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The following is a collection of One Shots or Side Stories that tie into the Silent Ponyville canon but do not directly effect the main storyline, just add to the appreciation of it. If you have not read the Silent Ponyville series then you will likely miss what can be appreciated from these stories.

More than Two Sisters: Just as Pinkie must come to term with Bellamina's passing, so must Octavia. The show mare decides to give her youngest sibling a proper send off when she gets an unexpected visitor.

A Party for Two Sisters: Pinkie Pie must reflect over the passing of her sister on her last days visiting her old home. She remembers an old memento of her sister that she desires and goes to find it. However, she is greeted to an unexpected event as she searches.

I Met a God Today: Ever wonder what became of The Colt from Silent Ponyville? A short look into the mind of a Sociopath in his jail cell and why he's still alive.

Visit From the Pink Mare: A 'What If' scenario where Pinkie Pie goes and confronts The Colt who haunted her mind for so many years.

Silent Ponyville 2 Ending: Was it Inevitable?+: A fan extension of this particular ending to Silent Ponyville 2. Dash must confront Fluttershy on the hasty choice she made in her life.

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Out of those I've only read I Met a God Today and I must admit that I liked it very much.:ajsmug:
In fact, I believed that it was part of the main story line up until I saw this post...:twilightblush:

That made a super sad ending into a very happy one, well done!:pinkiehappy:

Amazing ending, this is actually my fav ending to a good story you started. Kinda quoting pinkie, this was the bestest end ever!:pinkiehappy:

2.While reading something about a dark killer I have Raining sunshine playing...:derpytongue2:

;-; You awesome person you.
And yes it made me cry. Don't ask.

Tears. So many tears.
Asdfghjkl. I'm crying so badly right now.

159949 affirmative! Ok no I lied! I was more like: :raritycry: then I was like :fluttershysad:
So beautiful!

Grk! It's ok...I forgive the Colt. Here, allow me to give him a present for being a good prisoner. CUPCAKES! :pinkiecrazy: I'll even make them really good! I hope he will like them, they'll be really close to his heart. :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
P.S. There really needs to be an Insane Twilight emoticon!

At first i was like:pinkiecrazy: then i was like:pinkiesad2:

Amazing short. Very emotional. I'm looking forward to the rest.

Absolutely heartwarming. Hope the rest of the shorts are just as good.

That song was beautiful. I'm tempted to track down a cellist and have them compose the music for it

celestia, you are dissapoint. :trixieshiftright:


An excellent short. Also, a sign that your works have had such an effect, I was suddenly expecting throughout the entire thing for a siren to go off and everything to turn otherworld.

Well...this has given me...an intriguing...idea...eheheheheheheheh:pinkiecrazy:

Prepare for PM!

I really liked this story, and the alternate ending (or alternate alternate ending, I guess) was great, but I have just one question: why didn't Rainbow just drain the bathtub?:rainbowhuh:
Or do bathtubs in Equestria work a different way than they do here?


Fluttershy was probably laying on top of the drain.

While I understand your hesitation for execution Celestia, letting a colt who clearly has the ear of Old Scratch live may bite you in the ass later on.

It's nice to see how past experiences can still affect the ponies. Just as Pinkie learned to deal with her sister, she still carries the scars and blind rage of the Otherworld. It's a burden one does not carry lightly. I am pleased to see that growth for your characters here. Nice work.

While I like the way this ended, the writing is noticeably inferior and seriously hampers the execution of the modified ending. It could have been so much better.

part of it reminded me of this quote
"Looking, back at the moments, I wouldn't change a thing The laughs, the smiles. the trials and the tears it’s hard to hate what got me here"

idk why i felt the need to post this...

385533 have you ever taken a bath? those things (if filled to the top as i believe it was) take a little bit to drain

429114 different author, different skill level


Of course; it is impossible to duplicate writing styles. I interpreted it as something else, though. I understand why the ending was created, because it was a SERIOUSLY depressing chapter, but it didn't deal with the same emotions as its source material. Fluttershy couldn't deal with what she was shown, believing herself unforgivable for her past. The update seemed to try to shrug off those emotions, not wanting to deal with their full implications on Fluttershy's psyche. I took it as trading the emotions for the sake of having a happy ending. It feels like a cop out to me.

I love how your stories tie together so well :raritywink:

Octavia needed a hug...well, she got her hug. And so much more. :heart:

Pinkie should have just gone Punisher on his ass :flutterrage:

Forgiveness is overrated :pinkiecrazy:


Nope, takes place during Silent Ponyville 3

I REMEMBER THIS! I loved this intermission. Good job!

It's kind of hard to read, knowing how things turn out for them. :applecry:

OHMYGOSH! Update from jake? Wohoo glad you're back :pinkiehappy:
Awesome side story, good work as always :raritywink:

792761 I know right? Though this is Silent Hill. They could be fine, and the bodies are just.. mental/demon/magic projections or something.

Can't belive it took me this long to learn that you have a account. :facehoof:

Pikie's moods throught this

“And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be proactive then wait for rescue.”
grammar nazi, out.

I suppose i will have to reread your series. I have some things to catch up on.

Oh god. Things not going wrong are exactly why I am afraid things will go wrong.

I truly admire you Jake. I've always wanted to learn how to write horror.

You are an amazing writer. Truly amazing. Silent Ponyville was one of the first fancitions I read and it made me want to read even more. your writing style is beautiful and very, very, professional. So ultimately Bro Hoof. Your great characterizations made Pinkie Pie one of my favorite characters. Thank you for being such a splendid writer! :raritystarry::yay::scootangel::rainbowkiss::pinkiesad2::heart::derpytongue2::ajsmug::twilightsmile:

My reaction. "Why are you crying?" :rainbowhuh: "You're not playing a game with anyone... so why are you crying?" :rainbowderp: Holy crap someone wrote sociopathy correctly.:pinkiehappy: People often get sociopathy and sadism mixed up.

It's always painful, reading or watching something when you know it ends badly. You want to scream at them to stop, to find somewhere else to be. But their fates are set in stone, and you're only along for the ride.

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