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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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  • Friday
    Who is What of the Mane 6?

    Comic Relief

    these six labels often describes a member of a group, and I'm sure we all have a particular group from some sort of media (whether it be a TV Show/comic/anime/cartoon) that fit this criteria, like Power Rangers for example. but here's a question that i ask my own group of MLP fans, which of the mane 6 fit which label? i mean 2 should be obvious.
    :twilightsmile: is the Leader
    :pinkiehappy: is the Comic Relief.

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  • 2 weeks
    REJOICE MY LOEVLY READERS! + Announcements.

    Hello my readers/followers, it is your lovely pink unicorn NinjaMare (aka Floral Essence) and i have an update about what's been going on for the past week, so this will give you an insight on what's been going.

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  • 4 weeks
    It will continue!

    sorry folks who were enjoying the "A New World Discovered" fic, i goofed and accidently filed it as complete when i was messing around. don't worry, there will be more chapters to this fic. and now that Vol.2 of my Twilight fic is done, and on a temporary hiatus, i will focus on catching up on making more chapters for it.

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  • 5 weeks

    Sorry for those who have liked Floral Essence, it was another spur of the moment thing, and has therefore been deleted. sorry for any of those who liked the fic's prologue.

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Thanks for adding Celestial interrogation to your shelf!

you can write it here, or send it in PM. i leave the choice to you.

what kind of request. make sure to give clear details, like who is in the fic, what type of fic it is you want, etc.

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