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You're a random human on Earth trying to get some sleep, but these blasted ponies keep appearing in your room. You don't know where they come from, or how they got here, but they insist on sleeping with you in a non sexual manner.

Have you ever wanted to get cuddled by a pony? How about against your will? No? Yes? Either way you are getting cuddled whether you like it or not.

Warning: Adorable cuddling may or may not be suitable for younger readers.
Warning: I can't select all the ponies, but yes all ponies(and other species) are capable of cuddling you. No you're not safe.

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hmm, quite good. i am interested. also,
Wow. I've always wanted to do that.... *Wanders off*

This has "featured" written all over it.

Hell, even I clicked on it. I never click on things.

May be interresting to read in the long run, it's seems to be a story of the kind of " Bath time " and the like, so why not.

The fact that this didn't go up until 3:00 EST worries me. Hopefully it still get featured, because it deserves it! :pinkiehappy:

Of course there'd be a "First" commenter somewhere.

Don't know if that'll happen. It's just ponies cuddling humans. Nothing major.

...Bath Time? :rainbowhuh:

Well, I assume followers get an update when an author posts a new story, or a new chapter, so maybe there'll be more when they wake up. Though I doubt this'll get featured. As I said to 2515621 it's just pony cuddling. :derpytongue2:

2515641 Oh, and I just realized, it's too short anyways. A story has to be 4,000 words to be featured. Still, it was awesome

Great Story, Well written, and nice sentence fluency. Your story is very good.

It'll be 4000 words in 4 days if all goes according to plan.
Though I doubt it'll maintain popularity for that long.
Also, thank you for the compliment.

2515653 Heh, no problem, I mean, ANYTHING you write or have written is bound to be good.

I'm honestly sitting here wondering how I can possibly have more followers than you. :unsuresweetie:


Read the story " Bathtime for Ponies " from Derpsanddinks404; " Bedtime for Ponies " from Scooterfiction or " Mealtime for Ponies " from Aetherlord_Ignus.

The way you wrote remind me of these kind of stories.

I can't help but feel you're embellishing me a bit. :rainbowderp:
As far as you having more followers:
1. You're probably a good writer, hence the amount. I mean eight stories getting almost 350 followers? You are definitely doing something right.
2. You've been here six months longer than me. Within that time people have looked over your work and you've probably been critiqued on more than one occasion so you can improve in areas you feel that you were lacking in. Thus, making your stories better over time, making more people like them, and so and so forth. I also bet you've practiced writing by doing smaller one-shots.

Though, if I started here on fimfic instead of starting here: http://pastebin.com/u/AetherPony. I'd have a 3 month head start on you. :derpyderp1:

hug rape from ponies ;D actually its adorable :3 i like it

This should be a fun one to read.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Comment posted by Fugly Duckling deleted May 2nd, 2013

I'll make a blog post for you guys to vote for the next pony/griffin/minotuar whatever to cuddle.

i can't help but this of the poor soul that has to snuggle iron will:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Bendy deleted May 2nd, 2013

Aww, no more than friends?

Shall read later.

haha what the hell is this? i love it

I demand changelings. Or cheeselings, according to my headcanon. :pinkiecrazy:

cutie mark crusaders cuddlers go please :fluttershysad:

i vote cat person / thingy or dragon :twilightblush:
if i have to from the three i'll pick griffon :scootangel:

This is amusingly disturbingly hilarious.

Howe about... Celestia for the next one?

Comment posted by Aetherpony deleted May 3rd, 2013

Aww.:fluttercry: I thought this was going to be all the same guy growing progressively more bewildered by this ever changing stream of cuddling ponies.:ajsleepy:

Commence the hard cuddling! So Based on this chapter, I am guessing it is a different person subjected to cuddling each time? When you first posted this, I was under the impression that one poor(or lucky!) soul was to be subjected to many a pony cuddle. This way works just as well though heh.

Am I the only person who immediately thought "Bathtime for Ponies?"

The next step: Multi-cuddling!

My imagination fails to create snuggle encounters

I actually wanted to do two different POV's as far as this particular thing goes.
I'll be alternating between these two humans. The next winner will be with the one who cuddled NMM.
Whether the two exposed to cuddles know each other is still yet to be decided.

In a way it'll be like saying half the readers can relate to human 1 while the other half can relate to human 2. I've not done something like this before, so I hope it turns out well. :twilightblush:

um that freaked me out :rainbowwild: but good story :raritywink:

That last line, never change Celestia, never change.:rainbowlaugh:

at the last line the first thing I thought of was "I need an adult..." don't know why but I laughed my ass off.

Both guys do manual labor... Why not a guy in retail, like a manager who has dealt with a lot of awful customers that day or something.

Just a suggestion :pinkiehappy:

That said, your little story here amuses me greatly.

2520327 Oh well, that just DOUBLES the progressive build up hilarity then!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Hey. Hey guy. Just lemme know when you wanna tag out :trollestia:

Now that the two large alicorns are out of the way, next time we definitely need multiple ponies. Conservation of mass, or something.
Maybe go 1, 1, 2, 3, and then Fibonacci that shit all the way home :moustache:

Adorable stuff; totally waiting on the next one. Hopefully no one turns out to be allergic to horse dander.

"I'm gonna cuddle you so hard...~"

When I read that line, this popped into my head.

2520304 nope almost the same level of fluffy goodness:pinkiehappy:

Being cuddle by princess of the sun, I can live with that. :moustache:

That last line...I'm sorry but I had to laugh! I like this story so far and I want to see who's next!

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