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Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadance, the four supreme powers of the old world. Born to lead, they rouse their mighty armies to conquer all before them. The mountains will quake, the seas shall boil, the sky itself shall crack open, AND NONE, save perhaps the chaos god of poor connection speed, SHALL STAND IN THEIR WAY!! At least, until a dark and mysterious strategist comes to challenge their supremacy. . .

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This story is a sequel to Guardian


This story is a sequel to Guardian and the novella Doom Slayer


Oh holy Seraphim, firstborns of the Light, keepers of heaven, earth, and the souls of men. . .
hear thee now, the words of our final oath. . .

On the day when evil should darken the skies of paradise.
On the day when all hope has fled.
On the day when wisdom, love, and friendship are not enough.
On that day when you are most alone.
Call to us.
On that day, when the shadows lengthen, and when despair eclipses all light, WE shall hear you. . .

Where wisdom falters, we shall bring destruction.
Where compassion fails, we shall bring ruin.
Where hope dwindles, we shall bring wrath.
And where evil treads. . . we shall bring death.

This we vow oh Seraphim. . .

For our number is Legion, and our name. . . is DOOM.

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This story is a sequel to Guardian

(This story is a Novella taking place in the Guardian story universe. This story continues with the sequel Legion.)

Tempest Shadow had heard the rumors. Stories, told in frightened whispers by traders and wanderers, in the taverns and around campfires. The stories told of an almighty champion, a monstrous creature from far beyond the stars, that had come to defend Equestria from its enemies. The stories told it had slain dragons by the hundreds, broke the savage beasts of the Everfree like twigs beneath its boots, and torn down titans and monsters alike with its wrath. They said it wielded weapons that could turn mountains into gravel, and seas into desert. That it was clad in armor, that neither the sharpest blades, nor the mightiest magics, could pierce. The rumors said it was unstoppable, relentless, beyond the power of mare or beast to oppose, that it was. . . a god. Tempest had laughed at the rumors and stories, as she flew toward Equestria at the head of an armada, intent on the conquest of her weakling former homeland. Never once did she give the obviously absurd campfire tales even the slightest credence.

The arrogance of fools and tyrants, shall awaken the rage of a monster, and lead an empire, to its DOOM. . . .

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Long ago, the Seraphim granted power to the Doom Slayer that he might conquer the forces of Hell. The Doom Slayer has won, Hell lies defeated, and now he returns to the Seraphim's holy realm. His mission is not over though, he has promises to fulfill, rewards to collect, and as always, evil to defeat. Let those who would harm this sacred land tremble, for the Guardian of Equestria, has returned!

(This story now has two sequels: Legion and the novella Doom Slayer.)

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