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In an Equestria demolished by war, Fernando Bendy Straw devotes himself to a noble cause.

(Yes, I'm serious).

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Where did the inspiration for this come from, if you know?


I don't even remember. I think it was that I was musing how the sidefics have covered the ultimate fate of just about every character and race imaginable, but not Fernando. I took it as a personal challenge to see if I could write a story with an inanimate object as the protagonist, and still have it be readable and actually mean something.

The question is: does the story work?

"The question is: does the story work?"
I think so. In a somewhat strange way, perhaps, but I assume that that was expected. :)

The way you phrased that explanation, though... Is Fernando actually a character (or "character") in something before this, and I'm just not remembering? If that's the case, sorry.

Was it interesting ?
At least it was very original.

But it's not a Fo:E story yet. It lack of 38 chapter and 480 000 words to be one. In the 9th chapter Fernando will fall in love with an empty Spakle~Cola rad bottle and between the 36th and the 39th chapter Fernando will save the world, twice, only using friendship and sugar.

Anyway, giving us the words of a straw in the post-apocalyptic Equestria was very noble. That will hell l help us in the understanding and the respect of straws' right.

Ah, thanks. :D

You must be some sort of immortal being of great wisdom and power to have concocted this. I applaud you.

The only problem i had with fo:e was pinkie's fate i didnt like she was treated and how she just dies like ok author do i sense a dislike here?


I've already got one of those. It's called Fallout: Equestria - The Hooves of Fate. I've been working on it for three years, and I'm at about 200k words.

It's about a present day Ponyville school filly who travels to the post-apocalyptic Fo:E future in her dreams.


I didn't interpret it that way.

Pinkie in Fo:E is a truly tragic figure. She knows the end is coming. She even comes close to stopping it. She uses mint-als to try to crank up her Pinkie Sense, to try to stay one step ahead, (not just of the zebras, but of the apocalypse itself). But she gets addicted to them. The worst thing about it is that she knows the drugs are destroying her, but at the same time, she can't stop. If she quits, it could cost the entire war.

Pinkie is extremely noble in Fo:E, and the whole story is sprinkled with shreds of her influence. Her Pinkie Sense reached all the way to Littlepip's time, and she set things in motion hundreds of years in advance that allowed Littlepip to save Equestria. She was trying to set things right.

At least that's how I interpreted her.

Don't worry, I'vw already read Hooves of Fate and I've liked what I've read.

I don't know what I'l going into, but I have to read this one. How could Fernando fit in FoE. This answer would be answered soon. XD

6822572 OK, I like it.^^
Strange idea but nice. Who would have known what staws could think of the face of war. :)

You disgust me...

~ Chapter: 13

I see you met the minimum required word count.


The shortest FoE side story in existence. :P

I'm not crying, you're crying!

Seriously though. We need more of stuff like this.

I saw this in the reccomnded after reading hooves of fate, I saw the romance tag and thought to myself, "Where the fuck does romance fit with a straw?"

Where's the romance Sprocket? I know you're hiding it somewhere.

Good shit man,

Welp… Can't say that I had ever expected to read a story like this… Just take my upvote already!

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