• Published 2nd May 2013
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Forced Pony Cuddles - Aetherpony

A series of short stories where you get cuddled by ponies against your will. [I'll be trying to update this daily]

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Even Nightmares Need to Cuddle

"Finally, time to get some sleep," you end with a yawn before crawling under the covers of your bed. It's been a hard forty hour work week of lifting boxes in a warehouse, but, it's finally over. At least for now, that is.... Your boss gave you the weekend off, and the first thing you're going to do is get some shut eye.

You've eaten, showered, and shaved, now all you want to do is drift off into the land of dreams. Your warm, comfortable bed does wonders in aiding you. And that slight breeze blowing through your open window makes your room the perfect temperature. It takes maybe five minutes at the most before you achieve what your aching body craves, sleep.

A few hours pass with things seemingly normal, that is until an eerie blue spark of light floats into your room from the open window. As said spark enters your room it grows in size. What began as a small fleck quickly grew into a large, bright, luminescent orb. Then, suddenly, it fades, but it leaves a rather large prize...

Black slits surrounded by bright blue stare upon your sleeping form. A wide, fanged smile can be seen shortly after. Whatever this thing is seems quite happy to see you. Suddenly, the same light this creature arrived in starts to glow from the horn protruding from its head.

For a few fleeting moments the illumination being provided from its long, slender protrusion gives any curious viewer a full prospect of just what it is. A lanky, horse like creature sporting long black wings, a black coat, and an illustrious blue mane of stars and gasses.

"Perfect, you'll do nicely." she whispers softly while looking over you. A small sparkle from her horn lifts the covers enough for her to quietly slink in under them...

The soft hairs of her coat tickle your exposed skin, and, slowly but surely, you arouse from your sleep. Through tired eyes you peer around your room thinking that you were imagining the weird sensation of silk-like fur brushing up against your back. That is, until your eyes finally start to focus and what remained of your weariness melts away.

Unfortunately, the feeling of something soft brushing up against you doesn't go away, in fact, the sensations become more pronounced by the second. Slowly you turn around afraid of whatever might be in your bed. There's still a part of your mind praying that this is nothing more than a dream, but, when you see what's in your bed you know it is not part of your fantasy world.

Black slits complemented by light teal stare into your eyes from naught but a foot away. Before you can react you feel two slender extremities wrap around your body. Your heart leaps into your throat out of fear and you're shouting comes out as more of a whimper. The creature in your bed pulls you over, closing what little distance there was.

Despite the heat and rather comfortable coat you can't help but feel nothing but fear for this thing. The fact that you can now see it’s full appearance through the glowing horn does little to put your mind at ease. There's a alien pony thing lying in bed with you, and it has you in an iron grip.

Your mind races as your fear grows. The first thing you try to do is struggle, but nothing helps. Whatever this thing is has you pinned. The second thing you try to do is yell, but a eerily chilly sensation numbs and closes your lips, keeping you from uttering a sound.

"Don't scream." the creature whispers. Whatever she is, at least she's somewhat friendly. She tries to calm you down by rubbing a hoof gingerly along your back. It sooths your panicking heart that's been exploding in your chest for the past couple of minutes.

You look down to find a beautiful collection of stars, and blue wisps of gasses running across your lips. Thankfully, when you make no motion to struggle she slowly removes what you find out to be her mane from your mouth.

Despite your mind's protests you decide to communicate with it. The fact that she can speak means that she has to understand you. "W-what are you gonna do with me?" to your surprise, she smiles before snuggling into you. From that alone you can feel heat rising to your cheeks, and the same warmth soon spreads throughout your aching body.

"I'm already doing it." a contented sigh leaves her lips followed by a gentle smile. The smell of peppermint lightly graces your senses, doing nothing more than ebbing away at the trace edges of fear you felt for her. Now it's been replaced with confusion. A strange pony-like creature is in bed with you, cuddling, and it even talks. You say the only thing that comes to mind at this point.

"I'm so confused." This elicits an annoyed snort from her.

"Listen, I had a rather rough night. Running a kingdom does that to a pony. Now please, human, be quiet and go back to sleep. I'll be gone with the sun's rise."

"I'm not getting out of this, am I?" Her light tittering only confirms your suspicions.

"No human, you are not. You have been chosen to be my cuddle slave for the night. You should feel honored." You try to open your mouth in order to ask another question, but before you can she looks down upon you. Her eyes do more than enough to convey a threatening aura of sorts. The thought of trying to understand your situation doesn't seem to be the best idea at the moment.

When you make no attempt at speaking, that angry stare fades away, and your worries along with it. You'd wipe the sweat that collected upon your brow during the little exchange, but you can't exactly move your limbs at the moment.

"C-can I at least get your name?"

"Nightmare Moon, now go back to sleep," she orders, and with that out of the way she shuts her eyes, nuzzles your cheek, and falls right to sleep. You wished she cared enough to ask for your name, but if she'll really be gone by the time the sun rises then there's no need. You'll probably never see her again anyway. There's even a good chance you're dreaming right now.

Either way, her command doesn't sound like such a bad one. The stress of meeting an alien species has all but left you, only to be replaced by the same feeling of fatigue that got you into the mess. That incessant need for sleep rears its ugly head all too soon. As your eyelids get a second dose of that weighted sensation, you can't help but feel some sense of disappointment.

You had so many questions you wanted to ask her. About what kind of ruler she was, where she came from, why she chose you among the other billions of humans, and many others. But perhaps sleep would be best... After all, this is probably only a dream strung together from your sleep deprived mind anyway...

Author's Note:

I'll make a blog post for you guys to vote for the next pony/griffin/minotuar whatever to cuddle.

I hope to have at least one of these posted every day.

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