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Good Night

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This deserves a Gold Star because it is worth reading again. :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

Not completely sure what is going on here (though I have a pretty good idea) but beautiful all the same

Aaah my eyes, they're leaking! :fluttercry:

Very well done. :twilightblush:

The feels... So... Many... Feels...
:fluttercry: Beautiful...

Instafave. Love it. I'll be stalking you, good sir.

<3 DarqFox

That. Was amazing.

This was a delicious read indeed, so bittersweet that it puts the most luscious dark chocolate to shame.

irehjakfgjaoiaeirojgaekgjdkfj thyrai is a feels abuser

and another masterpiece from Thyrai that was jam-packed with feels, of the nice variety this time. Decay and its sequel just left me in tears.

That... was..... BUCK IT! There isn't a word that can describe my feelings... :fluttercry:

HOLY SHIT. All the emotion, all the thought, everything about this fic is pure and beautiful. Fucking kudos to you man. (I'm not crying, it's liquid pride) :fluttercry:

You sir, deserves a medal.

I...I have no words. This was simply beautifully written. Have my like, favourite, and follow.

The feels:fluttercry:. Well done my good author. Well done.

Another one for the books! Lovely story, great tone, and every transition was smooth as silk. I have an inkling as to why Rainbow couldn't join Twilight, so I must ask, is this connected to Decay and Magic? Or is it its own thing?

Also, this fic has restarted my stalled love and ideas for Sky. Why is TwiDash just so... right? Perhaps the nerd and the athlete is just a common fantasy. Either way, amazing work as usual, with a steady baseline of feels throughout. Great work!

Gotta admit, I got lost rather frequently during those scene jumps, but I loved the way it all came around. Probably helps that I was listening to THIS SONG while reading.

Also, be happy, I don't fave often. But when I do, I fave only the best.

Well done consider yourself stalked

Yeah I'm still trying to put the peaces together as to why they can't be together (or well not yet) and all of the options that come to mind make me horribly sad. :fluttercry:
As to why Twidash feels so right? I think it mostly to do with just how polar opposite they are, and yet they complement each other so well.:twilightsmile::heart::rainbowdetermined2:

*incoherent babbling followed by strangled sobs of WHY

You... you glorious bastard. Seriously, what the eff man?! How did you pack that many feels into that fic?

My only regret is that we only got to see snippets of their happy life together, because damn that was beautiful. And I'm curious as to how exactly they were able to meet up, but screw reasoning! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go cry for a bit :raritycry:

Faveing this so hard I'm surprised the internet hasn't exploded!

So, I'm kind of confused about the whole Twilight is dead, but still alive for one night thing, but, in the long run...

What an amazing read. I love TwiDash stories because of stories like this one. Also thsi story just hit me in the feels and it did it so well. I am favoriting this and will be back to read this again eventually as well. Well done Author, you have created a master-peice.:rainbowdetermined2:
(Now if only I could make one of those:pinkiesad2:)

Well, that had feels. And I call shenanigans on the idea of Twi being dead, that just doesn't make sense and there's no evidence to support that.
Anyway, I appreciated the feels.

OK I really like it but can someone explain what happened?

Is twilight or dash dead are they going through some rough times or is something up? can you please explain just a bit?

Yay happy end:rainbowhuh:, sort of:twilightsheepish:
A star is fine too, I guess:applejackunsure:

The stone at the wedding site sort of confirmed the whole 'not exactly alive' issue.
The fact that the reason of hospitalization isn't mentioned seems to mean it's not that important, it's just a fact of the story.

Some crazy reverse Decay universe:rainbowderp:
With a nice sort of 'I'll see you eventually' ending:pinkiesmile:

I did notice some redundant bits or just repeating words:
"Everything was so was pleasantly"
"At last, her eyes at last obeyed"
and I'll assume "threshold like it did on on our" would read "like I did"

but that aside, It was good:rainbowkiss:
Keep TwiDashing on, in writing and music:pinkiehappy:


"Oh hey, I'mma read this then give spoilers in my comment/response."

At any rate; some minor typos, but unexpectedly well executed... I think I actually read this a few months ago, but had forgotten about it until the end when the last few scenes struck me with some strong, sad déjà vu. ...almost a tangible, visceral love to be felt. Sad, in a good way.

im not sure if i want to read this or not.... judging by the comments it looks like its pretty downright depressing... seems like a good story though, sad but good :fluttercry:

This story is maddening. The impossible is too much to ask of me in a story like this; the loose ends threaten to strangle me. I both want an overall explanation and don't. Congrats on the well-deserved feature.

