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Horse Girls Are Watching

I write about cute horses doing cute things. Also known as Ephemeral on /mlp/


You can expect to see these mares in my work.

Top Waifu: Fluttershy Mk II

Purest Horse. Not For Lewds. (Unless she asks for foals)

Favorite degenerates

Horses reading the latest story

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Haven't heard from you in over a year. I hope all is well and Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays beyond!

that bat pony beside the comments
who drew that art?
and what is the oc's name?

Did you quit writing
Just asking because you have not posted anything and somebody did Did an unofficial sequel to one of your fics and said it was discontinued

Would you take a request/commission?

Just checkin on ya! :twilightsmile:
Was going through my favorites and Tacet broke my heart again. Which reminded me of PPP. :pinkiehappy:
But it seems to have stopped. I know this world "pandemic" is messing with everypony, so just, ya know, checkin on ya.

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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