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When Trixie is hospitalized with amnesia, there are only six mares and a dragon who are up to the task of bringing Trixie back. Too bad the mare is absolutely terrified of a certain princess. A long road of recovery is in store for Trixie, will she make it? Probably, it's a fanfiction about best pony after all. But that doesn't mean it will be easy.

(As of chapter 7, I have changed it from the sad tag, for it is i into much more cheerful waters.)

(This story is on hiatus until I either fix my computer, or get a new one.)

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Not bad. Interesting premise. Will be interesting to see how the others react to this. Can you hold someone responsible for things they can't remember?

Grammar is off in a few places, but not terribly so. Pretty good.

4463365 Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure to go through it once more and fix the mistakes. Glad you enjoyed ^^

I like Trixie amnesia stories (as long as it gets finished). I like Twixie, but I'm glad a different ship is going to be launched. Maybe Trixshy (my favorite)? Or perhaps Derpxie? In any case, I am going to start reading now.

that was surprisingly intersting... need to work on the grammar and wording a bit, but still a pretty good start.........

that doctor is an asshole.

Okay, good premise here. I think I'll stick around and see where you take Best Pony/Trixie.

4463421 I plan to finish this ;P and as for ships, who knows, maybe I'll risk a triple ship.

4463429 Thanks for the feedback ^^ I'll be sure to work on that in the future.
Isn't he though?

4463452 Thanks ^^ Glad you enjoyed it!

Okay, now that I finished reading I can say I like it. I am curious as to how she will end up in Ponyville. I want to see the reactions of the Mane Six went they hear what happened to her since last they saw her. I hope the bastard(s) that did this to her gets what they deserve.

4463549 ;) Well, let's hope they do. But thanks ^_^ glad you enjoyed it!

Good start. I say just write the story and see if any "ship" come out . This story would be just fine without one.

I hope you mean six mares and a dragon. Spike is a much bigger part of her memories in Ponyville than Fluttershy and Pinkie are, not to mention has a stronger opinion of her than most of the mane six.

4463645 Maybe I'll ask the readers what they'd like. Or maybe a couple chapters in I'll decide on no ships. Thanks for the feedback ^^ I'll keep it in mind.

4463691 xD You're right. I'll fix it right away :P

Well... I sure am looking forward for more! I can tell it's going to be a great story. :twilightsmile:

4464924 Thanks! Glad you enjoy it so far! ^^

4464927 There's no need to thank me. I'm just saying what I really think. :twilightsmile: I, however, need to thank you for writing this story.

.. if i can get a tip, refering to trixie as trixie at the start there is oddly cofnusing. she does not know who she is after all.

4464940 Thanks again! haha glad you like it!

4464957 You think so? I suppose what I was thinking was something along the lines of us already knowing who she is. Ya know?

4465317 true, but if you didn't it would emphasize just how out of it Trixie is, that we know who she is but she sure as hell does not.

In the story description, it says:

To bad the mare is absolutely terrified of a certain princess.

It should be too instead of to.

4465822 I may be a little confuzled, do you mean Trixie referring to herself as Trixie? Or just calling her Trixie in general?

4465861 OH! Thanks for pointing that out for me ^^ fixed it.

Not going to be a Twixie huh? Poor Twinkle, her hopes have already been smashed.

4466227 calling her trixie when the point of view switched to her. as it is her point of view, she has no manner to dientify her self as she lacks her memories. she would not know herself as trixie. refering her in a more vague manner would emphasize that she has lost her name and memories. WE would probably figure out she is trixie quickly, but the point is to create the scene. calling her trixie again afterwards, after her name is revealed to her once more, is okay cause now she has a name again.

A fic about best pony? I must read this!!

4467545 Meh, no one else has an issue with it ... I'll let it be for now.

4468269 See! You get it!

4468276 shrugs. it was good. simply saying how it might be better. cool either way..............

4468297 I get you, and thanks ^^ you could always proofread for me before I post another chapter if you want, feel free to message me.

“Not yet, I’m afraid to just throw her out on the street when she get’s better. Look what happened last time, Celestia knows she’ll be weak and frightened after this whole ordeal.”

-> Should be "gets"
Only mistake that I've seen, I love it so far and I'm curious to see how this will work out for Trixie! :twilightsmile:

Oh this will be interesting.
Ive not read an amnesia Trixie story before, I wonder where you will take it.
Nice little interactions between the doctors and nurses, I like reading things like that.
Poor confused and scared Trixie, nopony deserves that indeed.:fluttercry:
I think you did a wonderful job on her scene, i feel so bad for her. At least she seems a bit more okay toward the end, hiding behind Nurse Flitter was adorable.

If it ever gets to that point... My 'vote' is on Nurse Flitter. :raritywink:

Hope Trixie will be awesome here when she gets her memory back. All Hail Mighty Illusionisto! :trixieshiftright:

4470027 Thanks ^^ Glad you enjoyed it, I'll fix it don't worry :3

4470082 As much as I enjoy Flitter, I kinda just made her for the sake of the story. I'll probably make the friends at least.

4470139 I couldn't resist. The temptation was too much. :raritywink:

4470158 How could she not be? She is amazing after all.


That sounds like fun too. :trixieshiftleft:

4470690 Though I'm having trouble deciding what ship I Really want to do, maybe I'll give her a harem. ;P :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:


Having Trixie date all of Twi's friends, except Twi herself, would be a pretty funny mindbuck. :rainbowlaugh:


Perhaps I'll do it >.> Besides, Trixie deserves it :trollestia:


We were only messing around right? Because that would be pretty darn hard to write outside of comedy I think.
Actually, ofcourse we are. I dunno why I didnt see the Trollestia icon before. Scratch that. xD


xD I'm not nearly a skilled enough writer yet. Although, a triple ship doesn't sound too bad.

please dont let this be cliche as fuck. where trixie sees one of the mane 6 and just falls in love or what not :ajbemused: they get repetitive and boring

4471154 Oh no, I would never forgive myself if that were to happen. xD

4471163 so you are not going to rush things? EXCELLENT :pinkiehappy: hava favourite

4471208 Well thanks mate ^^ glad you've enjoyed it so far!

The ship is going to be F/F?

“Besides, it would probably

Probably what damnit?!?:twilightangry2:

4471516 Probably, never was a male x female shipper for MLP.

4471554 OH SHIT! Thanks for pointing that out! xD I totally missed it. I fixed it though :P

“Besides, it would probably be healthier for you to live somewhere peaceful, rather than living in this crowded, noisy city."

4471583 And you are going for a slow pace and character development, too? Well, you have my interest.

4471609 BOOYAH! Thanks mate, glad you're enjoying it!

need to work with making sure the right words are capitalized. and maybe a bit more explanation to why Trixie always came there or for how long, thogh I might have missed something maybe.

I am curuios of why she keeps on dreaming of what seems to be twilight beathing her up though....

The only thing I did not understand was the attitude of the manesix when Trixie they tropeso with twilight, acted very rough, ie only tropeso and apologized.
But I liked the rest of the fic is on track and remember, with the beating and the loss of memory is enough suffering.
And do not worry that I believe is very good chapter.
P.S: I do like the title fits XD
P.S.S: I should stop writing P.S:?:twilightoops:

4471663 I'd tell you, but I'll explain it in the next chappie ;P

4471708 I wouldn't be able to put Trixie through anymore pain than necessary.

P.S: I like your P.S's AND thanks, I'm not really good with titles. ^^

4471723 media.giphy.com/media/kv3S38dUh39M4/giphy.gif
I give you a muffin for the inconvenience. :derpyderp1:

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