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The same author asked me to edit another story. · 12:55am Oct 27th, 2023

The same author asked me to edit another story. Being asked to edit again gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

It was a shorter, one-shot porn. But featured a drunk pony. And drunk ponies are fun!

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im copy/pasting this here because i dont want to have duplicate's comments in the story comment section.

Right now Neil doesn't trust anything or anyone and he responds to that with aggression, that's his personality.

When it comes to Equis, he doesn't know much about this world, all he really knows is that he's not home and his body has been forcefully altered.

When it comes to ponies, mares treat him like a piece of meat and fragile at the same time, stallions he's met are guards that treat him like an annoyance and a threat meant to be contained, and only respond with half truths and are wholly antagonistic to him because of what the captain of the guard said.

And when it comes to Celestia he doesn't see a motherly figure trying to help a pool little stallion.
He sees a warden who has taken him prisoner and put him in a cage, no matter how gilded that cage may be.
He sees an powerful old Queen who has had over a millennium to master the act of manipulation and control who wants to use him as a prince, (who takes his cape to force him to do what she wants even if he said no).
He sees a god who has enough power to move an entire sun.

He doesn't trust anyone and to his perspective he doesn't have a reason to.

Alright, thanks! Feedback is important for improvement.

I'm reading your story! But I still have a little bit more to read until I'm caught up and finish the current chapter.
I'll be finished reading soon and I'll make a big comment in the chapter.

Thanks for the follow! :pinkiehappy:

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