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There is war between draconequus and ponies. While Fluttershy Spys on the Dracconquses, Discord and Fluttershy meet. They soon become fond of eachother. But what happens when their Generals find out?

I know I didn't put this in before but I'm doing it now: There will be gore and sexual themes. Nothing too crazy. But if you are not pleased with this, I suggest you either stop reading or just don't.

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Your welcome Fluttercord4ever1

Oooohh! You caught my interest with this story! The chapter is a bit short but other than that this chapter was AWESOME!! :heart:

This is very interesting! I absolutely loved it and even if they were short, they were very good chapters. I am really looking forward to reading more of this, since I've read it I've not been able to get it off my mind. I simply can't wait for the next chapter! This is really good and I'm squealing to know what happens next.

I don't know why there are dislikes on this. I think people just disliked it because there trolls or don't like the ship. I think there shouldn't even be a dislike button.

5749835 Thank you so much! Comments like those really help me!

He wasn't the type to give pity to the ponies but he just kept on thinking how they really didn't need to go to war, but he knew that he couldn't disoby Eris.


But Discord knew taht wasn't true, if they did, the ponies wouldn't command a war.


They ponies and the Dracronequi were suppose to go into war in the next 24 hours, even though he would never admit it, he was scared.

The and supposed.

Just the errors that I saw,be sure to correct them!
And this chapter was shorter than Fluttershy's and she has a very short chapter. You should do longer chapters, like adding too chapters you would normally write together.

And I liked it a lot , I was helping with grammar that's all and
You are right, there shouldn't be a dislike button! :twilightsmile:

Oh no, poor Fluttershy! I hope Disocrd will heal her arm! When is the next chapter coming?

6256290 Actually, for a long time I didn't feel like finishing but now I have more ideas for this story. But beware, I plan to have a lot of death. :pinkiecrazy::heart:

Seems like they got on the wrong pot. Do not worry, this chapter was done well. Keep going!

YES! Finally a new chapter! It was good and I can't wait for the next! Keep it up, and I'm glad it was longer.

Ooh! I love it! Keep writing please!


*Bum bum bum*

What is it good for?!

Absolutely! Not'in'

Sorry but I found an error hehe
""Thank you." Fluttershy said said as she started to eat." There should only be one 'said' not 2 very sorry if that sounded rude.

Please update soon, loving this story so far :scootangel:

when will there be another chapter

I haven't even read this, but this sounds like the Lion King 2!

I haven't read this yet, but before I do, are you going to finish this story?

.... all I can say is PLS FINISH THE STORY

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