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closure · 5:59am Feb 2nd, 2023

im not back to write more stories, just to get that out of the way

dont you hate when some writer you used to like just vanishes off the face of the earth with no idea what hole swallowed them up? fuck it's been like 5 years since i was even here. anyways the suspense is devastating

so i post this for closure, because to be honest pone was a huge part of my life for a very long time and i genuinely would not be in the place id be now if it werent for that

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You seem to be a good person.... where did you go?

mayhaps behind thy trees?

O brother where art thou?

Well, that's a pleasant surprise after randomly looking your up again. I'm glad you came back, whether or not you're still writing.

On a side note: I adored Air. Thank you for writing it.

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