of using their names. As for crossing over stories, it just made sense to me. I liked and was going to write about each pairing, why not have different views on the same event? And then I started having fun with it, conversations between two ponies from different stories that show up only in one, interactions that only show up in another. :pinkiehappy: And multiple views for the same thing. So fun. You can (if not now, eventually) go and follow the timeline, seeing when certain parts happen due to when the stories crossover. Lots of growth planned for all the ponies.

Thanks for all your comments, I do read each comment left on my stories by anyone, even if I don't get around to replying to them all. I'll go and try to find those little errors, it's annoyed me in other stories when it's happened and there was no correction. Guess I should take responsibility for my own too. And trust me, without Gwg helping keep me on a better track with grammar and errors, things would be much worse.

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