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This story is a sequel to Guardian

(This story is a Novella taking place in the Guardian story universe. This story continues with the sequel Legion.)

Tempest Shadow had heard the rumors. Stories, told in frightened whispers by traders and wanderers, in the taverns and around campfires. The stories told of an almighty champion, a monstrous creature from far beyond the stars, that had come to defend Equestria from its enemies. The stories told it had slain dragons by the hundreds, broke the savage beasts of the Everfree like twigs beneath its boots, and torn down titans and monsters alike with its wrath. They said it wielded weapons that could turn mountains into gravel, and seas into desert. That it was clad in armor, that neither the sharpest blades, nor the mightiest magics, could pierce. The rumors said it was unstoppable, relentless, beyond the power of mare or beast to oppose, that it was. . . a god. Tempest had laughed at the rumors and stories, as she flew toward Equestria at the head of an armada, intent on the conquest of her weakling former homeland. Never once did she give the obviously absurd campfire tales even the slightest credence.

The arrogance of fools and tyrants, shall awaken the rage of a monster, and lead an empire, to its DOOM. . . .

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Fun Fact:

Doom II and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic share the same anniversary (October 10th)

Tempest, you're dead now when Doom Slayer is able to kill all hell for his rabbit.

< Tepmest Reaction

Good Goddesses, Tempest. You done did the biggest goof.

Just by reasing the summary, I already have the tingles.

And I believe Team Fortress 2?

"Huh, there's a new DOOM crossover."

Checks the author's name

"Huh, I didn't know the Favorite button WORKED that fast..."

*BFG Division plays*

Aww.... Poor Grubber.

Team Fortress 2 also!

And I'm very excited for this story. Absolutely rippin' start!

This is so well written.

Looking foward to more ripping and tearing.

Heavy metal starts playing

Epic! But why didn't he just Siege Mode the evacuation ship? Guess it was a first playthrough on that level... on Ultra-Nightmare.

Reading this while playing some Doom music on youtube during the fights makes the story more exciting!!! I can't wait to see what comes next!!!

"Rip. . . and. . . TEAR!!! "

Now I curious who is going to bite the dust first between Tempest and Storm King.

With a flash of scarlet and a faint crack of displaced air, Unmaker appeared in Derran's hand. Evading the clumsy spear thrusts of his beast-like foes, Derran swung the blade of black steel and glinting gold at the shield wall before him. With an almost musical tone, the blade cleaved through the towering shields as if they were made of butter. A series of agonized roars and a spray of blood, preceding the sight of three white and black furred soldiers, splitting in half at the waist. Pushing forward, the row of soldiers behind the first, found themselves slipping in a rapidly expanding pool of gore and viscera, before being sent flying in all directions, as Derran slammed into them like a cannonball. Whirling around in the midst of his enemies, Derran sent his sword whistling through the air with an almost balletic twirl. Sending seven more of his foes hurtling away, in clouds of blood and severed body parts.

Isn't it the Unmaykr?

Really wow thx for saying that

There is actually a bit of a story there, the spelling is taken from Doom 64's original weapon, and was intended as an homage long before Doom Eternal had even released its first trailer. As a happy coincidence, it allows people to tell the difference between my Unmaker, and Doom Eternal's Unmaykr. As an aside, I may be biased, but I think my version is just a bit more useful than the one in Doom Eternal.




At that final, terrible demand, Derran felt his consciousness convulse. . . as something fundamental within him broke. His armored head jerked back, as he futily clawed at his helmet, as though seeking to rend his own flesh, black flames exploding from his armor, as he opened his mouth. . . and screamed his wrathful torment to the heavens. . . .

*Boss fight starts*

Oh, haha I see.

I do have to agree that the Unmaykr is very underpowered in Eternal. It's better to use 2 BFG shots instead. If it used plasma cells or if they buffed the ammo amount the energy cells gave you it would be better(Like 1 energy cell gives you 300 energy points but BFG comsumes 100 instead of 30). I've never personally played any of the DOOM games but I'm very well versed in the lore.

