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So I really do want your feedback. · 3:58am Aug 26th, 2013

So since school is out and I don't ship off for Bootcamp until January I've been trying to motivate myself into writing again. Currently I have a couple projects outlined and two have their beginnings down. One is a Fallout 3/NV/Fo:E crossover and the other 2 being SWTOR crossovers using two of my characters from there. Which one would you want to see?

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You listed A Winter Arrival among your top favorite stories?! W-why, sir, I'm honored. :pinkiesad2: Thank you so much.

Heheh, too anxious to find out i see :derpytongue2:. Okay, since you've been wondering, it will be a LunaLight fic. Atm it's still concepts and story boards im working out, but I'd love to let you take an early swing at it! Once i get it started that is:twilightsheepish:

38175 So is it going to be twiluna or something else? (figured i would ask you here in-case you didn't want everyone know) ((I would love to be a second proofreader for you))

Oh gosh, i know the feeling :twilightblush:. When something i've been waiting for hits, i just drop everything and give it my full attention! Then I'm like... what do i do now that i finished it super-duper fast :facehoof:

38163 I'm fine with that. I am listening to Fallout Equestria being narrated by scorch and I have to wait for like 2 months to get a new chapter only to listen to in record time and be forced to wait longer:raritycry: so trust me i have patience.:rainbowlaugh:

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