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In the far future, the galaxy has been torn asunder by a tyrannical, power-hungry force known as the Komplex. Bent on assimilating and conquering all who oppose them, they have attacked and wiped out many empires and species to extinction. And with their discovery of technology created by the ancient UJU KON, they seem almost unstoppable.

But the galaxy won't bend it's knee without a fight. The Forge, a resistance force made up of various species-including humans-have taken many stands against the Komplex, some becoming great victories, others serving as harsh reminders of the enemy's growing strength.

Now, the battle comes to a certain earth-like world, inhabited by many sentient creatures, some capable of magical abilities that help better the planet. With the Komplex itching closer to taking control of the system, some of the Forge's newest pilots, including a certain trio of rescued equines who were saved from a disastrous attack years ago, must help the natives of Equus band together and prevent total annihilation from their new enemy.

||Author's note: After recently getting into this new line of interchangeable starships, I've finally decided to make this little thing. The main part of the story (beyond the prologue) will be set right around the coronation ceremony seen in "The Last Problem", and the Snap Ships side of it will be set after the first season of Dawn of Battle.||

Snap Ships is the property of Playmonster Inc. MLP: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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In July of 1996, an aggressive alien species arrived at planet Earth, intent on wiping it clean of life and scavenging all resources on it. When the planet's inhabitants stood together to combat them, they drove the invaders back. 20 years after the first attack, they came back, now with more powerful weapons and ships. But like the first time, Humanity triumphed over the alien threat, thanks to the help of another extraterrestrial race.

Now, another two decades after the second attack, the Harvesters strike once more. But not at Earth, instead at a more primitive world, one populated by colorful, sentient equines that can use magic. Now, with the help of several other species victimized by the invaders, a coalition force races against time to stop another world from suffering the same fate Earth had avoided.

{Note: The story is set after ID4 2 (Resurgence) and set at around the latter part of season six, a few episodes before "To Where and Back Again", just to clarify where we are chronologically. Also, while this is set before the MLP movie and later seasons, all of the locations and characters from them are still existent in the story's continuity.}

Independence Day, Independence Day: Resurgence, and other related trademarks are the property of 20th Century Fox Co. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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This story is a sequel to Voyages of the Lightbringer: Episode 4: Variances

During a mission in the Badlands, the starship Lightbringer is brought into a matter of greater concern by the Imperial starship I.S.S. Discovery. Brought into an alternate version of their universe, Littlepip and her friends head down to the planet to investigate what is happening and fix the issue before it gets out of hoof. Unbeknownst to the Stable Dweller and her friends, however, they will attract the attention of an old foe and face the greatest enemy they've ever encountered: Themselves.

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This story is a sequel to Voyages of the Lightbringer: Episode 3: The Goddess of War

After dealing with another incursion within one of the many alternate universes, Littlepip and company become curious over the different possibilities that could happen or have happened in other timelines. Wanting to resolve the issue, they head to the Main Sphere, the central hub for the Universal Alliance, and discover many different ways their adventure could've played out, some better, and some worse.

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This story is a sequel to Voyages of the Lightbringer: Episode 2: The Deity of Azure

During a visit to the war-torn world of Equus, Littlepip and her friends are contacted by Admiral Stone to assist in a mission to the planet H'atoria, a world that is holding a wanted man that could harm the security of the Alliance with his genetic experiments. Along with the recently reformed alicorn Trixie, the crew will discover that their target has created something that, while made with the intent to fight and kill for the Goddess, desires to be something better. Will they succeed and help this new being achieve her goals, or will she be overtaken by her dark desires and threaten herself in the process?

{Note/Disclaimer: This story has the "Suicide/Self Harm" tag because one of the characters featured will be experiencing a personal struggle that will affect the story heavily. I will point out that I have not written a character involved with such a difficult subject before, but I do not intend to offend anyone reading this and I hope I can do this right. Also, if any of you reading this are suffering from this kind of issue, please, seek assistance, you're worth more than you know.

With that being said, I hope you all enjoy this episode and have a wonderful day. And as the Vulcans say: Live long and prosper.}

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This story is a sequel to Voyages of the Lightbringer: Episode 1: Artifact Hunting

A few days after their visit to Risa, Littlepip and her friends have been sent on their first mission to the mysterious world of Pahvo, a world that holds many fascinating secrets and features. However, during their mission, the Lightbringer is attacked and captured by the Tholians, who, upon taking them to a base in the Azure Nebula, are revealed to be serving an old nemesis that the heroes of the Wasteland faced in their adventure ten years ago. Can Littlepip and the crew of the Starship Lightbringer stop one of the most dangerous enemies they have ever faced in their lives before she takes control of the Beta Quadrant?

