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When Celestia turns up missing, Luna seeks out the advice and wisdom of Twilight Sparkle to determine what happened. After searching the palace, they discover a clue that leads them to one of Equestria's most infamous of villians: Discord.

Now they must interrogate Discord within his spiritual prison to determine just who is behind Celestia's kidnapping. What they discover is an enemy that will test not only the strength of Friendship for the Elements of Harmony themselves...

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It's an intriguing story so far. Plus I can see it all unfolding before my eyes :twilightsmile:

If I say so myself, which of course I do, I believe that there might be a big problem somewhere within the plot of this story at some point. Trust me when I say that some of the most promising authors ended up failing at something that looked good. Just don't let whatever it is that is inspiring this story go wrong. The last thing that needs to happen is you conjuring up some chapter that makes no sense or has no relativity to the plot what-so-ever. I have faith in your skills, please don't disappoint me. Considering I am a Pro-Discord fan, I will be watching and hoping for a good story.

Good luck.

This is AWESOME! perfect writing and descriptions, tracking and here have some stars:pinkiehappy:

interesting story so far... definitely tracking this:twilightsmile:

I say, that was a rather delicious little twist within the plot. I am rather surprised myself at the idea of Discord having a brother. Too bad it weren't a reality in the series. Oh the fun they would have.

I feel that the story is once again taking a good turn. Just don't let it get to your head.

"oh yeah i have a brother named anarchy, he's into death metal, politcal rebellions and screwing all the rules"
Twi and Luna: "oh dear god...theres two of you..."

Too lazy to read, so I just read the spoilers in the comments. ^_^ Sounds good to me.

309895 To screw the rules, he either needs money or green hair. :pinkiehappy:

This is going well, tracking! :twilightsmile:

glad to see sombody got the joke, imagine if discord killed a puppy every time he smiled...

310633 Wait, what? Killing puppies? :twilightoops: HOW DID THAT COME UP?

every time a certain mysanthropic buisness man smiles a puppy dies. It's in the series.

oh damn :pinkiegasp: ... this is getting good :trollestia:

Why must you make cliffhangers!? :flutterrage:

Hot damn. Nice story at this point, the new backstory for the Elements is surprising and makes sense. Continue the good work!

You write Discord so well :pinkiehappy:


Woot, first!

Sorry, just had to do that :D

Anyway... this is kind of grim, actually. Anarchy is a really big arsehole, huh?

Anarchy is not boing to have the Nicety of a Shiney happy rainbow turning him to stone. He's going to have Twilight Hulk out, Explode into flames and beat his ass down. With Luna and Discord getting in on the act as well. Hey, Throw in the wonderbolts for good measure.

Now, my "Nobody does that to pinkie without divine fury!" aside, my predictions are thus.
Rainbow will come to despise her freinds, not just be lured away from them. AJ will be distorted to believe everything she's ever seen or heard is a lie.
Pinkie has already been crushed into deep depression. Rarity will become unable to stand anyone owning anything, unless they're her. Fluttershy will, again, be un-taintable, but instead of cheating, anarchy'll get pissed off and beat her to near death and Twilight'll be filled with abject hatred of everything (Magic = Freindship, after all). However, She'll weild the hatred like a sword and Destroy anarchy. Or, more likely, Summon a spaguillion Windigoes and refreeze him. (possibly Causing her to be locked in ice, but sustaining herself with her hatred until, 1000 years later, she's realeased to be the Next lot of EoH's Redeemable Big Bad.) Or maybe he'll just be zapped by the Rainbow. Howeeeeeever, Since they were made from him, They might not work on him. Hrrrrrrm

wow dude as soon as you mentioned twins i knew where you were going with this, does that make me a jerk?

oh well either way i somehow enjoyed this chapter wayy too much. :trollestia:

Whoa, I just started reading and I have to say this is pretty awesome, tracked.

Fantastic work. Please continue. I must know what happens next.

Cue screaming voice of Spiderman from the first movie: PINKIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

I feel as though I should cry considering I love the Pinkster just as much as I love the other five of the Mane Six. Bravo my good sir/ma'am. Bravo.

HOLY SH.....CELESTIA! Not the cutie mark crusaders!:fluttershbad::raritydespair::raritycry:
I can't wait for you to update. :pinkiehappy:

Cutiemark Crusaders dead? No Problem! Twilight has books of Necromancy! Pinkie Depressed? MindDelve! Animals don't trust Fluts? Want-it-need-it! Rainbow Dash suicidal? ...I got nuthin' Failsafe spell that failed? The Wonderbolts conceding Dash is a better flier than all of them combined? An Orgy with aforemention Wonderbolts AND Luna in her incarnation as the Shadowbolts AND Celestia in her incarnation as the Original Wonderbolts? (Luna and Celestia are from Older times, when the social conventions of Equestria were Millenia away from even being thought of. They's cool with LunaxCelestia Shipping. Or, as I prefer to refer to it, "Incestia") Maybe... Twilight's freinds ripped down to their lowest levels ever? Twilight uses her mastery of Magic itself to Ascend to being an immortal Spirit being, Possibly named Law (as opposed to being named Harmony, which would be more appropriate for a showdown with Discord, or Order, which would suit a being named Chaos. Opposites, and all that) and beating the everliving shit out of Anarchy. Then Discolight! Because I'm a fan of Twicord! (how far off the mark am I with all this? Did I hit the bullseye? Did I hit the barn? Did I miss the barn and accidently hit another barn? or at least a farmer?)


