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Scootaloo and the rest of the CMC are now in High School together, things are pretty normal for them, a distinct lack of giant monster attacks in recent years at least. Scootaloo even has a nice coltfriend that has been helping the CMC out a bit. Just as things seem to be going well Scootaloo gets thrown for a loop when she feels sick, what will happen next?

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Comment posted by RuinQueenofOblivion deleted Nov 12th, 2017

This is an impressive story consdiering you went through this. So please keep it up.

Do this. For the love of sweet Luna's moon, do. This. I'm begging you! Please? Pretty please with a triple-decker-chocolate-cherry sundae on top?

8545179 Well I plan to write this yes... do you mean something more specific?

Off to a good start so far so hope to see this one continue.

holy hell this is gonna be a good story

I mean the story, and I'm beyond ecstatic that you're going to keep it going.

... pardon while I go perform a reenactment of a peculiar purple pony after passing her entrance exam. Good evening, madame, and tell miss Ashley that I send my regards.

Unexpected, but not unenjoyable. This looks like it’ll be fun

Oh, thank god. For a second when I saw the tags and description, I thought Scootaloo had cancer.

8545432 I was hiding the truth so it was a better reveal... I'm not that cruel.

Really well written so far. Glad I took my time while reading it.

i say unleash the dash on his ass

8548507 Well, he was based on my ex-boyfriend who... yeah was a bit of a jerk and stupid, but didn't have Rainbow Dash to deal with... yeah he's doomed.

8548516 He certainly would deserve it.

Yep, Cirrus is doomed now. While that little calling out Scootaloo gave him was awesome, still not enough I say.

Okay, nice chapter overall and I'm curious to see what Discord is going to do to Cirrus, and what other troubles lie down the road for the bastard. On Discord though, his shoutouts to various pieces of pop culture, even the Star Trek TNG one feel out of place in this kind of story, sorta disrupt the flow of things if you know what I mean.

can we get a special chapter of the torcher that discord is going to put the wominizer through oh maybe turn him into a filly that would be good

then give in to temptation

8551885 Probably not part of the main story, a bonus chapter or a one shot probably so I don't interrupt the flow of the story.

fair enough i can respect that

I like the chased by bees idea. Little rat bastard...

I can imagine this conversation:
Cirrus: my daddy's on the school board.
Scoots: well I'm friends with a reality warping god of chaos and the elements of harmony, so what now asshole?

8552100 Basically, yeah... though his parents aren't going to be happy with him either.

his mom better tan his hide my mom would if i ever even thought about doing that the colt did

8552124 We'll see what happens, but I don't think they're going to let it pass so... yeah

why do i sense a shotgun wedding?

Hello! just saw your story in featured or new stories? at first I thought of pregnant scootaloo (the tumblr comic/yt dub forgot the guy who did it) but when u said it based your personal experience was like "Oh wow..." i have a story that involves twilight in rainbow's situation...with a major difference! private message me for i don't want to expose it in comments. you've intrigued me i'm following your story right now:)

8552139 Oh, that's not gonna happen, Scootaloo doesn't want anything to do with him after this. I have other plans for her in terms of romance.

8552142 Well, I will admit I have actually read some of Motherly Scootaloo... but I'm doing my own take on the idea.

sorry i grew up in the south and when stuff like this happens its not that uncommen down here

8552162 Well remember this is semi-autobiographical, i.e. somewhat based on my own experiences (although I never punched my ex in the face, which I deeply regret in retrospect). I never had a shotgun wedding with my ex and in fact have never spoken to him since then, and have no plans to. Scootaloo will have a romantic interest, but its not Cirrus.

is it sweetie belle?

Oh Rainbow... That's our girl. Glares at a certain Rainbow from my story who should know better.

*Cheers* Go Rainbow.

At first I was gonna say Shy take care of Scoots and her foal but my answer was already answered for me

8557612 Well, Flutters can also help given that she's dating Rainbow Dash, so you're not wrong at least.

i know rainbow was gonna adopt her but i feel like if she wasnt then blueberry defiantly was going to

Cirrus, can't say I'll miss you when you're gone.

Oh and Sweetie... I'd sum things up for you feelings wise, but there's a better way to do it. Hit it girls!

Oh I love this chapter in fact. I love how kind Diamond and Silver spoon were it's very nice.

hmm i wonder what discord did maybe send him to the human world to be put in a petting zoo where the little kids all had sticky fingures and constatly pulled on his mane and tail

8560690 I may use that... can I use that if I decide to?

I'm glad to see diamond and silver helping scoots.

Your story keeps getting better & impresses me so much. love when the fillies defended scootaloo including diamond tiara and silver spoon getting help...Girl power!

Trying not to cry here... Good on you Rainbow, good on you.

this was so sweet i think i got a case of the dawws

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