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"We live in what we believe is a shell, a closed sphere where all is constant. As physics would have it, nothing in the universe is unique, nothing is wasted or destroyed: it is repurposed. But now I prove them wrong. With a single idea, I realize that we are not so insignificant as we think. We are not slaves to destiny and existence. We are the ashes of gods, the fruits of eternity, the products of choice and fate. We are not meaningless. This universe is not our prison.

This is our empire."

- Excerpt from A Lexicon of Impossibilities, by Cypher

Special thanks:
AeronJVL, for the amazing cover art.
Emberspeak, Forderz, RTStephens, PropMaster, and RazgrizS57 for their editing.
shortskirtsandexplosions for the idea.

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This looks rather interesting, the description hooked me in. I'll read it later and give my two cents about it, I'll be expecting great things!:pinkiehappy:

Yeah... Yeah, this is gonna be a good one...

~Skeeter The Lurker

I read this expecting to be slightly entertained. I left with a sense of awe, and infinitely more possibilities running through my mind. Well done...

Not sure what to make of this. I got slight "Scale" vibes when the environment description started. Othen than that, I eagerly await more.
We are in for a ride, ladies `n gents.

Comment posted by Alondro deleted Oct 16th, 2013

While the description is cool and all, it would be nice if it could include at least a little info on what exactly this is about...

Comment posted by Alondro deleted Oct 16th, 2013

Considering nobody more adept at this than me is here yet, I am taking over as chief speciulationist.
After a thorough analysis of this (which was basically copying the url of the images and seeing what would pop up) I decided the prevailing themes of the story are going to be:
-Redhead ponies
-Somewhat Popular Polish Heavy Metal Bands-
Now, of course I could be completely wrong on this, since I never was a master at decrypting these SS&E style image mumbles, but certain sacrifices must be mad in the name of discovery.

I can't figure out what Bezithan is supposed to mean (if indeed it means anything at all), but apotheosis...? Very interesting. I guess Twilight's getting eldritched? Can you even use eldritch as a verb? Anyway, as far as predictions go, my guess is that matter and energy really can't be created or destroyed, and that apparent creation and destruction has got to do with parallel universes. Also, I'm calling causality loop shenanigans. Twilight will have been responsible for the whole thing somehow.

Chromosome story, dis gon b good

I'm confused, slightly afraid and feel helpless after reading that for some reason.

Also, my butt won't stop itching.

But it's a good itch.

Post more or that thing in the story pic will show up and ravage Tokyo. And somehow this will be all your fault.

I must say that it was rather interesting, the pacing kept me going and the writing itself had no flaws that I could notice. It feels well written and I am looking forward to reading more of it, though I hope there won't be too many tropes and that it will be original!

Thank you for the entertainment. :twilightsmile:

...Well...I'm interested.

Chromosome writing a story inspired by an idea by SS&E. Mother of god...

I am definitely going to be following this one. Good job, friend, you caught my attention!

I know this is just the first chapter, but I have no idea what to make of this story. I am interested enough to keep reading, sure, but this must be the most inconsistent piece of writing I have read in a while. I have no idea what you were going for with the spring market, the whole library organization thing, that dinner scene and, since it seems to be the core of the story, the 2001-meets-Lovecraft ending.

It is not that the scenes were bad, quite the opposite, but they feel like too much Slice-of-life in a story that simply doesn't need that. Yes, I know that everything might be tied later, but so far nothing from the first half seems to have any effect on the second, plot-wise or in a more general sense of establishing a feeling or some thematic identity.

I quite liked the fake introductory quotes, however. I am sucker for these things anyway.

Absolutely nothing.

The end.

I had a similar impression to Soge. The writing's good, but the jump in tone is really erratic. I can't really talk, because I did a similar thing in mine, but try to keep the tone consistent, if you can. We go from Twilight flipping through books, curious and perhaps a touch full of herself, to her eyes bubbling out of their sockets as they behold an unthinkable evil monstrosity in a surreal alien hellscape.

I guess the big thing is that the whole middle of this chapter seems like a completely different story.

