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the wankstain formerly known as Chromosome

box foretelling things to come

a terrible mistake: posted

anno domini part 3: rough draft in progress

lovecraft lovechild: rough draft in progress

box with the best horse

box in which i've trapped a mime who must never be mentioned


i posted a thing and also here's a (actually serious) retrospective · 2:51am Jul 18th, 2018

aaaaaaaaaaaa i submitted a new thing that should be up soon and im a bit nervous because its pretty out of my comfort zone stylistically. but i hope you guys like it regardless, doubly so considering i did my best to bash it out in four days. big ups to PresentPerfect for the idea (though im sure he regrets it) and for taking a moment to look through it as well. youre a good dude.

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The user is back. Are they one, the other, or a third, new contender?



  1. a person whose occupation involves writing stories about fictional horses while tending to disappear and reappear without warning in desperate bids to become relevant again
    synonyms: human meme, roseluck-lover, cheese enthusiast, literally who
  2. another word for a popular chinese snack
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wtf is a chrumsum >:|

Oh my, could it be? Chromosome The Maverick chrumsum's returned? :raritystarry:

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