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Celestia said it herself, that Twilight Sparkle is no longer her student. While wandering around in the city of Canterlot one day, Her Highness stumbles upon Trixie's local stage show. To Her Highness, there seemed to be much potential behind the mere performer's act, and soon found it hard to resist taking Trixie under her wing.

Would Trixie even be up to the challenge?

Slightly edited by NemoSpecific.

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Loving the idea, and thank you for not portraying Trixie as a total tw@.

Oh bby!:raritydespair:I thought you were dead!

I wonder what they Mane 6 will do when they find out Trixie is the new student...
Why do I sense this is going to have MomLestia in it?

You're back! Wonderful! I'm... sort of back too, having been on a long hiatus.

You brought a Trixie story with you, I see! Seeing as I positively adore Trixie, I can confidently confirm that my happiness achievement has been unlocked!

... that's a thing, right?

Anyway! Lovely stuff and welcome back! Thanks for that!


5087073 Because it probably will. Not that I'm complaining, of course.

I absolutely love this story and eagerly await the next chapter. :twilightsmile:
Also the fact that Trixie is humbled and changed a lot from her last time in Ponyville makes me happy as well.
Keep up the good work!

She must accept! Don't let your potential go to waste.

How can Celestia, a several thousand years princess sorceress, being unable to pierce Trixie┬┤s rookie illusions?

Trixie is best pone.

Have high hopes with this one, Arty. c:

I want this story to be good!!! Squeeeeee.

Oh teh repercussions! Oh the jelly purple things!!

Oh, this is just sweet.

Let's see. A Trixie who's actually depicted as being good at her stagecraft? Yes. A Trixie who recognizes her own flaws and deal with them, and who can be reasonable and humble when she wants to, without being a complete doormat? Yes. A Celestia who's kind, respectable and likeable, and who can take an interest in other ponies besides Twilight Sparkle? Yes. (Seriously, some writers depict her as apparently having founded Equestria for the sole purpose of giving Twilight something to stand on until she can fulfill her destiny.)

I like this and will definitely want to see more. Let's see if the princess can polish this rough sapphire.

What do you think Trixie's course of action will be?

I'm laughing at the thought of Trixie just walking up to Celestia and giving a dead pan "nope" :eeyup:

Glad to see you still writing, bro.

So far... This is pretty good!

~Skeeter The Lurker

There are real life magicians who fall for the tricks of those new in the business...because they don't sell the same tells as experienced magicians do. Basically, it's a variant of the old maxim, "The best swordsman in the world doesn't fear the second-best, he fears the newcomer...because you don't know what he will do."

I like this interpretation of Trixie, still boastful but not to the point it's her only defining trait. That, and the premise is good, haven't read a story where she becomes Celestias student before.

Possible Twilight jealousy? :twilightangry2: Such possibilities.

Never thought of Trixie's pet for a dog.

Oh, ho, ho... I await the continuation of this eagerly. :coolphoto:

Finally had a chance to read



You are amazing!!!

Wow. This was awesome. I await the next chapter! Amaze my mind with the trials and tribulations that Trixie must face!

I KNOW Trixie would say yes because otherwise you don't have a story.

She should accept the offer!

So far this is coming along nicely! I am rather curious to see how this story will progress, including Twilight's reaction to finding out that Trixie is Celestia's new apprentice!

celestia seems a bit OOC from how she is usually depicted but that is by no means a negative unless it becomes that. and it is always nice to see a story giving trixie some love.

i will be awaiting to see what you do with this story.

as for what trixie should do? well, if she can be confident on stage then what is saying that the whole world can be her stage until such a time comes that she feels that she deserves her confides. time to become the greatest unicorn illusionist equestria ever saw

I wonder if Luna is going to visit Trixie during her dreams? Especially, if she is thinking about the offer in her sleep.

I like this. A very interesting idea. I hope if Trixie has any interactions with Twilight they are positive. Of course Twixie is my otp so....

