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Extras for "The Stranger and Her Friend"

Check this stuff out!

The Stranger and Her Friend hardcover book!
Formatted and organized by Ganelon

Cover art, by Arby Works
Alternate cover art, by lunar-rarity
Official character designs, by Cheesedork
Cotton Shrug, by Cobbzero (aka LuckyBreak)
Cotton and Celestia, by Neeko48

Character portraits:
Young Celestia, by TigresToku
Lucky Break, by TigresToku
Cotton Cake, by TigresToku

Battle of Hieyuma, by Feesh
A Prayer for Daylight, by And The Rainfall

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My pleasure. It was an interesting little read to be sure. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on One Heck of a Case! :twilightsmile:

1958020 I'd say you... but AJ gives it away.... She never was good at covering up the truth.

Don't worry though, I'll just do what I always do.

I had a writing race once. It went like this: a new reader and I got to chatting. They hadn't started reading Stranger yet, but knew it had been on hiatus for a while. She challenged me to a race. I had to write a single chapter before she finished reading the entire story.

Guess who won. :ajsleepy:

1956845 does it get you fired up for writing? Or should I challenge you to see who can post a chapter/story first?

Or... Just hear me out here... I could let you write at your own pace... Radical idea, I know!

  • Viewing 81 - 85 of 85
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Chapter 30 F'nart! · 11:36pm Jan 17th, 2016

I need art of that last bit.

Slight spoilers here.

There ya go! The ending of Chapter XXX: Exhaustion, now with 100% more lines and color.

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