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In 2161, the Federation was founded, making contact with several new species, their goal, exploring the stars, meeting new friends, and discovering new things. However, the worlds they've seen are only part of what awaits to be discovered. Admiral Wyatt, commanding officer of an Excalibur class vessel, U.S.S. Chestnut, have been called into battle against the dreadful Na'kuhl, a race bent on altering the timeline for their lost homeworld. Shortly after, though, they are pulled into a world with different physics, less-than-normal violence, and more than Starfleet could have even expected. Join the crew as they voyage further into the unknown, beyond the known universe, and into the more vast, wondrous, and most intriguing points of the theorized multiverse.

{NOTE: This story is set for teen because there is major violent conflict in space, minor on ground, no gore, however. This is my first story that I have made so far, some of the chapters may seem a bit lazy in the way they're made, so I may edit them sometimes, and new chapters will be posted at random, so keep an eye out for any new chapters I post. I hope you enjoy it upon finish. LLAP :):twilightsmile::yay::raritywink::ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy:

Star Trek, and other referenced characters are the property of CBS Paramount Corporation, My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro Studios.}

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A story where the "OC" shares the name of the author's profile.... Okayyyy then.

the terran empire is the main villians huh ? hmmmm how they know about equestria? possible empress celestia? or twilight? if so......a possible terran conversion bureau equestria alliance? since their multiverse in the title i figure

7849760 Yeah, funny thing to add to that, this is actually supposed to be my STO character on exact explanation, but at least he ain't the main target of the story besides, I think I'm not the only one who puts their OCs as a character in the story.
7850072 Yeah, most likely, there was a comic about a mirror Equestria, and while I haven't exactly read the comic itself yet, I've already found the story out, but I won't spoil anything about that.

7850691 strangly enough i have a ship called the uss equestria . its a custom variant of the akira class on star trek online for xbone.....do you have a screenshot of the yorktown?

7851149 Not yet, but I'll see what I can do about that. :)

since you have multiverse in the title......im guessing therell be other characters or other space races showing up? maybe? perhaps the galatic empire ?

7852464 Possibly, most likely in a sequel, if one is to be made, but I don't plan on putting them in this one.

7852756 id love to see a sequel .....keep up the good work also do you know when foundry missions will be available for console?

7852880 Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure when, but even though I only play on the PC, I hope they get that on the console soon.

Hmmmmm...could be better written. Decent story, though. Think I'll keep an eye on this one.

At the beginning of the story. I like the premises, but a few things that could be checked.

Before the whole portal accident they all been ponies, then EG style transformation into humans. Then they find the large portal and go through and they remain humanoid? Thats something that could be decided on, they either ponies all the way, or they transform when bypassing the boundaries between the realities. Or Humanoids entirely.

Also them having a star ship in 4 months ( and at places mentioned 6 months ) is a bit rapid, royalty or not, i could see them being part of the crew, but not officially.

I love both MLP and Star Track and the cross over of these are awesome, these things though quite stark issues of the story, 3 chapters in.


Okey, genetic restructure, guess thats works, but that begs the question why the transformation one way.
*Continue to read*

7860909 1.While I might sound a little silly saying this, since they were onboard a starship when going back through, and (in this story at least) having the liberty of customizing their ship's configuration, you could say the shields were the possible answer to the genetic switch prevention, while I didn't say specifically what exact type of shields they were, there's always the idea of the gang having placed multiphasic shielding that prevented the change.

2. On the issue with the ship and all, she'd met Wyatt almost immediately after the rescue, and went to serve Starfleet, a possible reason is that Wyatt, understanding the incident with another universe very well, probably tried to keep a little of her former role with her by convincing the Federation to hand her a large, powerful ship to remember her past job.

hmmm i wonder what the changlings have to say about this weither or not they show up or in the next story if there is a sequel.....there might be somee salvagable tech from the debris raining down on the planet

7864459 I plan to have them in the sequel, as well as our favorite reformed changeling. The next one I think will be set about 5 months after this.

looking foward to the sequel maybe a trilogy but its your call

Ah, yes. Wonderful Strategery. Sending a GOD DAMN MIRANDA to fight multiple Cubes. The Spheres, sure. They are the same type of ship. But a Cube?!

7914238 Yeah, they actually were in the midst of taking out the smaller hands in the fleet, and since the cube was, in the Captain's eyes, "weak enough", he seemed to get cocky in his next move, a bit too cocky.

That's in the STO original tutorial. The cube's you encountered their were heavily damaged and couldn't put up much of a fight. Although now in the tutorial, a Cube would've handed your ass on a silver platter had it not been for the timely intervention of several friendly starships. Hell, in the tutorial Borg Spheres can be quite the handful if you don't know what your doing because your starter ship is still a Miranda class.

That and even if they stuck everyone on another Miranda class, at the rate you can level in the STO setting is shocking. Ships are upgraded every 10 levels.

This is even lampshaded in a n expansion story arc, where your character, prior to the tutorial meets themselves wearing an admiral uniform. Mentioning the meeting to your faction's Temporal Officer gets you scanned, indicating that you will go back in time to meet yourself within a few months.

I already met up with my character's mirror opposite number on STO. They ended up blowing up with their ship after I'd taken out everyone else.

too much unneeded detail in some things.

The Yorktown class of ship is a modified Odyssey class cruiser but a t6 version of science cruiser of the t5 bundle pack.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Um, thanks? Could you please answer my question now? Narrating the character's voices in my head when I read helps me enjoy the stories that I read more.

And I just realized why I've failed at reading this 4 times. You took a great premise and ruined it's execution and timing. You showed none of their adapting to their sudden unplanned species change. You also have them their own ship way too quickly and had them graduate way too quickly.

You're writing style so far suggests this is quite the serious story so I must treat it as such. This story gets a rating of 3/10. Either make the training longer to a couple years or make them generic crew members of a ship.

How is making there training longer gonna help ANY, rainbow dash was already training to be a Wonderbolt, Fluttershy already knows much about medical pratices,hell rarity knows about desgins and gems (mostly the gems as that actually Technically is a part of her special talent) Pinkie's well pinkie, Applejack I can see maybe a few month extra, but Twilight dude your talking to a scientist nerd who READS hundreds of books daily, how is it a surprise that these ponies only took maybe a few months to train when they already have experience with thier respective fields, the only problem would be learning to walk, adjusting the practices to more humanoid pratices (which let's be honest wouldn't take that much) and making sure there doing it right, they ain't green horns ya know

correction: They know about those fields as they existed in the...we'll be generous...and say 1950's. That is over half a millenium out of date and Starfleet is a military academy. Academies spend years training people.

Planet destroying Super weapon + multiverse + Sphere space station = Death star?

"Dangerous or not, we're in this too!" The Cutie Mark Crusaders said together.

Just send these three. The Empire would fall in hours.

I know this is kinda old, but if Luna is present, then 'The Mare in The Moon ' would not be.

The Chestnut fired a few orange-colored Phaser beams and red-colored Antiproton beams at the target, then striking it with a few more radiant Quantum torpedoes, and finally, sending it to oblivion with a Cluster torpedo, which got a very close distance to the frigate, then broke apart and released mines to finish the job.

Mixing energy types? Shame on you. :rainbowlaugh:

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