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A writer of stories grounded in reality and with the goal of creating a larger and more vibrant Equestrian World! I write sagas not short stories.


Important Note · 11:54am Dec 7th, 2019

I have the next chapter written up but it is unedited at the moment and right now I have bigger concerns to get to. On 12/5/19 my mother (72) had a mild stroke but thankfully she lives with me at the house here, and when she collapsed coming out of the bathroom I just happened to be in the hallway to catch her. We cant afford the medical what so ever but trying to figure something out with Presbytrian but at the moment I just dont have it in me to do any serious editing nor writing at this

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well at this point I'm pretty certain he's not coming back and zebrican warlord is never going to be finished

I hope your own saga is going well.

Your little statement is both an insult and a compliment. The information is in one of my blog listings :

Just click the link within.

I dont believe in paying for fanfiction, as it's just that, fanfiction...

But, your story, Zebrican-warlord, is amazing, and I do enjoy it. I refuse to pay every month, so I will treat it like I do books I enjoy. If you can send me your paypal info (or Venmo, or.cashapp), I will send you a payment.

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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