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When Twilight arranges a group camp-out, the ponies end up discussing their dream stallions around the campfire. Everyone is surprised by what they learn about each other, and the two ponies least interested in romance find they have a lot in common.

Originally written in February of 2011 and posted first to /co/ then EqD, this was my first story and one of the original pieces of TwiDash. This has been edited for inclusion on FIMFiction, with thorough proofreading & editing by Double Dash. Do keep in mind this was written halfway through season 1 and without much of the information we've received in later seasons. Much love to all the fans who supported this on EqD and the people who suggested I start an account here.

Teen rating is due to some rude words, sexual themes, sexuality.

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Start out with a thumb down? Have an up on the house.

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This fic still figures heavily in my headcanon when it comes to shipping TwiDash.

Thank you!

You should re-read it, it's been improved & better edited! Now with 100% more grammars!

I remember this one from way back

Ah, I remember this story!

Ooh, read this a while ago on Equestria Daily. Glad to see its on here now - a very nice addition to the Twidash collection. It was probably due for a reread, anyway. Nice job! :pinkiehappy:

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1774106 This is a wondrous one-shot. I think it gave me diabetes.

And it is wonderful to see one of the original TwiDashers.

Thank you for this.

And with that, I only have one question, one that many will be asking for days, if not weeks, to come.


I love it.
Fave fave fave fave fave.

Completely enjoyable and wonderful! Have an thumbs-up. :twilightsmile:

This seems familiar, was it on EQD/dA/Fanfiction.net before?

First I was was like :derpyderp2: Have I read this before?

Then I was like: :derpytongue2: I have read this before!

Then I was all :rainbowdetermined2: "this is still awesome"

Then it was like :twilightsmile:.

First time reading this, then I had to go back for seconds! :pinkiehappy:

Great story, that's about all I can say.

Have to be honest, although i'm a sucker for TwiDash, Pinkie and Rarity after the kiss made this for me :pinkiehappy:


This story gave me Type 2 Adult Onset Diabeetus.

Revised and posted here :yay:

My god, that was touching.
( There's no emoticon for these particular feels )

:twilightblush:Why do I find this to be so hilarious?:rainbowlaugh:

It's great to see a fic from my early reading days make it to FIM-Fiction. Upvote certainly (And not just because it is something i read early on), but i must say that the gutter level jokes still bother me, the story was progressing lovely till that, (but that is only my personal opinion). Still Fluttershy is a strange kind of adorable even in that kind of joke.

There are still a few errors in the story and i could only find these two after going back over it. .

Twilight thought for a bit. “I know there’s a lot of different cultures in Equestria, but I have to say, that a little strange. I’ve only heard about royals and other such people doing it. I arranged marriages didn’t happen anymore; that they were only rumors now.”

2 errors "that" should be "that's" and "I arranged marriages didn't happen anymore," i think "heard" was supposed to go between "I" and "arranged".

Pretty sure there were a few more but those stick out.

It is a good short read. And it is good to see it here on FIM-Fiction. :twilightsmile:

Am i the only one who was caught completely off guard when rainbow said "Anyone else decide they like candy vag"

1774114 1774116 1774125 1775263 1778145
Nice to see people who remember this story! Thanks for re-reading it! :yay:

Thanks for the comment, glad you thought it was good even though it's not your thing

1774471>>1774802>>1776224 1779100>>1776916
Yay! Glad you all enjoyed it!!
:twilightblush: d'awww, naw, I'm not


Thank you for the corrections, I fixed them up. And yes, I understand your feelings on the matter and I'm sure if I did a sequel it wouldn't have crude jokes.


Maaaaybe? I wrote one once, hated it, took it offline, but I have an outline for a proper sequel. Just a matter of time


Yep! The description says, at the bottom, this was on EqD in Feb 2011 which is probably where you saw it :twilightsmile:

A sweet and heart warming story.

