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    Greetings all, by necessity this will likely be short to avoid spoilers. But first! Some appropriate music (apologies I couldn't find this song with pony cover art).

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A Glorious Return · 1:54am September 25th

Greetings all, by necessity this will likely be short to avoid spoilers. But first! Some appropriate music (apologies I couldn't find this song with pony cover art).

Ok, so just in case that didn't completely give the game away: I LOVE the 'My Little Pony: A New Generation' movie! It's a triumphant return of our beloved world of ponies in a new form and with new characters. I'm not going to go into any great detail because I want you all to be as overjoyed as I was when you see it, but I will give you the basics. First, the characters are well written, fun, and a complete delight to hang out with. They evoke memories of all our favorite characters from G4 MLP while still maintaining their own identity. Running the treacherous gauntlet that separates homage from clone. The animations are, well, I think we may need a new word to describe how incredible they look, is 'supreamlyovercredible' taken? The ponies look alive down to the smallest detail, to the point that if you squint, you could almost imagine them being real! Every strand of a mane, shimmer of a coat, or sparkle in an eye is colorful, detailed, and flawlessly rendered.

The story is wonderfully told, and while it won't exactly surprise you, it will make you enjoy the journey, and that's what counts. The adults in the audience will likely be able to guess most of the twists, but the jokes, animation, fun character interactions, and feels will more than make up for the lack of mystery. While the next generation of younger MLP fans will find, dare I say it? Their generation's Toy Story or Zootopia? You will laugh, you will cheer, and if you're anything like me, you might even cry once or twice.

I had so many fears that this movie would not live up to its legacy. That it would be unable to rekindle the joy I felt watching Friendship is Magic. That it would try too hard, or not hard enough. That it might be too preachy, or lack a meaningful message. That it might make the horrible mistake of creating a mary sue main character (oh don't give me that look fan's of Guardian, Doom Slayer and Legion, Doom Guy was always a mary sue). I feared the animations wouldn't be able to live up to the ones in G4 MLP now that they were bringing it to the realm of CGI. So many concerns, so many opportunities to fail or screw up! Yet I found not a single fear realized.

I won't lie, it isn't perfect, but about the worst criticism I have is that one scene transition into a song was a bit abrupt, and maybe taking out one song and giving us a bit more dialogue, wouldn't have hurt. That said, everything else about this movie is exactly what I hoped for. And I can say with confidence, that MLP G5, is off on the right hoof. Anyway, I hope I've sold you on the film, because you really need to see it. No, seriously, what the hell are you still doing here reading this?! GIT! VAMOOSE!! AMSCRAY!!! . . . Are you still here? Ok then, let me have my dear friend over here explain it in a different way. . .

Doom Guy: "Only a demon would refuse to watch this movie (cracks knuckles) and we all know what happens to demons. . . don't we?"

Well said old friend, now if you will all excuse me, I am going to re-watch "My Little Pony: A New Generation". Both because I love it, and because I do indeed know what happens to demons. I wish you all happy viewing.

P.S. Oh Celestia the music! How could I forget the incredible music! Dammit I must be getting old. The songs are wonderful, catchy, evocative, and a stunning example of the singers vocal ability. One or two are a bit less dramatic than the others, but trust me, you won't notice.

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sykko #1 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

*Clears throat in preparation for singing*

May you live a hundred years!
May you drink a hundred beers!
Get plastered you bastard!
Happy birthday to you!

Looking forward to watching it. Thankfully I should have time this evening.

Now the question is... What would the G5 universe be like if Derran woke up in it instead?

Well. . . I can't exactly say, but I have given it some thought. I kind of imagine it going like this:

Hitch Cloverleaf: "Sunny, we both know how this goes. Every year you try to sneak in and every year 'I' stop you."

Derran Grandel (Appearing next to Sunny Starscout): "The Seraphim are gone. . . Equestria has turned from their wisdom. Fear, ignorance, and hate, consume all that I have sworn to protect. And only two among all of ponykind, recall the holy mission of those I once served. One, Argyle, now stands at the Light's right hand, forever bathed in glory. The other stands before you now, a single beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. And you my little pony. . . think to stop her?" (Looms over Hitch) "Good luck with that. . ."

So essentially I imagine it would be mostly the same, just with a bit less red tape. Perhaps, one day, we will find out for sure. . . :twilightsmile:

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