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Horse Girls Are Watching

I write about cute horses doing cute things. Also known as Ephemeral on /mlp/


You can expect to see these mares in my work.

Top Waifu: Fluttershy Mk II

Purest Horse. Not For Lewds. (Unless she asks for foals)

Favorite degenerates

Horses reading the latest story

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hope you're doing well.

Happy new year and a productive update scheduled
*wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

Hope you’re doing well, love your work

I know you hate "I'm not dead" posts, but considering how long it's been, I think it's become necessary. You were very interactive with your fanbase a few years ago, but it's been radio silence for a long while. If you're done with your projects, I'd say giving everyone some closure on that so we can all move on would be for the best for both you and your audience.

Haven't heard from you in over a year. I hope all is well and Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays beyond!

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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