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The Sadistic Tyrant himself is here to break your souls, betray your mind and smash your conscience and all this through the medium of literature. Be prepared for good people to die slowly.

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Discord has been a constant of Equis for nearly as long as life has existed on the planet. He has seen Civilisations rise and fall and watched a near infinite amount of beings live and die. He has watched a large number of individuals ascend beyond the mortal barrier but he knows that Entropy will always claim the immortal beings. He learned a long time ago that he was the only one that entropy couldn't claim with it's sharp claws and he learned that couldn't prevent anything else from falling into it's gaping maw.
He knows he will be the last being to live and he hopes that he will be the last to die.
The first story of the Eternal Discord series.

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When the Windigos invade Equestria the main tribe leaders decide to stick their ground and try to force each other to fix the issue. The earth ponies decide to convert their tribe into one which can rival even the terrifying Pegasus and the unicorns decide to dig deep into the ground to try and survive the onslaught. The windigos exploit one of these wars and destroy most of the population leaving a lone soldier who managed to survive and is now fighting the wilderness on a day to day basis.

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The World of Equus is ruled in Harmony and the spirit of Chaos himself even bows down to it. But the world wasn't always friendly and neither where the prominent mages which survived within it.
During the civil unrest between the three pony races, the unicorns feared the lack of food that they would get if they fought against the earth ponies and decided to see if they harvest their magic for themselves. They would resurrect the bodies of the fallen earth ponies that they killed and set them to grow the food themselves.
The wars that ensued when the earth ponies where discovering the unicorns were doing this to their loved one where considered the bloodiest around because the unicorns proceeded to then use the earth ponies to fight back.
The two Alicorns decided to absolutely ban the magic and no one has attempted it in over two thousand years since.
A little filly accidentally perfected necromancy when her little brother manages to drown under frozen ice and actually brought back his soul which was considered impossible.
She ran away from her house afterwards scared of punishment and has survived for ten years in the wilderness and has resurrected multiple ponies with an increase of fame following her and now the Elements themselves are after her.

Thank you to Professor_Wizard for proof reading my work because my grammar seems to be horrific.

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People have often asked whether or not a universe with chaos and just order would be good. I theorized and tried to make one. My final judgement is that it would be miserable and to survive would be hard.

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