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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! - Representation · 11:30pm November 30th

We've all heard the rumors that FIM is going to be cancelled, and replaced with a G5 reboot. We all have our own pet theories - hopes, and dreads, and wishlists of what is to become of the franchise.

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Thank you for being one of the few decent users on FiMfiction we have left. Things were better back in 2014 but now everyone here seems to be child pornography, conservative nut heads who would go wild-mad if someone dares speak up about their misogynistic creations.

Just thank you. Thank you for being one of the few healthy individuals we have left.


I'm just seeing this now. Thanks, man! :twilightsheepish:

Congratz man!

You beat Fu and I by a point! The nomination for EQD spotlight went to a great story, I'll be sure to read more of it in the future when I have time again.

Welcome to the Fallout Equestria Group! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! :raritywink:

Looks like your story made it to the Fallout Equestria compilation on EQD.

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