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When Twilight Sparkle decides to try a new spell she has perfected, she successfully pulls a being from another universe into Equestria. That being coincidentally is a human...that human coincidentally is you. What at first just seems like an opportunity for first contact between two species soon becomes something much more when certain truths are brought to light...and everything you knew about your life is flipped onto its head.

NOTE: At times in this story, the main character's thought process will be shown as an inner monologue with his brain. BRAIN's dialogue will appear in this color of text.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 1025 )

A human romance.


1794406 So this counts as bestiality at it's finest, right?

Drinking cider while reading these: good
Drinking cider while reading one that's full of potential:awesome
Please, excuse me while I get more cider.

The internal monolouge cracks me up. BRAIN GET THAT SHIT UNDER CONTROL. Oh god it makes me laugh so hard.

Fantastic! Honestly fantastic! I love the brain conversations. Genius!

This is quite good, though an monkey and a Human have nothing in common, we're related to Apes, not monkeys.

*unseen unread fave + like*

*after Reading: STATUS: not Disappointed*
*correction: STATUS: Delighted*

At first I was like. :unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie:

But then I read the first chapter and I was like: :applejackunsure:....:rainbowhuh:.....:rainbowderp:.....:pinkiegasp:

And then I went to the next chapter and was like: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

So yeah. KEEP GOING.

Aw, I thought it was Samsara's Study Buddies...

This story good, but please don't turn this into a misanthropy fic.

Internal monologue is funny. Keep it up!

Intresting, just the title alone did the job for me.

Finding this story good so far, the conversations with BRAIN are funny, but some of it feels cliche to me. There are plenty of HiE fics out there with the same plot, but what makes a HiE fic good is how original it is, as with all works. So I hope you can come up with some unique situations for us, like... I don't know, you're the author here.

Anyway, fav'd and following, hope you update this story regularly!

I'm a pegasister, so 2nd-person romance with the mane cast isn't really my thing, though I do love 2nd-person stuff. This, however, I admit is quite entertaining. AND you had it from the view of "you" being Twilight at the end there!

Consider me intrigued with this first chapter - off to read the second!:pinkiehappy:

I like it! Although, having two 2nd person identities in this story is a little distracting. Twilight should still be in third. :derpytongue2: It'd just make more sense. You know, if that's okay... :twilightblush:

This is what I like: taking something that has been done numerous times before and making it original. Bravo.

1794429 "Yea fuck that baby small horse!"

I like the way you implemented the name thing, the brain coversations are funny, nice to see you incorporate The Stare into this, and I cracked up at the "Achievement Unlocked" part - memories of earning achievements in Portal 2!:twilightsmile:

Great so far, keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

Oh, the Most Powerful Human on the whole Planet: Anonymous. It fit's. Also there are a lot of HiE Jokes and ficlets about some human the ponies call "Anon" Especially the Flutterrapist ones.

1795337 :rainbowkiss: Sanity is best not included.

Do you happen to know who Mandroid is?
You write like him, like, A LOT. :rainbowderp:

My mind is full of -blam!-
Second person on 2 different characters does that to you.

The fact that he talks to his brain is enough to make me fav.
Please, continue :moustache:.


Me too... I was so sad when I saw it wasn't ;_;


Agreed - cliche, yes.

Doesn't make it any less entertaining.

like dane cook

How often will you update :unsuresweetie:?
At first, I was like :rainbowhuh: then I was like :rainbowderp: Ayer I was like :derpyderp1: and then like :pinkiegasp:
Update!!!!!!!!! :pinkiesad2:

Not to be a bother, but I believe you misspelled the 'Chapter' in 'Chapter Two'.

Great story!

This is pretty funny. I f'n love Brain, that sh*t is funny. :rainbowlaugh:

So do we like this story? :rainbowhuh:

Brain: Eeyup! :eeyup:

Shall we ask for the author to proceed? :twistnerd:

Brain: Yes let the author continue to intrigue us with Da Magics! :coolphoto:

Proceed good author and take us on the journey you are planning. :moustache:

Everything about this pleases me.

I never understood 2nd person stories where the human character is not a brony. Wouldn't it be far safer to assume that your audience, and therefore the character, would greatly enjoy the ponies?

All the swearing threw me off. I'm fine with it when it fits the scene or character (i.e makes sense) but the fact that he's apparently very well read caused a irreconcilable schism in my suspended disbelief about the issue. The majority of books containing "Worthwhile" information don't use swear words often, if at all. So unless he grew up in a house where the family swear every waking second, I don't see him being like this given how much language he would have assimilated from his professed hobby.

Am I saying people that read a lot of books don't swear? No, just that it's not likely seeing as how people speak is picked up by what we listen to and read (which with his euphoric obsession with books is likely a lot). Without some explanation it just felt boorish.

I love this so much.

even the name "anonymous has kinda been used before, haha" but i'm still enjoying it.

Only one complaint.
Cyan is the color of the Blue Screen of Death...
Rainbow Dash does't want to be associated with something as lame as the BSOD.
She is actually a very light cerulean.
(sorry, colors are one of my pet peeves cause I actually stop to look them up for OCs and characters I don't know)

1795605 Eeyup :raritycry: Still, this was actually pretty good.

Even better is brain talks back.


From the pony perspective it is beastiality.

Please keep going with this. As has been said in prior comments, you've managed to take a HIE fic and make it original...and i like it! :pinkiehappy:

The conversations with your brain are particularly amusing.

I'm loving this so far, my only thought is to definitely keep romance to a minimum and if anything just fluffy friendliness.

Is his brain a computer or something?

This would be me in equestria. Having a chat with my brain is fun.

cant... stop.. staring.. at tits...:rainbowderp:

Yup, this guy is me alright.

All of your life, you have had an inexplicable obsession with books. Big books, small books, new books, old books- it didn't matter. If it was a book with something worthwhile to learn confined in its pages, you were all over that shit.

Wow, that nails me perfectly.:rainbowlaugh:

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