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{For those who haven't read them, read the STO Multiverse series (Story 1 is here!) to have a better understanding of the story before continuing.}

After the battle against J'ula's forces, Littlepip and her friends have been given a new ship and are now sent off to explore the unknown across the many different universes. But after such a long adventure, the crew feel they need a little break from battles and universe-hopping and decide to join their allies on their journey to the famous galactic vacation spot Risa.

Shortly after arriving, however, Littlepip finds that there is a well-hidden secret that must be found in order to preserve the security of the multiverse. With help from an unexpected ally, the newly appointed Captain of the starship Lightbringer will work to find this hidden secret before it falls into the wrong hands.

{Note: This is a spinoff to the STO series I had recently finished less than a month ago. Rather than be long reads, these will be short stories that are connected to the main series and continue on in the perspective of the main character. I can understand if anyone reading this series feels I'm making too much based on this one series, but after the last two stories, my mind has been playing with the possibilities that could happen, and after reading the original Fallout Equestria shortly before making the two stories, I feel like playing around with this series. As for the length, these short stories will be between two to five (maybe six?) chapters long. I hope you enjoy the first episode to this series of stories I've thrown out of the cargo hold. :twilightsheepish:}

Star Trek, Star Trek Online, and other characters are owned by CBS Paramount Pictures Corp. and Cryptic Studios. My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro. Fallout Equestria was written by KKat.

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This story is a sequel to Star Trek Online: Sacrifice - Part I

"It's time for us to stand and fight again, not just as heroes, but as friends."

After the attack on Taloraan, J'ula has decided to start her assault on several different universes, intent on expanding her own empire and destroying the Alliance. She has gathered members of other powers in order to conquer her targets, her first being an alternate, war-torn version of Equus.

Meanwhile, Littlepip and the crew of the starship Harmony are in pursuit, intent on stopping the Klingon warlord and saving the lives of all who are within her crosshairs. However, in order to stop her, Littlepip will need to call on the support and skill of her friends as they chase J'ula and attempt to stop her from causing chaos across the multiverse.

{Welp, here it is, my last hurrah for this series. With the end of the show comes the end of this little series of stories I started almost three years ago. Anything else I make won't be related to this after this story is done. I may consider short stories involving this series, but for the most part, the large ones are over at this point. It won't be the best thing ever typed, I'm sure, but I hope to bring a good ending to the series with this story. Once again, I hope you all enjoy this sequel and I hope you all have a wonderful day.}

Star Trek is the property of CBS Studios/Paramount Pictures Corp. STO is owned by Cryptic Studios. My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro. Fallout Equestria was written by KKat.

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This story is a sequel to Star Trek Online: Darkness Rising

"I thought my adventure had come to an end... but it seems the world just doesn't wanna let me go just yet."

Weeks have passed since the conflict with the Hur'q ended. The galaxy has to lick its wounds before continuing on, but for the most part, peace has been secured for the moment...

At least, in the present, that is. In 2256, a Klingon warrior of the treacherous House Mo'kai, J'ula, has managed to escape her time and is wreaking havoc amongst the timestream, many have gone after her, but she has proven to be a tough foe to eliminate. But there is hope.

In another universe, inside a large facility, a single pony lies strapped to a headset that allows her to control her worlds weather. She is about to leave her prison after ten years of being comatose and be recruited as a new temporal agent. But she will be in for more than she could've hoped.

{Note: This story, while a sequel, will be told in a first-person manner by our main protagonist. Also, Admiral Stone will not be appearing in this story (at least, not anyhow other than by name), he will be replaced by another character who, let's just say will have some experience with our new villain. I will also be attending college in a few weeks so when that happens the chapters may be a little delayed if I don't finish by then. I hope you enjoy a hopefully better sequel to this series. :twilightsheepish:}

Star Trek, Star Trek Online and other names are the property of CBS/Paramount Pictures Corp. and Cryptic Studios. My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro. Fallout Equestria was created by KKat.

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This story is a sequel to Star Trek Online: A Larger World

The Temporal Cold War is over, Noye's defeat and capture has finally brought peace to the galaxy once more, as well as restored some of what was lost, and now Equestria can finally do what it has been waiting to do ever since their introduction to Starfleet: Exploration.

But things don't always go as expected, an ancient enemy of the Federation and the Klingon Empire has been causing strange tests and genocides of protomatter torpedoes on unknown, innocent worlds, the most recent being Draconis III. After getting a signal from a ship claiming to be a renegade of the attackers holding valuable information, Princess Twilight, Admiral Wyatt, and a small task force are dispatched to investigate, but what the alicorn and her friends are about to see there will hurt them more than anything they've been put through before.

[NOTE: This sequel will be more on the edge for content, and may be a bit gruesome for some. I won't go super far with it, but it definitely won't be staying safe for long. Nonetheless, I hope that I make this story good for those who read it. Thanks to those who stuck with these stories and I hope to continue later on. LLAP.]

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