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This is Tank's monologue of how he earned himself an owner through Tenacity. Due to time constraints, this monologue was sped up by 3, so that the reader can enjoy other stories during the time that they have to read.

This will also have Tank's view of his owner acting more oddly than usual when it comes to their mutual shy friend.

This is a oneshot. While I have written some stories before (nothing posted on this site, but still) I have never written from a 1st person POV and for a pet no less.

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I loved the story :heart: I can't wait for moar :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks. Hopefully people get the 'speed up the monologue' joke.:twilightblush:
I want to sort out how the other stories would go before posting them. Thanks for the comment!:pinkiehappy: the other stories should be soon (ish)

I want to report a bug: even with a 'speed up' feature, I still seem to be reading this at a turtle tortoise speed! What am I doing wrong?

It's a nice story - although monologues aren't my cup of tea, I enjoyed reading this one. Good luck with your main project!


Soon I'll be able to keep up with all of my owner's tricks.

Go on, write about Tank performing a sonic rainboom!

2823122 Ahahahaha :rainbowlaugh: I didn't even think about a Sonic Rainboom. That would be funny.I cost always post the unedited version :pinkiehappy:

I like it, its cute.

Wheres a tank emoticon whan you need one?

2826361 I dunno. Maybe there isn't one for time constraints? :extremelyslowtanksmile:

2823472 Thanks, I try. :twilightblush:


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