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Just trying my hand at writing stories, not very good at it yet but I hope to get better

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My case against no lyrics · 11:29pm May 31st, 2018

Greetings everyone Thule117 here with a quick little clarification. Now, as some of you may know, I recently posted a blog asking for help with allowing the song lyrics in my story to remain, (I should note that I have deleted them for the time being, but would very much like to see them eventually returned). What I may have failed to do is explain why I think the rules against song lyrics are misguided. Now first I'd like you to read this:

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Super excited to see how the princess will react to Finally seeing the Doom Slayer again.

Really like  Guardian. Defiantly keep up the great work.

Ok, I thought it was deleted. I couldn't see it in your stories list. Good to know it's still being worked on! :D

Comment posted by Alky deleted Oct 4th, 2017

Not to worry I am still diligently working on it, opinions are a lot quicker to write than a good story. And frankly I was so angry about that movie that it was either write out my frustrations or break someone's kneecaps.

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