• Published 27th Dec 2016
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The Life and Adventures Of A Necromancer - MidnightMadness

Necromancy is the banned magic revolving around the raising of the dead itself and has been condemned for over two thousand years. But when a small filly makes a breakthrough which allows the reanimation of the body and soul then big problems arise.

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I looked at the view in front of me and grinned as I watched the ponies in the town at the bottom of the mountain conversing while appearing to be the size of ants to me.
I gazed down at the snowy peak below and my rugged blue mane brushed past my eyes as I inspected its condition. I grabbed one of the ancient scrunchies from my handy backpack and tied my mane into a ponytail behind my head to ensure that it didn't get in the way of my eyes for this next part.
I detached the sled connected to the back of my backpack and made my way to the edge of the huge mountain, before counting to three and jumping.
The feeling of freefall overwhelmed me and I dragged the sled under my torso as I positioned myself in the air.
I slammed into the ground with a grunt and started skidding down the mountain at speeds which could rival the Wonderbolts themselves as I started giggling my head off, but I kept a clear enough mind to make sure that I didn't slam into the gigantic boulders which were racing my way.
I watched the inhabitants of the town start looking up the mountain at me going down, and then saw them start to rush around to try and help me stop, presumably.
I was nearing the bottom of the mountain just as the pegasi started racing their way towards me.
I activated my horn and started slowing down the sled so that they can approach me while still sliding down at considerable speeds.
“Are you okay? I have never seen anybody go that fast while sledding,” asked the first Pegasus.
“It’s not even the biggest mountain I’ve sledded down, don't worry,” I replied.
After my sled eventually came to a halt, I dismounted rather aptly and looked around at the town, before the Pegasus who spoke to me before approached me again.
“I have to say, lady; that was the most impressive entrance I have ever seen,” he stated, smiling.
I grinned back while I attached the sledge back up to my bag and said “That is my specialty; besides, it was the quickest way to get here.”
“Where did you come from, then?” he inquired.
I was very cautious about what I said next, since I knew that the kind of news I was involved in traveled fast and traveled by law.
“Across the range, small town named Frostgallop,” I finally come up with as a reply.
“You hiked across the whole range?! I went there once and I made sure I took the long way around. There are dragons and Chimeras in that range,” he said in astonishment.
“As I said; I needed to get here quickly” I replied quickly. The dragons of this region had already made an agreement with me the first time I had encountered this range but I didn't feel like going through that story with somepony I had met less than an hour ago.
“And just what are you in such a hurry about?” he asked.
“I am a family friend of the Snowtrots,” I answered solemnly.
“I shouldn't get in your way, then. She needs all of the help she can get to try and get past these dark days,” he says apologetically and sadly.
I departed the conversation with a nod in his direction and started trotting to the town in front of me.
The town in front of me was simple and the citizens hadn't made any of its stores into a novelty item. She felt some comfort over this, but she could see that they had constructed the town to ensure that they could survive the harsh winters in these northern mountains.
I tried to mentally keep track of the stores that I was walking past as I had to buy supplies later and I had to see if I could buy a decent newspaper in this town.
After walking through the town for a few minutes and asking the locals I discovered the location of the Snowtrots' house and made my way there and knocked my hoof on the door.
“W-Who’s there?” I hear a voice stutter shakily behind the door.
“Hello. I am Quiet Heart and I am a medic mage. I have come to help with your daughter,” I said as kindly as I could manage.
“O-Okay... let me get the door,” I heard the voice reply.
I stood and waited until the mare opened her door, after which I gave her a smile.
“You can come in,” she says, replying with her own wavering smile.
I entered the house and gave a more formal introduction as she brings me into her sitting room.
“So, what are you really here for?” she asks me
I sighed. This was always the hardest part “I have an offer, but it requires the uttermost secrecy, since it could cause issues with the princesses themselves, but it could give you something you desire. If you swear to secrecy before this conversation, then I can offer the solution to this grim misfortune.”
