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This story is a sequel to Star Trek Online: Into The Multiverse

Ever since the battle against the Terran Empire in 2410, the Alliance has been on their feet lately, having recently formed a new branch in their forces known as the Universal Alliance, they have been keeping a watchful eye out for any and all intrusions that may be made into other realms. However, the job is proving difficult with the Temporal Cold War underway, dealing with the Na'kuhl marauders, Noye's growing Krenim army, and the recently revealed Sphere Builders have been quite some trouble over the past five months.

But one place in the multiverse has been left safe and sound so far, an old friend of Twilight Sparkle's, Sunset Shimmer, has grown worried over her friend's duties, due to her calls to Twilight having failed, she decides to call her former teacher in order to gain some knowledge about Twilight's absence. But what she is to hear will be something that she, along with her friends at Canterlot High, were woefully unprepared for.

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"Excellent, with the devices set up and ready, I need you to gather an away team" He started before he turned around to reveal his face. He had tan colored skin and had a beard on his chin, as well as feathered out hair like his beard was, he also seemed to have a scar on the right side of his face as well as brown eyes. He grinned viciously before he finished. "because you're going down there right now to get them."

Things are about to get interesting

oh hell no nopony kidnaps my waifu

Whats everyone's favorite ship on star trek online? I use a Vaaudwaar Astika Heavy Battlecruiser with radiant antiproton beam boat build. It works rather well for me.

I know it probably wont happen but I hope they meet Jim Raynor and his crew (from starcraft 2) who would likely be more then happy to help.

will we see ryder from mass effect andromeda or the female sheppard from the original trilogy?

I plan on throwing two familiar franchises into the next chapter, but I'll see what I can do for at least one of them. :)

nice! I'd suggest warhammer 40k as well but there is way too much of a difference...their frigates are depicted to be 1500 meters long (3 times the length of a galaxy class) and battleships are around 5000 meters long...
would be a bit hard to include lol.

Star wars could work i guess.

May the stars guide their souls to their next adventure.

RIP EqG Twilight Sparkle
RIP EqG Flash Sentry

Enjoy the after life Starlight,
You have earned it.:raritycry:

Funnest ship? My play style lends itself to the Arbiter Battlecruiser, loaded with cheap phaser cannons and running my engineering toon.

She gave a smirk before answering. "Gladly, I think he needs more than timberwolves for what he did to my face." The Na'kuhl merely frowned over the torture that awaited him in the dungeon.

What? Are we sure this isn't the mirror universe?

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