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Equestria Buck Yeah


Rainbow Dash has loved speed ever since that fateful day that gave her and her friends their cutie marks. But, after a while of being able to perform one practically on command, a Sonic Rainboom just isn't as awesome as it used to be. At least, not according to her. However, after a freak occurrence during her newest, 'most amazing feat ever', she finds herself in an eerily familiar place.

Special thanks to LightningDust for assistance, and Conicer for the cover art!

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Uh oh. It just occurred to me.

She caught her own rainbow trail. A Light trail. Meaning she can now exceed the constant speed of light.

Sounds good, right? ....I seem to recall reading somewhere that someone hypothesized that breaking the 'Light Barrier' would permit travel thru time....


And that's how Equestria was unmade! :pinkiecrazy:

unless relativity does not apply, then no rainbow did not break the light barrier. its simply impossible. as for the trail, its probably a magical particulate trail that refracts light into a rainbow. like water vapour after rain.

EDIT: how the heck does twilight have that much magic. to offput that much heat friction and sheer impact of air from going that fast would take ridiculous amounts of power. then there is the problems of escape velocity. unfortunatly we don't know the escape velocity of their planet, but rainbow MUST be going faster than 11,190 km/s. Earth's Escape Velocity.

EDIT V2 and what about the damage to rainbow? just because rainbow cant feel it does not mean she is not seriously injured from putting out that much flying power.

at this point im gonna stop analysing this. the science is broken, lets leave it at that

So I wander what he new trick is gonna be :rainbowderp:
Oh and FIRST !! I don't know why I do that

She's going faster than the speed of light holy shit :pinkiegasp:

I'm willing to overlook any trace of sense in the theory of time travel if the story's good enough, so keep it up!

Rainbow really should have gone into engineering and made a DeLorean instead of flying like a maniac. I tried to talk to her, but she just wouldn't listen. Le sigh. :rainbowlaugh:

Lol the bullets are gonna bounce off

This is really beginning to interest me. I hope your output time increases, because cliff-hangers drive me crazy.

Thanks for the kind words =) I hope so too, cuz trying to write this stuff at work when it's dead is a pain in the ass. I'd write more at home, but Guild Wars 2 takes up um.. *cough* quite a bit of my time. :twilightblush: But fear not! Things will start to be revealed!

Well, although it is a little less info. then what I'm used to receiving, it still is a good update. The time between the last chapter update and this one is remarkably quick. Keep up the good writing. :yay:

Awesome fic love it :pinkiehappy: keep up the good work :rainbowdetermined2:

I understand your want to base things in the sciences, but remember this is ponies, AND fiction.

this gets better and better:pinkiehappy:

Aw man, forty years?! Ifigured it would be ten, at most! Well, it certainly isn't 1985. :rainbowlaugh:



... It's Celestia, ain't it? The one that got a ludicrous idea. It was Celestia wasn't it? :I *headdesks repeatedly, right proper annoyed. Not with the writer, no, but with the concept of Celestia dicking-over the Mane 6 like that* Tell me I'm wrong, and I'm reading into cues too much...

There's a shit storm a coming :pinkiegasp:

1302793 Like a storm of it hitting just one fan.....:rainbowderp:

1303487 there's 3 fans that's it
I'll read any fic that has RD in it. Apart from cupcakes :pinkiesick: :fluttershbad:

You may not like what happens to her in my previous tale then. Or any of her friends. :applecry::pinkiecrazy:

Messy things. You'll just have to read it :pinkiecrazy:

1309118 really another fic like cupcakes?
Huh no thanks :ajsleepy:

Oh no, not Cupcakes, but there is death in it. A Nightmare on Elm Street style :pinkiehappy: And it's not a 'Oh, look, Pinkie's crazy and enjoys killing'. There's actually a reason why she does what she does, and there will be some more story in the sequel! Haven't quite figured out how far I want it to go with what I'm going to try and be a third and final chapter though, but I'll worry about it when I'm closer to creating it.

1309338 wow ok a Pinkie ghost that is Crazy and thinks her friends are responsible for her death and goes around killing them

I've seen it before if you ask me the whole Pinkie being a murderer. / scycopath is kinda worn out and is getting boring :ajsleepy::ajbemused:

I agree it has been done a lot, but I figured I'd try something different! At least I hope it was different. I haven't been around here terribly long. Ah well. As long as people enjoyed it :yay:

1309496 it has been done before. Waaaayyyy!!!! To much if you ask me

Heck I couldnt stand reading the first half of cupcakes before I nearly vomited my guts up and cried
I had nightmares for a bucking week afterwards. Couldn't get a god damn ounce of sleep without having images of RD being sliced up :pinkiesick: I don't wanna think about it

But pinkie Pie I still love ya But I just love Rd more no offence
Pinkie: none taken
Ok? :rainbowhuh:

this story is really starting to get interesting. keep up the good work :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2:

I would say that it's REALLY starting to get interesting, but I was blown away after she arrived in the future! But uh, getting held up at gun-point after a seriously heated 'dog fight' pretty much takes the cake.:rainbowlaugh:

Thanks! :pinkiehappy: If things go as planned, the next couple chapters will be settling down a LITTLE for poor R.D. Well, as far as actual things happening to her goes. :fluttershysad:

1318437 nice, im hoping to see how pinkie and her "Party Crashers" turned out. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, my....entrusting the Sonic to her. Wow. That's a fairly high honor.

The doctor's sonic screwdriver. But he never gives that up :pinkiesad2:

Well, he is a bit on the dead side unfortunately. :ajsleepy:

1337631 I see sooooo where his body? (picks up shovel) :pinkiehappy:

Well, if it wasn't 40 years later, maybe uh... Cutie Mark Crusader Necromancers? Yay? :scootangel:

1337724 IM not ganna rape his body hell no :pinkiesick:
I just wanted to see if he had any thing precious on him when he died. Cutie mark crusader grave robbers :scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry: (it was scootaloos idea)

1338006 Always blame Scootaloo: facehoof:

:unsuresweetie:: It's always Scootaloo though
:scootangel: : no it isn't
:applecry: your lyin'
:scootangel: No I'm not I'm not always the one coming up t
With these ideas you guys help too
Um this goes on for a while

1hour later
:unsuresweetie: w-why di-did you have to s-say such mean things sc-scootaloo?
:scootangel: i'm sorry sweetie belle I didn't mea...
:applecry: ah think y'all should Scootaloo
:scootangel: but but
:applecry: please Scootaloo
:scootangel: I'm s-sorry

Um well that was ..... Something :pinkiehappy: I hope they don't fall out forever that would be a downer to see their friendship ruined
Come back next week for more
CMC go crusading

Well, time to meet up with Future Twilight.

1347831 Future Twilights in a coma numbnuts

Wait wait wait if they destroy the TARDIS it'll cause a rip in space and time didn't you ever watch doctor who? Where there's those giant white cracks in everything and when the doctor put his hand in it he pulled out a fragment of the TARDIS after it exploded although his TARDIS hadn't exploded yet the Future TARDIS has :derpyderp2: so
TARDIS + self destruct = giant rip in space and time

I'm not spoiling anything, sir! Muahahah!

When Derpy mentioned her crossed eyes having to do with fooling around with the Sonic Screwdriver, all I can imagine is her sitting there, staring into a flashlight, flicking the switch back and forth. Bright light!

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