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Wassup bronies? I'm just an aspiring writer and Ponyfa- I mean total brony who loves writing stories of all kinds!


One day the sun sets for everyone, and knowing her time has come, Twilight Sparkle must say goodbye to the home she has come to know and love.

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Terribly sad, but very, very beautiful. :fluttercry: Nice job!

:fluttercry:sad yet...that's how I would want her to go...

:fluttercry: I..I..it was s..so Beautiful so very beautiful thank you for writing it:pinkiesad2:

Thank you! I guess that's really the whole reason I wrote this story.

Thank you! It's comments like these that really make me feel writing is worth it!

Oh :applecry:... I'm kinda scared to read this. Sad is just a bit depressing to me and also kind of addicting. I'm trying to get myself off of the sad fanfiction bandwagon, but o well, I'll give this a read!

I laughed...I cried the ending was spectacular you described everything in great detail...it was depressing, but at the end in was happy 5/5

Well, that was quite a story. It was sad and happy at the same time... I'm slightly depressed now :applecry:

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has found something in this story, and supported me with your kind words! It’s really special to hear your response, which, not to be overly humble, I wasn't expecting. Thank you!


this is so sad. :(

very beautiful though.

This is absolutely beautiful, you should feel very proud for conveying such raw emotion into your writing.

Also, :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

Aww thank you so much :pinkiehappy:

:fluttercry: many manly tears have been shed today... It kind of shows how I would like to go, either that, or go it with a bang

Well nolw a tear streams down my cheeck and a frog resides in my throat.

I needed this. All the happy was starting to get sappy.

I needed some sad to filter out the cliches and Bs happiness.



Why aren't your stories featured on EqD?
Like the other story you wrote, this is extremely beautiful!
I didn't find it sad... just heartwarming.
Although I do want to know what happened to the mare 6, I won't pry. This is one of those stories that exist just for the sake of it; and I'm glad.

Thank you both! I'm really happy that enjoyed the story! :twilightsmile:

Alright, I'm happy to announce that I have fulfilled my dream and was able to get this story accepted by Equestria Daily! I know I've said this to death in the last few days, but a huge thank you/brohoof to everyone who has supported this story! :pinkiehappy:

Beautiful story, but minor spelling errors. :fluttercry:

I cried my eyes out throughout the entire thing. I'll remember this story for a long time, I'm sure of it.

Well, that was something I thought I would never read...

and yet I find my self enjoying it more than any of the other stories that I am tracking.

A sad ending true, but one that we all hope for.

A peaceful passing, to join our friends.

A story where Twilight dies...

The last story I read where Twilight died I was depressed for days. Unfortunately if I don't read it I will never stop thinking about it...

*sigh* I will read it but not sure I want to...

Was a great story and I am glad I read it...

Now I just need to get my self to stop crying :fluttercry:

Simply beautiful. Very well written. 5/5 and all my tears :fluttercry:

Quite well written. Alas, the steady march of time slows for no one.

After i read this. I said only three words: Requiescat in Pace.

I liked it. I was crying.

Yep, the first fic I've read. I read it long time ago, but I still remember that I cried for at least 5 minutes. Amazing. :twilightsmile:

More people need to read this. This is sad, I cried. Thank you its beautiful.

Such a beautiful story, within only a matter of minutes I became a crying wreck. :fluttershysad:

A manly tear was shed. :fluttercry:

This is a very emotive story. It picked me up and carried me through quite flawlessly. 5 stars to you, good sir.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Cries lots* WEll at least she could be with her friends again. I wish I could see a sequal of this where she gets to see her friends up in the beyond.

dud im sorry to say this is the most wonderful deth story i have read. and believe me i have read a few. like the last parade, th hardest goodbye, the last part of not my destiny. and a few others. this is by far one of the best written death stories ive read.

Same here, it's very addicting, with ponys like Trixie,scoot,and the mane 6:fluttershysad:

I cried. Many. Tears! Good job! I loved this story so much!:fluttershbad:
Great story...:twilightsmile:

beautifully melancholy......
read this awhile ago, one of the first sad fics i actually liked ^^


This story hits harder than an eighteen-wheeler loaded with lead.

Good job on the writing. I was silently crying by the time it hit halfway through.

Jesus Christ, I can't do it. I can't make myself cry. But this was very well written and a very good story. 10/10

Bravo. Bravo.

Confound these sad pony fics!:raritydespair:

I had a hard time to control myself not to create a waterfall during this read. When I fnished, it hit me very very hard and I let it all out :fluttercry:
I must say, this is simply the most beautiful tragedy I have ever read. Your detailed description of every scene made it so much more intense.

Thank you for this...it makes me want to appreciate my life and my friends more, in all honesty.

:applecry:When I first read this story, it marked the first time I cried in a long long time.:fluttercry: That was when it first came out. It's still just as wonderful.:pinkiesad2:

I'm not going to cry... I'm not- oh forget it *sobs*:fluttercry:

Beautiful. This was a great story. You conveyed the emotions perfectly. 10/10 in my book, good sir. :fluttercry: A tear was shed. Awesomeness approved.

there aren't enough thumsup to describe the awsomeness of your story.

Why do I read these! :raritycry:

Usually after I read a fic like this, I get all sad, and I have a feeling of melancholy for a good few days after, but I keep coming back to read more.

Kudos though. This is one of the best fics I've read.

Very sad, but still beautiful.:fluttercry:
When it come's to stories like this, I found it better that they leave this world in a way of there choosing and not in a hospital bed.

Also, I don't think you need the tragedy tag for this story, everypony went in piece, well expect Rainbow but she didn't die in accident but in the hospital so she still left with no regrets, so sad would do.


Beautiful. It's all that needs to be said.

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