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A Dance Amongst the Stars Chapter 3: 10% Complete


Chapter 2 Revamp... Now With 20% More Starry! · 3:09am Jul 27th, 2018

Hey everypony, just here to let you all know that the edits and revisions for chapter 2 are now finished and up on the site. Just like with the first round of updates, expect fixes to both both paragraph structure and streamlining, to make reading a bit easier, as well as some corrections to basic factual errors (Luna speaks in Early Modern English not in Middle English). However, this time around, I've re-added a scene I had cut between Starry and Matthias that highlights both her character

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Been reading stories on this website for around 5-6 years on and off now and your story is the best I’ve ever read by far. I mean the dialogue between characters, the in depth descriptions, I can tell that you have talent within the field of literature probably professionally because this shit is gold!!! The detail and care you put into each chapter is awe inspiring, I can truly feel your care about this story. I fucking love it and every direction you’ve taken, take all the damn time you need champ cause this is a masterpiece already where it lay.

Hope you had a great new years and look forward to having one more fan of your work!

Yes, volume 3 issue #1

Oh sweet. I love super long chapter. Don't let me distube you any longer.

Right now I'm about 60% done and about 33,000 words before editing. Sorry that this is taking so long bit I'm working on a lot of world building and am just going OCD levels of wording to ensure I capture the dynamic between May and Twilight in a believable way that I like and hopefully you all as well.

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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