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The World of Equus is ruled in Harmony and the spirit of Chaos himself even bows down to it. But the world wasn't always friendly and neither where the prominent mages which survived within it.
During the civil unrest between the three pony races, the unicorns feared the lack of food that they would get if they fought against the earth ponies and decided to see if they harvest their magic for themselves. They would resurrect the bodies of the fallen earth ponies that they killed and set them to grow the food themselves.
The wars that ensued when the earth ponies where discovering the unicorns were doing this to their loved one where considered the bloodiest around because the unicorns proceeded to then use the earth ponies to fight back.
The two Alicorns decided to absolutely ban the magic and no one has attempted it in over two thousand years since.
A little filly accidentally perfected necromancy when her little brother manages to drown under frozen ice and actually brought back his soul which was considered impossible.
She ran away from her house afterwards scared of punishment and has survived for ten years in the wilderness and has resurrected multiple ponies with an increase of fame following her and now the Elements themselves are after her.

Thank you to Professor_Wizard for proof reading my work because my grammar seems to be horrific.

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This looks good, I can't wait for more!

Very intriguing premise here. I can see how necromancy in the antediluvian ages might be considered immoral, while what this filly is doing is downright humane, if a bit deceptive. There are some issues with tense and perspective (unsure if thus is 1st or 3rd person,) but still a good read.

What she is doing is being entirely humane but the princesses have good reason to suspect her. the reason will be explained in the next chapter and because they don't actually believe that ponies can be resurrected they think she is trying to trick everyone in the land with illegal magic.

damn youre really making me pull the trigger and publish the thing ive been working on which has similar themes...

7823320 I see the conflict, then. This is going to be good! :ajsmug:

The story has a lot of potential, of course. Your... intermittent grammar presents a bit of a problem, but having a proof-reader should help with that, or at least use Microsoft Word and you should be fine. If you decide to use the former method, I'd be happy to help, or at least help you look for a good proof-reader.

When I write (and avoid publishing) I tend to think of the most important parts of the story first, and then I tie them together in a narrative. I can make things too fast-paced at times, but maybe you can give that technique a try?

Anyway, I look forward to reading more! :pinkiesmile:

7823197 As a fan of the "doing the wrong thing for the right reason" type of story, I agree.

If you could help me with my grammar I would appreciate it.

I am amazed how fast this story blew up compared to my other ones.

7824726 Great! Just send me the next chapter over a PM when you're done with it, I'll check it over quickly, and I'll send it back to you so you can post it.

Would you like me to look over the first chapter, too?

If you could then that would be great.

Awesome chapters, you are doing a amazing job. I can't wait to read the next chapter.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

So good, I can't wait for the inevitable confrontation between her and the princesses.

Welcome back and also it's nice to see this back! I'm going to give this a another read because I forget what happened in previous chapters.


Thanks for the welcome back!
I am sorry for the delay on this one, its always in the back of the mind and I usually have about 5 drafts on my drive.

I mentally sigh, no wonder she hadn't mentioned anything, it sounded horrible being able to remember your own murder. But luckily she didn't seem to be aware of the reality, might be able to get a psychiatrist to live in and watch her condition.

I do love details like this that further fleshes out necromancy.

What language are the chapter titles in?

I love lore and technical stuff here. It makes Quiet Heart to believably be professional.

I will continue to do it, the asset of Sunfeather is too great for me to squander, but the best use of my time would be to deal with the underlying condition of the patient, resurrect them and then leave a basic plan with the local doctors for further treatment, even the worse doctors can understand those.


I suspect that he was taken somewhere but I've not been able to find out where. I can only hope they are treating him well, but my worries are they still view him as dead and a puppet to my dastardly deeds.

That is quite sad, really. Hopefully she can convince Celestia to allow her more freedom to search for him should she be found.

I always miss something XD At least it wasn't my largest error

We can only hope that Celestia is gracious enough to allow her too, Blue isn't particularly the perfect pony.

was not expecting my language to pop up like that cool! I ll give it a read!
Φιλοσοφία! Ο σωστός τρόπος ζωής!

You- You might-
You might say that it's all Greek to me...

10/10, would 10/10 again

I seriously questioned if I wanted to start reading a fic that hasn't been updated in almost a year but then I saw that it had multiple year-long gaps in its update schedule and the author was still active on the site so I gave it a shot.
No regrets.