I read The things we leave behind just before this and I can only say, oh god the feels... They burn! :raritydespair:

Amazing. Absolutely awesomely amazing. Beautifully written with subtle details put in and a great ship. Awesomeness approved, good sir.:rainbowdetermined2::heart::twilightsmile:

Even though she couldn’t the the of the mare’s face,


Otherwise fantastic lol. Loved it. A little confused, I'll admit. I may have to give this one another read when I'm fully awake to properly sort it out. The ending, along with the stone, the waking from the dream after the hospitalization, they all give me the vibe that Twilight is dead and somehow gets one day with Rainbow. The rest of the girls don't exactly seem overwhelmed with emotion though, but I suppose if this is an annual thing that would be understandable. On the other hand, the stuff Rainbow says at the start indicates that this is the first time Twilight is waking, but also that she's completely prepared for it.

I'm... Baffled, but intrigued.

So much win. You deserve a medal, good sir. :twilightsmile:

The stone with the single flower...HNGGGG... "Dammit! Shes dead!" was what I said out loud. Fantastic scenery description and breaks in the story. Nothing short of epic, bravo.

Why does this not have a sad tag. It made me :applecry:

Comment posted by GK-47 deleted Mar 19th, 2013

My roommate had to ask me why I was crying. I told him I left the window open and something got in my eye. 5/5 you stupid stupid beautiful story

You ever get that feeling that something bigger than you know is happening just beyond your view?

Then you catch a glimpse, the smallest most tantalizing hint of what's actually there.

This story was like that. And it was worth it.

My theory is that this takes place long into the future, when Twilight is still a princess, and all of her friends, and Rainbow, are dead. This entire thing is just a dream/vision where she somehow, maybe with the help of Luna or Celestia, gets to spend a short time with them 'on the other side', hence why they are waiting, and miss her.

Okay, I have at least a dozen theories as to what the hay is going on here, but aside from me being really confused, well done, well done, and well done! Great story, great ship, great execution.

This was beautiful beyond words. The elegance and grace of the words on the page are of such pristine grace they make most of everything else on this site look like chicken scratch. The underlying question of what happened is vague, and resists being looked at directly, but somehow this seems to envelope everything in a blanket of mystery, so that you aren't exactly sure what's happening, but instinctively you know that whatever it is, it's beautiful, and there's something truly magical about that.

I have a theory! I made this theory after probably an hour of crying in a public library.

Twilight is dead and is in heaven. The "stone" in the meadow I think hinted to that. Anyways, Twilight is dead, while the rest of the Mane 6 are still alive. Celestia and Luna perhaps allow Rainbow Dash and her friends to somehow connect to her in the afterlife once a year (I guess hers and Rainbow's anniversary). So, once Rainbow dies, she joins Twilight permanently in this place.

Slightly confusing but I think got it, and it's still amazing, and beautiful I was on verge of shedding liquid pride at the end. Bloody Amazing!

i don't get it
but it is a nice story

Twi is mosdef dead. As for the rest of it...


That was pretty beautiful. I liked how subtle it was. We don't always need to be slammed with dramatic mood whiplash in stories like these (COUGHCOUGH In the Garden of Good and Evil COUGHCOUGH)

This story is delightfully melancholy, and it dances around the sad tag marvellously.

Still, the lack of clarity hurts the story more than it benefits it. It's obvious that someone is dead, either Twilight or the rest of the Mane 6. Either way makes sense, but it feels like the sadness this carries isn't fully realised. Mind you, going deeper into that would have made the story heart-wrenching, but it seems to me that you've got all you need to keep that manageable and to allow me as the reader to feel the hope and joy of whatever is awaiting in the "beyond". (Much as I think the concept of a Heaven is nonsense, it's a beautiful nonsense and can make for very sweet stories.)

And saying all that I still tear up at the images this brings forth. All the events are happy, but the overall mood is so solemn that it feels sacred. I can't help but compliment that.

2287899 I agree with this theory. That is what this seems like, to me at least.

Anyway, Its a beautiful story - The whole thing is wonderful, beautifully written. Very well done. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

A single teardrop, for a beautiful story...

I get the overwhelming desire to favorite this story far more then once!:fluttercry:
I didn't really get it at first and from the description I expected something like that but you pulled it off in such a beautiful way I can only take my hat off to you. I really wished there were more stories like this out there, filled with so much emotion and mystery.:duck:

You are truly a wizard of words! (yeah i know there is another writer whose name is exactly that but you know how I mean it:rainbowwild:)

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