The Life and Adventures Of A Necromancer

by MidnightMadness


As I walk down the street I look at the purple alicorn along the side of me, who appeared to trying to organise her note at regular intervals.

"Darling, could you please stop fidgeting with your notes? I am trying to make sure we do not miss the house and the noise is slightly distracting" I hear my eloquent voice broadcast.

"Sorry Rarity, I just want to make sure I don't miss anything... I need to make sure that we don't miss anything, this is hard enough already without us missing any information." the Alicorn replies with a tired tone.

"Twilight, stop worrying, we have been through the questions five times on the train and neither of us noticed any discrepancies in them." I reply with a slight smile on my face.

Twilight nods back to me and I notice the her eyes are bloodshot and her mane looked frazzled but with an attempt to comb it down, I wasn't surprised, to be honest, our target was one of the most elusive figures we had even encountered and information pertaining to her location was vague at most.

As I am looking through the addresses on the sides of the houses, I notice the house that we were looking for come into view and I say to Twilight "Twilight, this is the house we are looking for, now remember we can't say too much as it might be too much for the poor mare to handle after what the princess told us."

Twilight gives me another nod and walks to the front door, and after a moment of hesitation, raises her hoof and and knocks three times.

We hear a feminine voice reply in a muffled tone through the door "Coming, give me a second."

After a few moments, we watch a mare open the door and look at us with weary eyes and then says "Hello, sorry for the wait, can I help you in anyway?"

I hear Twilight say "It's fine, if I may ask, are you Miss Place bo?

The mare looks at us inquisitively and replies "Yes, is there anything wrong?"

"There is nothing wrong, you see I have decided to write a book about the influential figures of Modern Equestria and I believe your daughter developed the pioneering Horn Multimeter and we were wondering if we could have an interview, I want to make sure that I get her story correct." I hear Twilight respond.

I watch the pink orbs that were her eyes look between the two of us and after a few moments says "I have an hour before I have to get to work, so I have some time to talk."

We are led inside by the mare who offers us a seat and then asks if any of us would desire anything.
I see Twilight attempt to avoid the temptation of beverages as she wants to ask her questions, that mares desire for knowledge is unrelenting I tell you, but before she manages to get the words out I speak out and ask for tea.

As Miss Bo leaves to go and get us tea, I watch Twilight blink and stare at me for a few seconds and I motion my hooves to communicate to her to let me take the lead.

While Twilight looks over her notes, for the millionth time, I decide that I should attempt to to take in my surroundings.

I look around the living room that we are situated and notice that the house was extremely clean, almost like the boutique used to be before a certain sister moved in, and I notice that pictures and ornaments from many different periods of time hang up.
The main thing I notice in the room is a large painting hanging over the fireplace which contains two foals.
The first foal was a filly, who was slightly taller than the other foal, had bright blue mane tied up into a scrunchie. Her coat was white with a silver tint and her eyes were pink like her mothers.
The second pony was a colt with a brown mane and a similar coat to the other pony except his eyes stood out more than hers with them being a vibrant orange .

After looking at the portrait for a period of time, Miss Bo returned from the kitchen with our refreshments.
After she poured out our tea and settled into her chair look at us and said" Let's get on with the questions then, I don't want to be late to work."

Twilight almost look relieved to be getting straight to the point and said "Okay then, I want to start off by asking about her appearance and date of birth."

"Well her key characstic is her blue hair, she also has a similar coat to mine and her cutie mark is a snake wrapped around a staff. Her birthday is the first of december 1991." The mare replied.

She is about six years older than the oldest in our group, I think to myself.

Twilight writes the notes down and then asks " And personality wise, what was she like?"

I watch a smile creep itself onto the mare's face and she responds " Very curious, even when she was young. It's how she managed to get into medicine, we hadn't planned for her to follow her father and my footsteps, she managed to find a few casefiles while we were at work and after going through our medical books and managed to find the right diseases that the patients were inflicted with. After that she would ask to see more and more casefiles to try and help us because she happy to be helping mummy and daddy and after a while the hospital started to give us more casefiles just for her. Then she started coming into work with us and after a while managed to cure a case that had been plaguing the hospital for months and that's how she got her cutie mark."
After furiously scribbling all of the words down Twilight asked "And what was the case?"

The mother responded" It was a bit before your time, but there was a virus that affected unicorn foals. It was dangerous in fact that it forced unicorns to have numerous magical surges as well as blocking the horn and preventing the magic from escaping. The magic would cast inwards damaging all it could including the brain and the spinal column. It was an horrific fate to inflict on the children. Little blue cured it though, she worked out that if the blockage was removed then the magical surges would pass and drive the children to magical exhaustion which is an ailment that under supervision could be healed easily so she developed the horn multimeter and started testing for where the blockage was. She cured the disease within 72 hours."

I noticed that Twilight had stopped writing her notes through the story and was watching in  awe as the mare was describing the mare.

"I am sorry that I am rambling on, it feels nice to talk about her."  The mother says with a gentle smile still resting on her face.

I watch Twilight shook herself out of her previous state and proceeded to ask "I hear she went Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns, may i ask how she performed?"

The mother though for a moment and answered "In terms of raw magic she was like me sadly as we both lacked magic but the examiners were prepared to allow her to take the test due to the plague curing. I was worried for her to be honest as I had heard how crushing those tests were especially the magic potential test. But what that mare lacked in magic she gain in brains, she used alternative methods to get past every blockade by creating complex magical patterns to conserve magical energy instead of just brute forcing it and even using a mix of chemicals she had concocted to induce a magical surge at a crucial moment.
When she got accepted into the academy her grades were usually high though her professors noticed that she would sneak out of classes to the medical books within the library but they also noticed that she would take all other sorts of books to analyse and attempt to create more cures. After a while the librarians started to allow her to take books from the restricted sections, I still remember the the talks that I used to have about the Mummies and how we have developed more advanced methods."

I remember at my age asking my mom about about what we going to eat for dinner, not talking about the preparation of a pony's body.

"To be honest, we were worried about her social life. We knew that she was a medical genius but when we started look through her notes we noticed that some of the treatments she was describing would cure the illness but would cause the patient a large amount of distress. It was like she was detaching herself from the patients and only caring about the illness. We were so happy when she finally made that friend of hers."

I watched Twilight raise her head from her notes and I knew why, this could be a crucial bit of information.

"Friend? Her professors said she wasn't close with anyone in her class." Twilight stated in confusion.

"Yeah, Bellatrix was on the opposite side of the school from Blue. She was learning illusion for her acting skills. Blue had not understood how illusion magic worked and basically just walked up to the first illusion student she found and told her to teach her everything.
After that they were joined at the hip with Bellatrix teaching Blue the basics of illusion magic and Blue showing her the perfect herbs for enhancing magic and teaching her how to make her magic more complex.
After Blue's incident, Bellatrix would come over to support us, she is such a good mare."

Warning bells were now going on in my head after the description and it seemed that Twilight seemed to have the same inclinations.
Twilight asked cautiously "Does Bellatrix have a magic show?"

"Oh you met her? Her shows are fantastic, in my opinion but she does get an ego the size of Canterlot mountain I tell you, She starts calling herself The Great and Powerful Trixie!"

I wish I had my fainting couch.