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Vinyl Scratch wants to put the past behind her as she starts her new life at Equestria United Community College. But can she overcome that past to get along with her new classically inclined roommate Octavia and learn new ways to enjoy and express music with the Equestrian Girls, the local A Cappella group of EUCC?

Yes, I know, it sounds an awful lot like some other american movie *cough cough* Pitch Perfect *cough cough*, but I couldn't help it! I watched the movie, all I thought of was that Beca was their DJ, and we had our own. So while I did get a lot of inspiration from the movie, this will have a few of it's own twists and turns.

Two side-notes to make: One, thanks to Gwg for the editing and some suggestions for this story! Two, this story takes place in the same universe as the rest of my stories, but happens 4 years before Twilight first comes to Ponyville. ENJOY!
EDIT: Yes, I've added the 'sex' tag.
SPOILER: Nothing explicit, but they get real cuddly and friendly towards the end.

There is a collection of pictures of the rest of the A Cappella team, which can be found here. Just the OC team members though, the others have rather nice pictures made by Dhx and Hasbro.

Also, I can't help but ship. I'm a romantic at heart, and I like TaviScratch. As always, please comment or message me if you give it a thumbs down, I like to learn about what went wrong.

Also also, it's been a very long time since I've done much musical stuff (I was in band for 5 years until 4 years ago) so please forgive me/excuse me if I get something wrong, and feel free to point it out by comment or message. Thanks!

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Seems like a good start so far.

Wouldn't it be better if the A/N under the synopsis was hidden under the "read more" section? Or maybe if you posted it as a comment here?

3162857 sure, makes sense. thanks for the suggestion!

3162840 glad you like it so far, it's going to be shorter compared to my other stories, but with enough to show depth to the characters. :twilightsmile:

Yay, reconciliation! The power of song triumphs again.

Well, I just stumbled on that Fic....

I like it!:twilightsmile:

3180032 :pinkiegasp: :twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush: Gosh, thanks! It's a great honor for me that you like my story, especially considering how much and how well you write.

3169228 And yes, songs are very powerful, in mlp and real life. So much can be conveyed in them.

A nice chapter,
The feeling are growing, and that's just good:raritystarry:!!
Keep going:raritywink:

3190352 Feels? Really?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: And here I wasn't sure if I was making properly. Next one will have lots more for sure! (Not done with it, but already it's getting pretty long :ajbemused::ajsmug:)

oh dear god this shit is going well pally! yo more of it pwease!

3206584 There's more on the way, just getting it edited first. :ajsmug:

3207773 wut dat being edited!? wtf man i saw some mistakes in there!:rainbowlaugh:anyway, still cant wait for more!

3208258 as my chapters grow, it gets harder to notice the mistakes. I don't mind if you want to point them out, I prefer to try and fix them than to have them mess up the story.

3208289 i wont point them im, im just surprized you got an editor for the number of mistakes i saw (witch ios just 5 i think) for the whole thing. i taught you were doing it by yourself

3208356 believe me, if I was doing it by myself, my grammar would still be much worse off and there would at least be 10 to 20 mistakes here and there. I haven't had to use proper grammar in years (at least 3 years or so) and was really rusty. :applejackunsure::ajsmug:

Glad you like it so far though. :twilightsmile:


3208356 ahem actually if you wouldn't mind pointing out said errors, I, as the editor, would appreciate being informed of my slip-ups.
3208398 don't sell yourself short, it is rare to see someone with perfect grammar skills and I have seen plenty of stories in which their writing style (or lack thereof) makes the story impossible to read; a problem that you do not have.

3219061 heh heh :twilightsheepish: I'm a little pessimistic paranoid, and if weren't for the likes/favs and all the comments, I'd think I was a failure as a writer. :applejackunsure: (trust me, I'm not fishing for complements, just a lot of self-doubt)


3219113 From experience, I know that self-doubt can be crippling for any sort of effort. It is best to not let it fester lest it get the better of you. It's why most of my projects never get past the idea stage.


there now this story is in the Shipping Group
Shameless promotion of story I edited :twilightblush:

3219165 That's ok, I haven't joined a lot of the groups yet so I tend to forget to add the stories to the proper groups. :ajsmug:

Besides, it's how most amateur/non-professional work gets any notice, shamelessly self-promoting. :pinkiehappy:

new chapter read, awesome stuff!!!


