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Just trying my hand at writing stories, not very good at it yet but I hope to get better

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Doom Eternal, Guardian, and the Continuing Story · 10:42pm March 15th

Greetings everyone, Thule117 here, just wanted to make a few announcements regarding my story going forward. Particularly how I plan to handle the lore of the coming Doom Eternal. As some of you are likely aware, ID Software has stated that they plan to do a bit more storytelling with Doom Eternal and expand on the lore of the Doom universe. Now, as to what that means for Guardian my plan is quite simple: I'm largely going to ignore it. I know I probably do not need to tell you all this,

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Yes, sorry, the new chapter has hit a few snags and I had to redo one or two parts several times. Additionally I have several friends and family in COVID-19 hot zones, so worrying about them has thrown me off my game a bit. In addition to disruptions to my own life caused by the virus (my city has been lucky so far and has a relatively small number of cases, but we are on lock-down). Nevertheless, rest assured the new chapter is on its way as soon as I can possibly manage it.

Anytime you are continuing guardian?

Super excited to see how the princess will react to Finally seeing the Doom Slayer again.

Really like  Guardian. Defiantly keep up the great work.

Ok, I thought it was deleted. I couldn't see it in your stories list. Good to know it's still being worked on! :D

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