It's an interesting setting with a clear set conflict and a likable main character.
However it suffers a bit from grammar and spelling errors here and there. Most notably double words in a sentence something which tends to happen when things get rewritten or rephrased.
In my opinion they are not overly present or too disruptive but they are noticeable. I have read far worse on this site. I will follow the fic and see where it goes.

Content wise I love it though. Blue is a good pony with a clear view of the world but still seems to find situations to have fun. Which is important for a healthy mind.
If her claim of the resurrected pony being fully themself is correct (and I have yet to see a reason to doubt her claim) than I feel like she has the moral high ground even over the princesses. Even if she ever got caught what are the princesses going to do with all the beings she has resurrected? Murder them all? That doesn't seem just. Let them live their second lives? Then it'll be hard to call what Blue did unjust.
You can hardly call everything that has ever been used for evil to be irredeemably evil. Otherwise both Discords chaos magic as well as Lunas moon magic would end up in that category, not to mention any kind of knife, spear or sword. Heck, I am sure there were unicorns that used telekinesis to strangle their enemies...
So if it ever came to a trial the question to be answered wouldn't be if Blue used necromancy but whether or not the resurrected are fully themself. At least that's what it should be in my opinion.
Oh, and teaching ponies like Applejack not to project crimes of millennia ago to ponies of today. The princesses (and I mean the old ones) are the only ponies who were alive back then and have possibly known the victims or perpetrators. I don't advocate not learning from the past, mind you, just keeping an open mind.
All that of course under the condition that Celestias claim "it's impossible to bring the soul back" is actually wrong and Blue isn't just deluding herself.

Thank you for the review, it really means a lot.
I do actually have an update nearing completion, some of the perspectives I have difficulty writing from so they take longer.
The way I imagine the perspective with the magic is compared to Luna's Moon Magic, which in theory did good in the past, and Discord's magic, which always had some potential for good. Necromancy really has only had negative stigmas tied to it.

What happened with her revived brother . Killed S should be dead.
Chased for the good she does with the spell healing and ... revival?

Really does she deserve death or petrification, maybe mind-fuck cleaning of the (Evil pure revival spell) knolidge

Ch 3

And the princesess to put her in Tartarus or make her blank slate they wish or remove the hated revival , Necromancy

The mother responded" It was a bit before your time, but there was a virus that affected unicorn foals. It was dangerous in fact that it forced unicorns to have numerous magical surges as well as blocking the horn and preventing the magic from escaping. The magic would cast inwards damaging all it could including the brain and the spinal column. It was an horrific fate to inflict on the children. Little blue cured it though, she worked out that if the blockage was removed then the magical surges would pass and drive the children to magical exhaustion which is an ailment that under supervision could be healed easily so she developed the horn multimeter and started testing for where the blockage was. She cured the disease within 72 hours."

Really Vilianuus . Perfect for Tartarus . Or ordinary messing with the mind Removing about Necromancy , Substitute with less quality knolidge and it's cured from the Knolidge .

Seriously, buck, who on Equestria is looking for me? And not looking for Ms Bones either? Who knows I'm alive? I haven't even said my name since I left Canterlot and I have been so careful.

The princesess



"Bu.. but. But, She's EVIL" Rainbow frantically gets out.

Biased from the past

A genius in her own right, Lovelace was one of the greatest magicians of all time yet one of the most hidden. One of the rare times where Harmony wasn't the primary motivator in Equestria, it was a time where the country was still being settled and the princesses hadn't graced us with their divine presence and duelling was still an act. Duelling unicorns, presences that ruled Equestria for two decades, the majors were part of this group: Starswirl, Billy the Foal, Bologna, Horatius and of course Lovelace.

She sounds like Cassandra from tangled

Maybe they were deemed to be dangerous to even know about but there's not much I can do about it now.

She reinvented Necromancy to pure revival




I 'm bit pessimistic if you see what I was saying while was reading .
And using sarcasm

Descrptism of the things with sarcsm with the thought it's known what I had the meaning and the chapter would refresh if i forgot .

I love blue learned a lot of her.
If she use to animate the flesh blood and bones that can be used to defend herself.

Cause intentional cancer and other status alignments or desease to protect herself but caught would be seen as bigger or the criminal they expect.

Just like Cassandra from Tangled

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