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Discord has been a constant of Equis for nearly as long as life has existed on the planet. He has seen Civilisations rise and fall and watched a near infinite amount of beings live and die. He has watched a large  number of individuals ascend beyond the mortal barrier but he knows that Entropy will always claim the immortal beings. He learned a long time ago that he was the only one that entropy couldn't claim with it's sharp claws and he learned that couldn't prevent anything else from falling into it's gaping maw.

He knows he will be the last being to live and he hopes that he will be the last to die.

First Published
20th Mar 2017
Last Modified
20th Mar 2017
#1 · 4d, 1h ago · · ·

Now that was an amazing way to tap into Discord's logic.

#2 · 3d, 1h ago · 1 · ·


Thank you.

I had hoped that i had written him well enough.

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