The mare shifted awkwardly in her chair and then said “I promise to be silent.”
That took the worrying part out of the way then, I lean forward and say “Thank you. Now, what would you say if I told you I can bring your filly back to life?”
The mare looked at me with fury in her eyes and said “Are you a con artist then?! Preying on me after I lost her?!”
“Please calm down; I am being one hundred percent honest here. I am a necromancer and I can bring most things back from the dead. All I require is your permission and some bits for my own survival” I said calmly.
She looked at me again “But Necromancy is illegal; and it doesn't even bring ponies back to life. I read up on it when applying for Starswirl’s Academy, it just revives the body.”
I grinned at her and replied “That's the beauty of it: I worked out the kinks in the original spell and it resurrects the soul as well; but I need to do this quickly or the spell might not work otherwise.”
The mare looked with her tearing eyes and then said “I... have to try. If I found out that you were speaking the truth and I sent you away, I could never forgive myself; come with me, she is at the funeral director’s workplace.”
The mare practically ran out of the door as I followed her and we started heading for her child at a trot’s pace.
We managed to make it to the directors in less than five minutes and the mother was insisting that we be able to see her daughter’s body immediately. At first the funeral director tried to decline, but no force on this earth can deny a desperate mother’s persistence, and we were taken to the back of the building and into the preparation room shortly after.
“I understand your grief madam, and I will show you your daughter's body; but may I ask why?” the mortician asked us while we entered the room.
“I was called in for a second opinion on the girl's death” I replied quickly.
“You can’t misdiagnose death!” the mortician shouted, outraged “And exactly what qualifications do you have that put you above my analysis?”
“I am certified to work in every section of Equestria as well as the dragon lands, not to mention being nominated 'The Saving Grace' of my year in Starswirl's Academy. I have been through the trials of The War Healer and achieved the medal of all three races. I think I am more qualified then you could ever be” I replied callously.
He bit his tongue back to my response and I stepped forward to the body on the table. What I said wasn't completely untrue, but it was done under another name and I barely spent 5 days at Starswirl’s academy. What I was doing here was a top tier illegal version of magic and i had to remain anonymous.
I stood next to the girl lying on the table and I started checking the body.
After an initial scan, I noticed the blood cancer is the main reason of this filly’s death and that the cells had built up to critical mass on the lungs and had collapsed them. I could cure this with a varying amount of spells and then resurrect her afterwards, but I knew that amount of spells caused noise somepony was bound to hear.
“Doctor, could you please leave the perimeter for a moment? It would make my analysis much easier,” I asked the mortician.
He left quickly and I turned to look at the mother.
“I’ve examined the cause of death and while it will take effort I can rid her body of the cancer and ensure that she will no longer get it before I resurrect the body,” I informed her, watching as her eyebrows shot up.
“You can cure cancer? I thought nopony could. The doctors said that cancer was immune to the magic we possess,” the mother replied, surprise and admiration clear on her voice.
“I cheat; the real problem with cancer is that the cells are linked to the pony’s soul and magic directly. But because I can resurrect the ponies, what I do is work with the ponies’ body without the souls, meaning that modification is a lot easier and that I can remove the cancer cells and leave a spell into the body’s natural spell matrix to prevent the malicious cells from being created when I resurrect her. The spell matrix will boot up and she will be cured,” I explained as clearly as I could.
She nodded her head and I started casting the spells on the filly’s body.
As soon as I finished the final touches on her spell matrix, I started weaving the extremely complex resurrection spell around my horn. I continued doing this for a few minutes.
The logic behind this spell, when I first created it, was surrounding the three things that a body required to be alive, which were the body, the magic and the soul. When a being dies, it loses its soul meaning it becomes unable to produce magic anymore, and therefore a body is left behind with a limited amount of magic behind. The soul flits off by itself and hides in an area I call the Soul Pool.
