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I'm crying again.

I've done enough crying this year.
I cried when I attended the last Bronycon.
I cried when I saw the final episode of one of the most meaningful shows in my adolescent life!
And just two weeks ago I cried because of this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tNXyOUS_Jfk

And now all these very sad well it together emotional stories are coming out.... I swear I will lose all my tear ducts in 2019.

I feel you. It's been a rough week for all of us.

Well, this is a nice change of pace from the recent influx of "Twilight's gonna outlive all her friends! Instant despair!" stories. I honestly thought the fandom had gotten that out of its system back in 2014.

As for your short take, this was quite enjoyable and meshed well with the canon depictions of Celestia and Luna. I always felt Celestia, having ruled alone for a millenia, would have grown numb to the march of progress while Luna's absence would make even the smallest advances in art or technology seem earth-shaking. It's nice that they seem to have come to an understanding on one another's views.

The best part, though, is their calling home. Felt very much like Gandalf and Frodo departing Middle Earth for realms unknown once the world had begun to rebuild. Makes it sound like the fitting reward for alicorn rulers that have dedicated themselves fully to promoting harmony and progress across their land.

And if Celestia's intuitions about Twilight are any indication, it seems like her power and wisdom shall usher in amazing things for the entire world. Fulfilling her duties in that regard will likely span a greater length of time than what Celestia and Luna had.

But I ramble. A great short story and hopefully a sign of more uplifting works to come out of the fandom in this post-finale era.

Try starting from the beginning. A lot of people are finding that Season One is the best therapy.

Someone should send this to Scribbler or someone else to dub it. I have a feeling that this can be made into a beautiful animation.

This is a nice one, it could make some feel better after the ending, or worse, unfortunately
it's the magic of being bittersweet I suppose
I liked it, you wrote Celestia's words perfectly, it seems like it was really written by her

Aaaaaa- my feels, they buurrrrrn! D:
Seriously one of my favourite fics on the site, thank you, so very very much for writing this.

You know what.... I will.

Thank you so very very much.

I'm delighted to hear it. I've actually been writing up little reviews on Season 1 episodes as I watch them. I'll be posting them and other reflections on my FimFic blog next week when I get back from vacation.

In the meantime, I hope you find the rewatching process as fulfilling as I am. I feel as excited about pony as I did when it was brand new to me!

I wonder what Twilight's reaction will be.

Could there be a sequel were Twilight reads the letter or would it be too emotionally painful write? Because you don't have to if it is.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and hunger for more, but I think that's best left to the imagination.

Very touching. Thank you for writing this.

I'm glad it meant something to you.

You made my day.

Sad but hearthwarming:heart:

One of my favorite fics, this is now a part of my headcannon. Thank you so much for writing it!

I'm glad it moved you. I wrote it to expand my own head canon, really. The princesses mean so very much to me, I felt they deserved their own ending.

There was quite literally no reason to write this I am disappointed and while I did enjoy it, I put a downvote as this does not fit with the Creator's intent

It took far too long for me to finally find time to read this. And it will be far longer before its impact begins to fade. This is marvelously and solemnly moving.

Thank you!

I wrote this to give myself closure regarding the Royal Sisters who, as you know, mean a great deal to me.

I'm glad it has made an impact on you, and on so many others here who have taken the time to leave comments.

I wonder where Celestia and Luna went off to. I can't help but think of the darkest possibilities.

This was a really powerful story. I enjoyed it.

It's a proud moment that an old flame such as yourself is still active.
It has it's own special meaning to be honest.

To a place with white shores, and beyond them a green land under a swift sunrise

I’ll be honest. Even years later, I have refused to watch most of season 9, because it’s not the ending I want.

Nonetheless, this story helps me reconcile with the show ending that I know is out there somewhere.

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