And uh, why are there two Super Shotguns? Is one the OG Super from the time Doomguy was a Night Sentinel, and the other one from UAC in 2016 or did you just decide to go for 2 Super Shotties

The second super shotgun is based on the fact that the Super Shotgun in Doom 2016 was stated as a popular (if slightly low tech) armament common among many veteran UAC soldiers (I didn't check but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing multiple Super Shotguns throughout the levels of Doom 2016). Add that to the fact that Derran has effectively unlimited storage space, via the extradimensional armory built in to the Praetor suit, and its hard to imagine he wouldn't have multiple duplicates of every weapon in his arsenal. I grant you that the special meat hook equipped super shotgun from Doom Eternal is a custom weapon of which only one exists, however Derran does not have that, or more accurately. . . he doesn't have it yet.

I see, so both SSGs are the UAC grade type.

So Doomguy's going to get his Sentinel SSG(With the meat hook) later on in the story?

If Tempest is shown mercy and not turned into a fine red paste then I hope Derran calls her "Heretic" for most of the fic.

Indeed he will, along with a few D'nurian magetech weapons of my own design. Granted he won't be getting any upgrades till Legion, but he will be getting everything from Doom Eternal and then some.

That was genuinely hilarious. Also, is it just me, or did that voice sound a bit like Stan Pines from Gravity Falls if he was a little younger and hyped up on PCP and steroids?

I like to make it a point to share this little gem on every Doom story I come across. Maybe it'll give you an idea or two for the story.

As for the Stan Pines thing, I think you might be right. Have you seen the weird stuff that guy gets into?

Like mick gordon on a nine string.

<<<<<<<<<<< First. this is better theme
the other. this is what i have been waiting for a long time!

the storm king will be vapor very soon

So...he's having a bad day. I get it. I really do. Poor fellah.

Not bad, but how about the more thematically appropriate "The Only Thing They Fear Is You", instead?


Um your picture should probably Oh idk RUN heh


"Once you step foot in madness, it takes hold. And it is a selfish entity. It never truly lets go of those it holds"

This is the first chapter I can't agree with. It is still very well-written and epic, but I don't picture the Slayer wiping out an entire random town out of anger, not to mention brutally killing anyone who tries to flee. He is more about defending the defenseless than killing everybody who gets in his way. In 2016 and in Eternal, he doesn't slaughter every human just because they are there, as shown in Mars Core. He doesn't even attack them. The residents of Klugetown are NOT demons, nor troops of the Storm King.
I understand the "Rip and Tear", but he only does it to demons or bad people.

And even if you enter Berserk mode in the games, you can't harm the innocent, hinting that the Doom Slayer himself doesn't do it either.
He even:
-Saved and backed up VEGA in VEGA Central Processing
-Left the Betrayer alive in Exultia/Hell, despite his transgressions
-Left the scientists in peace in ARC Complex and Mars Core
DLC Spoiler! Left Samur alive, even though Samur attempted not only to stop, but kill him and he temporary allied himself with the Demons in hopes of succeeding.

So yeah, not the type to rip and tear civilians.

My Doom Slayer is not the same as the one in Doom Eternal. Guardian, the story this is a direct sequel to, was conceived and written way back in 2016, when none of the story of Doom Eternal existed. I essentially had to create the story of Derran Grandel and the Doom Slayer from whole cloth, and as I very explicitly showed in Guardian and again here, he is more than capable of ending innocent lives if he deems it necessary, or is sufficiently enraged. More to the point, as I have stated many times before, there really is not supposed to be a "cannon" Doomguy. Doomguy was originally meant to be the player themselves, we were meant to project on to him the traits we wanted him to have. I know Doom Eternal is trying to throw that out a window, but I've personally never liked the idea, because the true intent of Doomguy (In accordance with the original creators of Doom's intent.) is that he is whoever each of us wants him to be in our game.

Thank you for your reply, it certainly cleared up things. Yeah, I had to disconnect Doom Eternal Doom Slayer from Derran Grendel.

It is wrong that l am hoping that Tempest can be redeemed?

Well I need more that is all

"Rip. . . and. . . TEAR!!! "

"Rip and Tear, until it is done...."

The end is nigh repent repent

And exactly who will you repent to? No god will save you no matter what you offered them; in fact I don't think any god would willingly even dream of daring to defy the Doom Slayer, especially when he is this angry.

Oh this isn’t about saving them they’re doomed already this is about avoiding eternal damnation And hoping God will have mercy on their souls for the doom slayer will not he shall rip and tear until it is done and let God sort them out

If you make an enemy of the Doom Slayer would Hell even let you in?

Good point I suppose that means it will come down to getting into the afterlife or ceasing to be for hell will not take them for fear of incurring his wrath

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