Mate. You missed the barn and flew into the sun XD

It's okay guys...it'll all sort itself out. Twilight will figure it out and Luna and Discord will help...everything will go back to normal. And then they'll be happy again...so happy...and then I'll be happy again. They're not dead...they've not changed...everything's going to be fine. Yep, yep, yep! Fine and dandy.

Spelling error "They returned to the palace... " The author spelled it like so: "The returned to the palace..."


Several spelling errors:

"They will go oneliving and..."

"being smacked in the fact..."


Discord hates Anarchy just as much as everyone else, right?

I predict they make a deal with him and he defeats Anarchy.


Good catch. Will fix those asap

345227 AHA!. WIth my bullet that missed, I accidentally wake an ancient sun Demon thingie and it eats Anarchy to pay Celestia rent. YAY! I HELPED!
Srslythough, this had better have a happy ending. Or atleast a Crapsacharine ending. Otherwise I will transeced the bonds of Time, space and Fiction, Inset myself into your story as an Overpowered OC and Beat the everloving shit out of anarchy.

345244 Please to not have massive images. They make scrolling a bitch. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Just, y'know. resize it or something.

349057 Oui, That is correct Madame! Would've Giff'd that (massive Sized, for the Hypocrirony) but my Handheld won't let me do that, Starfox (why yes, my brain IS just a pile of sludge held together by Memes. How on earth did you guess?)


Da FUQ?! :rainbowhuh:

Okay... Cool.

Spelling error: "Using her wings to gain momentuem, she lunged towards Anarchy."


PS: let me guess, new Elements of Harmony? >.>

GO DERPY GOOO!!! :flutterrage:

By the way this is a good story, and I really like the villain.

KICK HIS ASS! WOOHOO! :flutterrage:
But seriously, did she really kill the princess? Poor everypony! :raritycry::fluttercry::flutterrage::fluttershbad:

Didn't see that coming. Looking forward to the next one.

*Anarchy lay pinned to the ground by Derpy's hoof as she lunged with her weapon..."I" (stab) "Just" (stab) "Don't" (stab) "Know" (stab) "What" (stab) "Went" (stab) "WRONG!"*

:derpytongue2: Kick is flank, girl!

Wow, all my Crack Theories, not ONCE did i guess Derpy would Appear outta Nowhere. and she's normally my crack Theory Mainstay
Kudos! CRACK THEORY! Depy is actually an Automaton, create by Celestia to act as a Conduit for her Presense should anything happen to her. No?
then... FUTURE CYBORG DERPY'S DAUGHTER (as in, Depy's daughter is a Cyborg from the future, not the daughter of Future Cyborg Derpy), loaded with all sorts of Muffin Flinging Canoons and stuff. and hitching a ride with the doctor! ... DERPY IS THE DOCTOR AND WHOOVES HER COMPANION! ...Actually, that sounds more like something I'D write. Hrrm. Must jot that down... That'll come AFTER my "Twilight Accidently absorbs the minds of every Pony in Equestria and becomes tis sort of Gestalt Being, but probably BEFORE my "There is no Celestia (only Zhuul) Only a set of Armor which conveys Memories and power down the Line of Wearers, enchanted to look like celestia"

this feels that you cut it.

But at least you cut it properly:pinkiehappy:


Cut it? As in shortened it?

Heh, actually it is 2 chapters longer than I had originally planned ^_^

"Thought I doubt it…” Should be, "Though I doubt it..."

"Watched them wild mild interest..." I think that should be "Watched them withmild interest"


Well this was just fun! I had an excellent time reading this story. The characters were thought-out well and stayed true to their original design from the story. (apart from the lunacord shipping)

I found Anarchy to be a fascinating character, yet quite cruel for the mlp universe. You made an excellent use of the "dark" tag, rather than justshowing blood and gore like how most people use the dark tag.

I had a bit of a problem with some parts of the story; like what in the hell happened to Celestia? How is it that Anarchy and Discord could actually have blood? Why a Draconnoquus? But most of these are fairly minor

I'd rate this story a good 4.0. You stayed true to most of the character's personalities, and all around wrote an interesting story.



Thank you for the kind words and spelling help.

To answer your questions:

1. She's back to normal just like every other pony. No pony outside Luna has any memory of what happened (as shown through Twilight's ending)

2. Because even though they are spirits, they are still alive and have physical bodies. Plus I find it quite feasible that one spirit can cause physical damage to another.

3. Because they are awesome XD

357761 No, I got the physical hurt part, I was curious as to why it had to be blood. Why not Ichor, the blood of the gods? Or, since they are beings of Chaos and Anarchy, why not have their inside juices constantly be shifting viscosity/thickness/texture etc?

But, no matter. You're welcome!


I agree with Mr. Knife, an awesome history and I enjoyed any line of the history.

This was a glorious story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, But I'm left with this one nagging question that will keep bothering me for days if I'm not told.

Is princess Celestia still alive or is she still dead?

Seriously that's really bugging me.


She is alive. Everything was restored. Only Luna has memory of what happened whereas the others think it was a nightmare

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