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“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Proof I'm not dead · 7:27am May 12th

I got the next chapter of lord barleycorn finished at last. Despite a lot of turmoil this spring with my uncle dying and other IRL stuff I finally got this next chapter slotted for proof reading. A few days and it should be ready for uploading.

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Life changes · 6:56am March 18th

My uncle passed the other day, early in the morning. But I didn't find out until after working on our tractor and my brother in law showed up. my dad was one of the first told, but he'd forgotten to even mention it to me despite living with him. This afternoon he picked out a new place for our vegetable garden and used gasoline and diesel fuel to kill the grass so I got a 60x20 section that's doing to be a dead, muddy mess for a decade. He's forgetting things, he gets distracted easily... he

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Uncle passing · 6:36am January 30th

He's on his last leg.

For the past two years he's been in and out of the hospital, his blood sugar spiking up and down, his heart is failing and now the doctors don't think they can restart his heart if he flatlines again.

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Wishing everyone a merry christmas · 4:17am Dec 25th, 2021

Another bleak year comes and goes, but we're gonna make it through it.

Thanks for sticking with me all these years. I wish everyone who follows me a merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

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New chapter in coming · 8:47am Nov 8th, 2021

Latest chapter of Lord Barleycorn has entered the editing stage.

Sorry for the late chapter. Life's kinda getting in the way of things.

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My birthday once again · 7:14am Jun 19th, 2021

Its that time again. Spent it at the BMV renewing my license, came home, made myself a cake and that's it. My sister tried to make me a cake but her 9 year old kid decided to smack the top of it with his hand after he came in from playing with their hens. He left a brown hand print in the frosting.

I appreciated the gesture, but I declined a slice of her cake.

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8 years... · 7:42am May 31st, 2021

Hard to believe, but I've been writing Lord Barleycorn for a little over 8 years.

Doing this I feel I have improved my writing chops, but damn. Does that number feel like forever to toil on one story. the past 2 years have not been kind to me, and I feel if I had knuckled under and really hammered my keyboard I could have finished it sooner.

I just hope I made something that people will enjoy, even after I finish it.

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May have a short chapter sooner than I expected · 7:02am May 4th, 2021

I have about 3 pages of Applejack talking to one other character. I didn't intend on it to run so long but this one's been pretty entertaining. Been listening to audio books again and its influencing how I'm writing. Considering the amount of bullet points I have to touch I may have to break up the chapter I intended to write into two or three anyway. its quite a list of things. Honestly, can't wait to get to the big event. I only wish I could see everyone's faces when I post that chapter.

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Next chapter entering editing phase · 6:15am Apr 8th, 2021

Proof I'm not being lazy.

Lord Barleycorn chapter 44: "Paisley, stripes, and polka dots…" is now in the editing phase, so expect a chapter soon.

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Had a story idea · 5:47pm Apr 7th, 2021

I can't exactly write this at the moment since I have Lord Barleycorn to work on, but I thought I'd put this down. Maybe someone else could pick it up.

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