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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.



Pinkie Pie has a secret. A secret that no one knows about.

For you see, Pinkie Pie is not a normal pony. Unknown to all but Pinkie herself (though she was not aware of it at first), a bite from a radioactive spider gave her super duper spider powers. But Pinkie Pie ultimately learned the hard way, that with great power, comes great responsibility.

And so, Pinkie Pie vowed to use her powers to defeat crime and corruption. And the superhero known as Spider Mare was born!

In this exciting first issue, you'll witness the birth, and rise of the web slinging mare. Watch as she valiantly defends her hometown of Ponyville from evil villans big and small. See her battle with villans all across Equestria!

Along the way however, she'll have to come to grips with the limits of her powers, and her personal failures.

(Secondary tag: Action! Can't have a superhero fic without action.)

Edit: April 3, 2014. Story updated with new cover art. Cover image created on Deviant Art by Erudier. Canon when published in 2014.

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YAAAYYY! Another PinkieasSpiderPony-Mare fic! I love these! And great job on it too!

Anyways, I hope that robber gets execution...


(the typo was on purpose.)

I love these stories where pinkie is spider man XD

That I can. Plus I watch Power Ponies, and you got no idea how much people say that Power Ponies and Power Rangers are almost the same.

Not bad, Pinkie. Both of you, by the way. Keep it up.

4149215 Trust me, you'll want to see what happens in the next couple chapters.

If I may make a suggestion... RD as Venom?

4237925 Sorry, Cheese Sandwich will pull double duty as Venom/Mary Jane. He'll only become Venom in the sequel though. The reason for that is, in "Pinkie Pride" Chesse Sandwich's "Cheesie Sense" could detect the "Pinkie Sense" but the "Pinkie Sense" seemed unable to do the same. Kind of like how Venom is immune to Spider Man's "Spider Sense".

4238754 Yeah but we need a full duty Venom. Maybe Cheese Sandwich could be the first one but not host it for long and because he likes Pinkie the suit bounces of him and tries to find a more suitable host. Since the events of Mare-Do-Well Rainbow might be more lenient on the whole hero thing but she still might not like being pushed aside for some "costumed freak" and when Spider-Mare unknowingly makes Dash more and more angry, she loses her high pedestal in Ponyville again and Scoots wants to be more like Spider-Mare, and then Pinkie keeps pushing her away to make her more safe the suit finally finds somepony who knows it's pain of being rejected and betrayed. She may not have a Rainbow Sense but that suit still retains the key factor from the Cheese Sense which blocks out Pinkie's Spider Sense and so the true Venom is born.

4238769 I might consider that, for the role of Carnage. Seeing as Carnage is created from the same symboite as Venom.

4238782 Okay sweet. I can also see RD as Carnage and it's more tragic because Pinkie caused one of her friends to become a monster which is why I voted her for Venom at first.

The Cover Art reminds me when I played Spider Man 2 on my Playstation 2. I had to get this balloon for this girl that was floating around the city. It took forever

I take it back. Cheese looks like he would be an amazing Venom if done right.... just be sure you keep the option open for.... well you know. :raritywink:

4253172 Well, I just happened to find it while surfing Deviant Art. So any reference to that is unintentional.

I never seen the episode where Cheese Sandwich came in but he sounds like a nice guy, in fact I hear that Weird Al did his voice.

4253490 Yup, he did. You should see the episode (it's called "Pinkie Pride") it's really good.

4253903 Truth to be told after I saw Power Ponies I jump away from the forth season but I try to keep up with it.

Why would you support that :fluttercry: it's not pinkies fault Dash has shitty self esteem and tends to act like a big baby and throw a temper tantrum when it's not all about her or she doesn't get her way. Wouldn't the role of carnage go to lightning dust? I think LD is more of the type to take that part since she's the reckless extreme version of dash.

Well, the years went by, and Pinkie Pie matured into a fine young mare, still unaware of the radioactive spider bite. In fact, the only things about her on the outside that seemed to change were a surprisingly sudden increase in her earth pony strength, days after her sudden illness. And the development of a sixth sense she came to call her "Pinkie Sense". None of her family members found this weird, after all the Pie family was known for having an uncanny sense that had been passed down from generation to generation. Her family simply viewed her "Pinkie Sense" as a variation.

It all makes sense now...:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::twilightoops:

Honestly... I played the theme from Spider-Man The Animated Series in my head when I saw the chapter name.

4288423 Hm, I wonder how her friends are going to react to this. Well, I can wait.

I knew this would happen, but it doesn't make it any sadder... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!??? :fluttercry:

I wonder why Mysterio never shows up anymore in Spider-Man movies. I mean, he's an awesome villain, and would make an excellent first foe for the web-slinger in the tales. But Sony missed the boat on that twice.

Better Mysterio than Lizard, I say.

4967780 I don't really know. I suppose The Lizard works better because of his human aspect. We can relate more easily to a scientist who wanted to regain his lost arm, than a special effects technican who couldn't admit he was wrong. Not to mention, Mysterio would probably require a ton of special effects and CGI to capture his disctintive flare. It's easier to do that in cartoons, than it is in live action movies.

Wait a second! Why did Cheese Sandwich has to be Venom? I mean... what made him upset at Pinkie Pie and 'wear' it to seek for her and kill her?

5229885 The idea is not that he wants Pinkie dead, but while Pinkie is battling the symbotie, she pushes Cheese away. Cheese starts to have doubts about whether or not he and Pinkie will be together, and so the symbotie takes over him. It's mostly to try and spite Pinkie for rejecting its powers, and Cheese tries to fight its control.

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You know what? This is really well written. I like it. I really REALLY like it.

Seriously? Trixie you're mad at her for saving your pathetic life? :facehoof:

"It won't be long now until you're out of our hair for good!"

Do you mean "mane"?

"Thanks but no thanks Mrs. Cake. The time has come for this little secret to be revealed. I can't keep everyone in the dark forever."

Do you mean "everypony"?

My only complaint is that you keep repeating "to the likes of" in almost every chapter throughout the story. Do stop it, it is getting a bit annoying.

Hopefully the same mistake isn't repeated in the sequel.

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I recommend using things like these to divide different things happening in different places:




This is pretty good! I just recommend to read over your story to check for errors. You might need an editor and a proofreader, they really help :)

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