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Just an old Brony with a love of the arts in its various forms; the written/spoken word; music, art, etc.


I Humbly Offer A Poem · 11:30am Mar 4th, 2017

Almost a year ago, I started reading a wonderful little story called Silver Glow's Journal. Admiral Biscuit has been faithfully updating the story on a daily basis and giving us a peek in the title character's daily life during her year long stay on earth. The dedication, heart and soul he has poured into this work is admired and appreciated by many of us readers; a few of which who have been inspired to create works for

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Books!!! · 10:13am May 29th, 2021

I got myself some books for my birthday. They're among the first fanfiction I've ever bought.

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You comment on most of the stories I read so l thought I'd be polite and say hello.

Thank you for the watch!

Appreciate the follow. Thank you. :pinkiesmile:

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