I hate it when stories don't say what they're about. Can someone describe it so I can consider reading it? Preferably without too many spoilers.

I've always been preferential to calling it the Dewdrop Decimal system. Keeps the alliteration, and ponifies his name in a way that isn't overused in ponified names.

3100246 I can't descrive it without spoilers, but its awsome, i love it. It's kind of lovecraf stuff, thats all i can say.


Twilight goes to a market, discovers a spell and casts it. Cue dark-tragic (trark? dagic?) shenanigans.

It's a little more complex, but that's the basics so far.

:rainbowderp: well that was ... interesting ...

definitely worth a follow ...

3099405 Can you name a great book where it's still a mystery what it's about after 10,000 words?

I am trying to find the source of that quote in the description with no luck, someone please help :raritydespair:

3100792 I can't recall a book, but I can recall another type of literature, the old puzzle exploration game myst. It gave you information, but it didn't give you the tools to patch it together until the very end.

Special thanks:
. . .
Emperspeak . . . for their editing.

Who is this 'Emperspeak' you speak of? :rainbowwild:

Anywho, it's good to see this up. Everything seems pretty solid so far, although personally I reckon that the central drive of the story--the through-line--needs to be clearly established by next chapter.

Eager for the next one, to both read and edit. :pinkiehappy:

Mate, if you're looking for great literature, you shouldn't be perusing FimFiction, much less my schtuff.

Whack Job = Abdul Alhazred? :derpyderp2:

Well I was looking forward to the next great epic from this fandom.

3100034 I think that that point was to show that other things beside the plot are going on in the story. Also the book organization thing was a plot device to get her downstairs so she could read the book.

3100440 Damn, never read any Lovecraft. So it involves monsters? The only thing I know about his books are the term Lovecraftian horror.

3100442 Well, I don't mind minor spoilers. Is it generally about surviving or something?


No, that's the entire plot we know so far. It ends with Twi' casting the spell.

Wanderer D


Yeah... Yeah, this is gonna be a good one...

Gonna be? This is amazing already! Chrome, you amazing bastard! I'd hug you if I could afford the flight!

3103242 Now we know what makes you tick...

I have no idea what that was. Marvellous. Carry on! :twilightsmile:

God in heaven, that was amazing. And confusing. But mostly amazing.

I don't even know where you're going with this, but I want to see every step of the way, you magnificent bastard.

liking, faving, watching, and trying to find out where you live so i can eat your hands and absorb your power.

Sweet mother of maple...this seems like it'll be one of the greater fanfics out there...

If what you write is this good....HOW THE HELL ARE YOU NOT FAMOUS ON THIS SITE?!??!?!?

Rating: 5/5

I'm.... not sure how to respond to this... It's supremely well written... captivating... and confusing... you sir, have my attention. I can't wait to see where you take this, because judging by this chapter, it's going to be one of the best stories I've read. I'll be waiting to see where this goes, but you have my like, follow, and want. Until the next chapter, then! :twilightsmile:


What can I say? I'm too awestruck to actually say something profound.

~Skeeter The Lurker

A very interesting opening. I'm curious about where this will lead to.

Huh... That just happened. And to think just that morning, she was concerned with library organizational systems, only to end up mentally ravaged by some non-ecludian eldrich horror from the beyond for breaking the law of conservation of energy.

*hits the star button* Good show. I've been looking for some new dark existential jaunt to imbibe in between political muckery and intrigue from Platinum Crown updates.

I can already tell this is going to be good, will be keeping an eye on this.

Also, will we be learning more about this "Cypher" fellow in the description? He sounds interesting.


I agree with you, but come on, this isn't "philosophical" or anything. It's just overwrought grimdarkness.

Scariest part of this chapter was Equestrian Olive Garden.

Upvoted and favorited for now, on the strength of the slice-of-life portions. Don't turn this into a Sunshine and Fire on me.

Dude, you're knee-deep in Lovecraft style, but it's not a copy. It's ominous but H.P was painfully ominous. Don't stop this.

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