She will go for it, as the story couldn't progress with her denying... UNLESS you were to do an entire arc where Celestia and others try to convince her, but that couldn't feasibly work since Celestia gave her an ultimatum.

I want to see this story succeed, as it has great potential.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I do like this, it really showed Trixie's realization and what she learned at the end of Magic Duel has managed to stick, without making her OOC. I do look forward to more :twilightsmile:

So Celestia couldn't tell that Trixie becoming an alicorn was simply an illusion... despite the fact that Trixie could never mimic the magical aura of an alicorn... and Celestia never bothered to see if it was an illusion... which you would kinda think a 1,000+ year old highly magical pony would think to look for...


Yeah... that's pushing stupid to a new low.

Zecora has more inherent magical power and skill than Trixie. Sheesh, doesn't take much to impress this version of Celestia.

5088998 It sounds like she could see through the illusions, but the alicorn illusion used fake wings that Trixie had prepared for some reason? And she knows a spell to teleport objects for her tricks?

So maybe Celestia was expecting a visual illusion and didn't think to do some more detailed magical scan to verify that the wings were living flesh. She probably didn't expect Trixie to be a real alicorn with the magic and whatnot.

I wonder in how many pieces Trixie is going break into before Celestia remolds her into a proper student. Celestia REMEMBERS what happened with Sunset Shimmer, and will squash any traits she sees that'll lead to the same result.

5089098 Fake wings would still register as fake, and covered by the same illusion spell as the rest of her.

Celestia doesn't even THINK about the possibities. She comes across as incredibly naive.

The only thing I dont understand about this fic is one thing. Why would Celestia bother having another student?:rainbowhuh:

The Journal of the Two sisters already revealed that the only reason she bothered getting one is because she was looking for a pony with the same cutie mark as the star from the tree of harmony. She felt it was her cosmic responsability to help a pony fullfill her prewriten destiny by an all powerful tree.:twilightblush:

I think it might be nice if Trixie found out how Twilight feels about the idea, somehow I think she'd be all for it.

Thumbs up! This doesn't feel like a silly story, it actually is a very well thought out plot line! Recommended for everyone! Keep this up it was amazing!

Love the idea. Brilliant so far, keep it up.

I'm liking this concept. Not having Trixie accept would be a stupid premise with the setup you have for this story. You then would create a needless waste of time then getting her to then ACCEPT. This should be interesting. I'm curious where you'll go with the magician.

Trixie's mind: Do it!

Trixie: Doing it!

Oh, the lengths this story will go. Good job on making me love my fave pony even more! Kudos, good sir. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and Trixie, please, please say yes! :heart:

I kind of want Trixie to decline, just to see where the story goes. Of course, if it goes to a premature end, I no longer want that.

While ego and self confidence are seperate, I do find this particular turn of events ironic.

I for one think that just because opportunity is knocking doesn't mean one should leap at it merely because it's an opportunity. If Trixie is a performer because it's what makes her happy then no, she should not give that up to learn more magic since it does not further her goals and won't make her happy just on principal of being more powerful. She learned that lesson already with the alicorn amulet.

If, on the other hand, she's a performer out of necessity rather than desire, then this is definitely an opportunity for her to work toward whatever other goal she might actually have, and she should most definitely take advantage of the offer, and work her horn off for it.

So what it comes down to really is what kind of mare is Trixie? Power for power's sake is worthless and corrupt. Being strong and unhappy is just as bad as being weak but unhappy, less the benefit of at least being able to blame someone other than yourself, after all.

Personally? I'd like to see Trixie refuse Celestia's offer, and in doing so utterly vex the alicorn to no end. It would certainly be an interesting turn, especially since Celestia is so sure that Trixie will accept.

I look forward to to another chapter in this story. You have my fav.

5087046 But isn't it part of Trixie's personality to be a, quote unquote, "Twat"?:trixieshiftleft:

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