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An aspiring writer who grew strong with the help of fellow fans of MLP.

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Doom Eternal, Guardian, and the Continuing Story · 10:42pm Mar 15th, 2020

Greetings everyone, Thule117 here, just wanted to make a few announcements regarding my story going forward. Particularly how I plan to handle the lore of the coming Doom Eternal. As some of you are likely aware, ID Software has stated that they plan to do a bit more storytelling with Doom Eternal and expand on the lore of the Doom universe. Now, as to what that means for Guardian my plan is quite simple: I'm largely going to ignore it. I know I probably do not need to tell you all this,

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Did you get my message?

You need to change your profile description you are very good at stories!

Yes, sorry, the new chapter has hit a few snags and I had to redo one or two parts several times. Additionally I have several friends and family in COVID-19 hot zones, so worrying about them has thrown me off my game a bit. In addition to disruptions to my own life caused by the virus (my city has been lucky so far and has a relatively small number of cases, but we are on lock-down). Nevertheless, rest assured the new chapter is on its way as soon as I can possibly manage it.

Anytime you are continuing guardian?

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