What the old necromancers used to do was boot up the limited amount of magic in the body with a spell that would control the body directly as they wanted and kept pumping them full of magic to keep themselves alive, whereas I bring back the soul into the equation by taking a portion of the magic in the body and go fishing for the soul in the Soul Pool and use the magic to find the distinct magic signature in the billions within the pool itself, which was like matching two pieces of a puzzle together without looking.
After finding the soul, I can reanimate the body and bind the two together while giving a small magic boost into the body to make sure that the soul stays in and therefore I have truly resurrected life.
I fired the completed spell at the filly on the table and I watch my magic winding all over her. I see a soul drag itself into the body, and after a while, I see the filly open her eyes and look at us.
“M-Mommy? My body doesn't hurt anymore,” she said, putting the extremely complicated nature of my spell into simple terms in a way only small fillies can.
I heard a shriek behind me and saw the mother hurling herself towards her daughter with tears in her eyes.
I grin at the heartwarming embrace, before I hear the door slam open.
“What was that bang?! I knew I shouldn't have let you in he-!” the mortician asked, stalking through the doorway dramatically and pointing an accusing hoof at me, before finally seeing the resuscitated filly and the mother and stopping dead on his tracks. He stared at me wide-eyed and slack-jawed “How is she alive?”
“Doctor, could we discuss this in quiet? This is a big moment for them.” I responded professionally at the imbecile.
The doctor nodded dumbly and we walked out of the room.
I started talking before he could pick up his jaw ''When I did the magic scan on the filly’s system, I noticed that her magic levels were abnormally high for a filly her age.
“I then proceed to check the cancer that I had assumed to be collecting her lungs with a stronger scan and I noticed that these were a purely magical constructs and not normal cells, so I came to the conclusion that she had a magic surge which had been accidentally suppressed and therefore went inwards in the form of cells.
“As the doctors were attempting to treat her for cancer she was deteriorating in body and in the end she acquired a form of Locked In syndrome which was bad enough to mask all forms of life signatures and therefore looking dead.''
I admit I’ve gotten skilled at lying.
The doctor was looking guilt stricken and slightly awed at my faked abilities as he said “If we had buried her, then she would have died without us knowing. I have to thank you.”
“I’m just doing my job, Doctor. This was a case that even I rarely see in my travels, it’s not your fault that you made a mistake.” I replied.
“With those qualifications, you have to be one of the most qualified doctors in Equestria. The War Healer title is famous for being in the regions of the nigh impossible to achieve. How can she even afford you?” the doctor asked me in awe.
“I’m one of those ponies who do what they do just to know that they’re saving lives. I’m only going to charge her one hundred bits.” I reply.
“One hundred bits?” He gaped “I usually get paid more than that!”
He scoffed, shaking his head, but smiling softly “Well, it's your decision. You can go back inside, if you want to; it’s you who saved her, after all.” The doctor said.
I nodded, gave him a small smile, and went back inside the room to see that the mother has recovered enough to be able to converse with.
“How is she holding up?” I asked the mother politely, although I already knew the answer from previous experiences.
“She's perfect,” she answered softly and teary-eyed “How can I ever repay you? You’ve given me my world back.”
“One hundred bits, if you can afford it, is all I ask,” I replied politely. Her daughter, behind her, was looking around the room with a curious expression. When her eyes landed on me, she appeared confused at my presence, and slightly scared.
“I can get that quickly,” She said, smiling at me before she turned towards her daughter “Come on, sweetie. We’re going home.”
The three of us made it to the house and I was given my payment. I also gave her a way to contact me if an issue arose in the future.
As I started walking back towards the mountains, I couldn’t help but start grinning, thinking about my possible next assignments and who I could save.

Author's Note:

I can see extreme potential for this story and therefore I started writing it.
I am going to take the story from multiple viewpoints but it will alternate between the necromancer and a member of the main 6.