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Wind tunnel

I AM KROGAN! I enjoy stories and smashing faces in! stop and take a moment and browse some of the stories I have read over the last three years ask and I will point you in the right direction


So I'm trying something new · 2:47am Nov 28th, 2015

So I decided I would try something new this year I'm not going to write any stories I'm still going to read a lot of stories but I decided to help people find stories that hard to track down introduce people to new stories that maybe they've never heard of and using the past three years that I've been on fimfiction to my advantage in the process I'm going to get stories that haven't been heard of and help authors get out there to the hungry masses

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Thanks for the add. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for add the Strong Strongest Swordmaster at your favorites. XD

Thanks for adding my story to your libraries! :twilightsmile:
Praise on, Sunbro! \ [T]'/

Thanks for your interest in Prometheus: Awakening! I hope you enjoy!:twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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