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Second Postponing on Story · 4:55pm February 18th

Hi everyone, a bit of time has passed, but I've managed to fix some of my issues on my PC, but I've still got another problem, I'm sure you've heard about the flood warning around areas near Orville thanks to the erosion damage at their dam. Unfortunately, the city I live at is one of those set on evacuation status, so I may not be able to make the story so soon, unless I can find a usable PC somewhere. Nonetheless, I'll most likely have a few issues with prepping in case the levees or the dam

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2369141 Prepare to be disappointed....

Nah:rainbowlaugh:, its my first story, but the writing style sucked at that time. Its way better now, hence the rewritten version. But thats not done yet.

2367624 Haven't finished it yet, but from the start, it looks great! :)

Thanks for favorite-ing! :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the favorites!

Thank you for favoriting "Star Wars: Clones in Equestria"!

If I may, what did you like about it?
Slainte mhaith!

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