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How will a Pony adjust to living in your human apartment? More importantly, how will you adjust to living with a pony? A mare pony no less. You should have known that someone with the name of Fluttershy would have been a pony. Equestrian Ponies are just so... foreign! You never know how to act around them. Will you be able to overcome this and cope with this pony invasion into your life?

In part inspired/influenced by The Roommate by totallynotabrony.

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Please leave comments, opinions, etc, down here in the comments! I promise to respond to any comment thrown my way.

I'm looking for an editor by the way! My normal editor "HATES" second person writing style, or maybe he just hates my second person writing style, but either way refuses to edit this.

Next Chapter up soon!

So... an alternative universe where equestria and earth are one and the same?
Me like :pinkiehappy:

Reading now...
Pegasus :twilightsheepish:
Well, that's the only mistake I saw. Awesome story, I'm going to watch this one :rainbowkiss:

Not bad. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of 2nd person stories either but I'll give anything a shot.

I reserve any real comments until I get read more. First chapter is always tough to put out there.

Great work keep it up!

Pretty good for a start.
I'll follow this.
PS; you should probably find a way to distinguish between the chat and the normal text

just one thing... this isn't second person right? i hate second person

Well, son of a bitch! This is like that other one with Rainbow Dash. I can't even remember the name of it, though.

Lookin' good so far. Here's what you should do:


928750 It's second person, yes.

928767 Excellent advice, good sir. And was that the one where the roommate was a girl and rainbow wanted to be a pilot?

928731 I'd glad you pointed that out to me, because I've spelled it wrong in all my other stories :facehoof: Thanks!

928799 I remember reading that story, but can't remember the name of it either!

So far the story seems great! Keep up the good work.

Hey, that wasn't so bad. Second person is a bit clunky for me to read, but never-the-less, I like the story. ((Goes back to look at tags)) Romance tag... This is slightly pertaining to my interests. And if you happen to want an extra editor, I am always on hand with nothing to do.

This is... really unique. I don't think I've read a fic that takes the HiE or PoE in a direction like this before. Nice work.

This is an interesting read with earth and equestria being as one,i will definitely keep my eye on this one!

Very Interesting. i shall follow this.

this is kinda creepy given that MY name is Andrew AND i go by Drew. defiantly an odd experience

Shaking you head
- your*

I'm not usually a fan of second person fics, BUT I do really like this. Keep it up. So is it like some interdimensional portal to Equestria or is it something else? I've read a few fics where Earth and Equestria are connected with them really big portals. Anyways, keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

929259 It's probably something like that, but to the main character, it's just there, doesn't matter how.

I like the story but it is quit similar to that one about Rainbow Dash. Even the whole helping with the laptop and making a facebook. I'd be careful not to borrow too much from that story if I were you.

929405 Honestly I didn't remember that story until after I posted this. That being said, I will be careful

920301 I'm a decent editor, but only grammar and spelling-wise. I can work with the second-person, of course. Let me know if you need any help.

929419 It's called "the Roomate" and your story is perilously close to being a write in fluttershy version

930073 I don't see how it can be perilously close to it in just the first chapter, but I promise I'll reread that fic and make sure it's not going to be that similar to the roomate.

For some reason I found Fluttershy making a Facebook hilarious, can you imagine if you went on face book and everyone's profile picture was ponies?
... Actually that's pretty much true right now I guess...

Melikes. I'm watching the story, please write more!

uhhh.. facebook how i hate thee.. would have an account is there were ponies though :rainbowderp:

but to the topic on hand.. liked what i read so far but need a little more for a real opinion.. 2000words are too little to say anything about a story in my eyes (one-shots are an exception but even then..) will read it most likely as soon as the new chapter is avaible

Hmm. Interesting. Carry on.

Also, I think I saw somewhere that Fluttershy's fanon last name is Posey.

Not that big of a deal,but it kinda looks interesting .keep ip the ok work

Now this fic seems to be really interesting, can't wait to see what will happen next.

So he (we) got a new roommate, whose a pony, whose a mare. Finds out they're Fluttershy, founds out she was a model,
takes profile pic and friends on facebook, will eventually find out she's an element. And his (our) reaction?



Alright, so look at the shit that happens to me when I get home.


And now go here:
and look on the left of the page (where it says "Why Johnny Klebitz is best pony") and read that paragraph. (You will have to scroll for a bit)
Then read the long-ass comix that I took 5 hours (literally) to make.

937831>>937800 :derpyderp2:What just happened?

it would help if you hadn't had to go back and edit your previous comment to add it in


we know each other from another fiction :trollestia:

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