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“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

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Blue Cultist

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I have aspirations of being a published writer, and I'm here to help fall in love with writing after a long break from it.

[X] Get 100 likes - Happened with The Tale of Lord Barleycorn then with Lost and Blind!
[X] Get a story featured. - Happened with The Tale of Lord Barleycorn on May 23, 2014 featured! And again July 24, 2014 and a third time on September 6th, 2014!
[ ] Finish The Tale of Lord Barleycorn.
[ ] Finish Lost and Blind.

My policy on FIM:
- I'm not quick to up vote or down vote, but whenever I do I leave a short comment of praise or constructive criticism. I believe a story has to earn that vote in either direction.
- If your stories are good, I'll favorite them. If you have more than one story I favorite, I'll subscribe to you.

Reading, Writing, Warhammer 40k, Video games (RTS, FPS, RPGs mostly), Scifi, Lovecraft, Pathfinder/Dungeons and Dragons, Heavy Metal, comic books, and ponies.

Friend me on Steam, I'm into Team Fortress 2. =3


Happy Thanksgiving! · 3:51pm November 28th

Just throwing this out: wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for 6 whole years on this site and getting a chance to meet a lot of great people. :pinkiehappy:

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2548002 ORLY? Should I read it?

(Everypony waves frantically in your direction and shakes their heads NO!!)


Published my first story on this site yesterday :pinkiehappy:
It's not very good, but i mostly wrote it out of a curiosity to at least try and write something
Check it out if you want: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/386075/the-sun-has-set

Trust me, I'm very eager to get back to that story. Lost and Blind will be getting updated chapters, and continued in a matter of time. I have a LOT of ideas for it. =3

i'll give it a shot i guess and sorry if it seemed like i spamed you with comments about the story its just I wanna know if jonny and pinkie have little centaurs or not

  • Viewing 89 - 93 of 93
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