Ah yes, I remember this. :twilightsmile:

Iz cute.

me:what the FUCK did you say about twidash
Pinkie Pie Fluttershy Applejack Rarity:uhh.
(10 minutes later)(you can see 4 pony corpes)
me:no pony says anything bad about twidash.and i'm a dude.oh i'm such a brony.(not the whole crazy and make everything about ponies.the sane and calm one.)but i dont care right now.still no pony says anything bad about twidash.if you do then hehe your doomed.

This was good.

Hmm. This wasn't quite as romantic as I had hoped. Nevertheless it's good for what it is. You earn a thumbs up.

Wow, this was an awesome read! Your style is very immersing - I enjoyed every moment of this. Well, almost... that bit towards the end with the, er, candy... :pinkiesick: But that's really the only thing I didn't like about the story - overall it was brilliant!

There was much cuteness, and I was smiling throughout. And laughing a couple of times too - out loud when Pinkie caught them and again when Rarity gave Dash her 'lesson' :rainbowlaugh: You also did a wonderful job of building atmosphere and the dialogue sounded natural. Oh, and tying together the introduction and conclusion was a nice little touch as well :twilightsmile: I think that's everything - thanks for writing such a great story!

I lost it at "candy vag." This was great. :rainbowlaugh:

1802421 im not sure..... but I think you might have overreacted just a tiny ittsy little bit..... ya...

:twilightsmile: :heart: :rainbowkiss:

1980038 ya i kinda did.i'm sorry but i am a HUGE twidash fan.but yea sorry.

Nice story. Whenever I see the mushed word sentence, I take it as a challenge to say them that fast in real life.

lovely! and rarity, what a gem!
interesting, pushes the boundaries a little, very nice!

amazing, faved, :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:.

Hey, I remember reading this back when it was up on EqD. Those were the days, eh? No idea what Luna was like, thinking Twilight was an orphan raised by Celestia, Drawfriend posts with fewer than 40 images . . .

Actually, I kinda like the way it is now. Still, this story's pretty good, and holds up well.

I loved this story it was very cute and fits fantastically with my head cannon. My one complaint is AJ's accent is ridiculously thick which detracts from readability for me, I'm not sure if been stuck in the American South for the last 10 years has rendered me immune to the accent but it was like a poor tv comedy accent as opposed to how she actually speaks

Her deep pink eyes darted around, as if this would be an excellent and totally enjoyable addition to the camping trip.

Her eyes are magneta. Not pink. Magneta is a pinker version of purple. But still more to the purple way then pink. Magneta.

... she was too late as Rarity brashly continued The white unicorn continued, a twinkle in her amethyst eyes.

Please fix this.




.. LOL. It's always funny when someone's correction needs to be corrected.

The word is "Magenta"

3269455 *grumbles*

God curse you Swedish...


At least he didn't write 'Magneto".



Anyone? (Cue the crickets)

I'll show myself out.

1802421i like TwiDash as much as the next person, but even I know not to cross into the realm of ponicide. I have no idea if that's even a word... Xenocide?

3628666 i am truly sorry.i am i really am sorry.i dont even know why i did this.it was a thought,and it was suppose to stay as a thought.i now that it was really immature of me to comment something like that.but now that i am more mature then when i posted that.for what i posted i am sorry.

At first i thought this would be an easy story to read then my brain exploded

Super adorable. Cant help but pity rarity having that disaster with blueblood after this.

Eh, I don't know. The writing itself was good, but the characterization just seemed wrong. The way they talked, what they were saying, it just didn't seem to fit. I think Twilight (and Rainbow, mostly) was pretty much the only one to not give me that feeling. Pinkie Pie especially felt off, but maybe that's just from me hating that type of characterization for her. "Hey, Pinkie loves to make others happy and she loves parties, so obviously she's been with absolutely everyone, because that's the only way a character like her would act." It just really annoys me.

Still, I guess it wasn't that bad. And parts of it did end up making me laugh.

Intelligent, handsome, charismatic, socially talented, shares her interests, has enough personality not to be swept up in hers, not fawning--aka, the perfect male: 1:1,000,000
Appreciates her as much as her friends: 1:10,000,000

Damn straight.

I might be four and a half years too late, but here, have a like and a fave. This story deserves it :raritywink:

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