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Pinkie's father has fallen on hard times and her mother has requested that Pinkie return home to assist in family matters. Now, Pinkie must face her fears of life on the farm as well as her family whom she hasn't seen since leaving...

This was originally started before season 2 of MLP and I first published on Equestria Daily. I hope you all enjoy.

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I remember reading this story from Equestria Daily, it made me tear up at one point. :fluttercry:

i can't believe no one has commented yet! this is amazing. i'm already crying!!:pinkiesad2:

Sad but ... I feel that is the message of fanfic

OMG! must resist...tears from flowing.......huff! Not today!

arghhhhh!!Must resist!(eyes watering)NO! no now!

whew!...managed to hold until the end! now excuse me while i shed MANLY TEARS in the corner..

I havent cried in over 4 years, until i read this. I respect ya.:pinkiesad2:

damnit i miss my dad now

OMG this is so sad, like wow i literaly like almost cried and stuffs like that but really

at first readind this i was like :rainbowdetermined2: and then i was all like :pinkiegasp: and then at the end i was all like :raritycry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::fluttercry::raritydespair::ajsleepy::unsuresweetie::rainbowderp::derpyderp2::applecry:

You've done a very good job so far!

Damn! His is asleep and weak or is he what we all think????? Great story!

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