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1226635 You're welcome. As your reward for being awesome, have a heart attack.
(I couldn't sleep so back to work on chapter two:pinkiehappy:)

1226631 Oh yeah, I read that earlier today. I just love fanfictions with Chrysalis in them when she isn't the evil one. I can actually safely say Chrysalis is my favorite character in the entire series. Let this be my unofficial comment now.

I enjoyed what your story has to offer as a concept and I cannot wait for more. It is hard to find something with Chrysalis in it without her being the villain. Write on my good author.

I really need to finish reading "Of princesses and changelings". It has been complete for over a year. It just doesn't help that I started it then went through a stage where I read nothing and came back with 50k plus words more in it. Now I am rambling.

Thank you for being different then other authors as well.

1226629 and I am on an iPad at the moment so exuse my lack of cute pictures to spam.

1226611 you favorited my story ECWM. At that point most noob is writers and even some pro writers go to the person's profile and say something along the lines of 'thanks for the fave'. I found that quite annoying so what I did was for every person that favorited my story, I make em feel awesome because they made me happy by favoriting my story so I make em happy by doing little quips like I did with you.

1226462 I have two things to say.

1. How in the hell did you find my page? Was it from a comment I made forever ago? Its not that I don't like comments on my page, it's just how did you find it. Additionally, you made me realize that I have 3 followers. When the hell did that happen as well?

2. I don't want to rain on your parade comment wise, but it is suppose to be roc, not rock. A roc is a giant mythological bird. While is still doesn't have a fang, the name was a combination of rocclaw and hydrafang when I couldn't use either from hundreds of accounts I used to make. So it is still makes just as little sense as rockfang, but I do not like my mythological bird being compared to a rock, such as Tom.

I am now finished with my rant/inquisition. Have a Spike for your reading :moustache:.

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