3219272 any glaring mistakes this time??

maybe one, but I don't remember it, why you ask?


3219620 Editor, remember. I ask because input like that helps me as an editor which in turn helps wolfie as a writer.
Think of it as constructive criticism.

I always thought it was 1337 not L33T. Great story btw.

3222091 I've seen it written a few different ways. And being the weird person that I am, I'm going to be writing it differently every other time.:ajsmug:


3222583 and I'll make sure it stays consistent. Sorry but you can't be switching it up every time, otherwise it would drive nitpicks (like myself:twilightsheepish:) insane

3224986:unsuresweetie: darn :derpytongue2: :ajsmug: Guess I'll have to pick my favorite lettering then.

This is a great story can't wait for updates!

I gota agree with Vinyl, Claire's going about things the wrong way teaching the new members.

I'm really enjoying this story so far, and regarding the question in the A.N. I don't really have a preference for reading lyrics in stories.

3254269 Okie dokie. Thanks for your input. :twilightsmile:

3253958 Yeah, no worries, all will be made clear soon. :pinkiehappy: Though, yes, change can be good, unless it's a really bad one that completely wrecks something... :rainbowhuh: going off into a tangent... just going to be quiet now. :twilightsheepish:

Id say to not put lyrics in it, its taking space for...kinda nothing?

Oh come on! The Equestrian Girls totally won that. I call shenanigans on that judge.

*Gasp* They didn't win? I'm calling hacks.

okay that set was really really familiar you wouldn't happen to be from a north eastern state of the US would you?

3356148 :rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::facehoof: Yes, yes I am from a north eastern state of the US and it SHOULD be familiar to any who like A Cappella/Drama/Chick Flick movies.... :ajbemused:
I thought I made that kind of clear in the description? :applejackunsure: Ah hay with it. :ajsmug:
Yes, I'm almost out right copying Pitch Perfect (yes, that is the proper title, why do you think mine is like that? :pinkiehappy:). Differences come with the fact that the ponies that are actual background ponies (CK, Blossom, Tavi, Vinyl and the big one Pinkie Pie) have actually different stories to them, so it won't follow the movie per say but it's similar enough for the crossover tag.:pinkiehappy:

I couldn't help it, anytime I saw Becca with her DJ stuff I kept thinking of how we had Vinyl Scratch for that.:facehoof::twilightsheepish:


3356148 I would like to know how you came to that conclusion, appears rather random to me:applejackunsure:

3356474>>3356148 The movie, Pitch Perfect, was more than likely to have been a bigger hit in the states than elsewhere, suggesting that I am from the states? Perhaps my phrasing of how the show went? ...

:applejackunsure: Though you know what? I'm not too sure anymore. Maybe they know me (I use the username of 'Wolfie' with lots of accounts) from real life? :trixieshiftright:

Indeed, reader238, how did you guess the northern states of the US?:trixieshiftright:


3356484>>3356148 particularly Northeastern states? Familiarity with the username might work, otherwise I don't know how you did it
Knowledge of Pitch Perfect can only bring you as far as the US, not a particular region


3356499 unless some other group did this set that happened to be from the Northeastern states,
my head hurts:pinkiesick: tell me how you got your assumption:flutterrage:

3356474>>3356402 honestly I have never seen Pitch Perfect and don't really watch too many musical type movies. Its just that the set in this chapter was very similar to what my junior high chorus would use when they hold concerts and the expressions of the participating ponies described was spot on to how most of the students felt about singing them, and I was curious as to if we went to the same one which happens to be in New Hampshire, and I didn't to assume that they were from the US which is why I phrased the question as such, and planned to follow up with further questioning if confirmed.

3356694 Ahhhh, ok. Yeah, no, it's only based on the movie. Sorry that you guys also didn't like the songs then :ajsleepy: I'm sure there is a way to spice up all of them, but in this case, they did not.


3356694 ah that makes a lot of sense, sorry if I was a little pushy with my questioning, this just peaked my curiosity.

3356703 it was not that we did not like them it was the repetitiveness of doing them constantly

3356731 Ah, yeah, that I understand as well. Repetitiveness in music isn't a good thing most of the time (though there can be exceptions, you just have to really know how to work it)

Well, either way, thanks for the comment, sorry for the confusion and glad you are reading (liking? :trixieshiftright:) the story. :pinkiehappy:

I have to say this is becoming my favorite OctaScratch fic.

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